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May Free Write


The Elder Scrolls V:


Do you believe in giants, trolls, vampires, werewolves? How about dragons, do you believe in them? Well you may not believe in them but you will love fighting them in a very fun, challenging, and very adventurous game. This game is yet another wonderful creation by Bethesda Game Studios. If you ever play this amazing game then be ready to enter the exciting, adventurous land of Skyrim!

Skyrim is the next game in the Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Skyrim has improved graphics, a lot more quests. Skyrim was released on November 11, 2011 for PC, Ps3, and for the Xbox 360. Skyrim is a cold and mountainous region, home to the species of nords; there are 8 species that live in skyrim. Nords are tall, strong humans that can withstand cool temperatures, though they do not mind warm climates either. Skyrim is also home to many other races, not just the nords. Although these other species are not originally from Skyrim, they still do not mind living there, the beautiful views in most parts of Skyrim probably drew them to live there. The other species that live in Skyrim consist of, Argonians, they are a species that consist of reptiles they can walk and talk like humans and they can even hunt like humans, they are basically walking life size lizards, and they can also breathe under water.

Another race that lives in Skyrim is the Khajit. The Khajit are a cat like species, they have great hunting skills, and they also are interested in magical items. Since they are a feline species they have the ability to see very well in the dark. There is a magical species that are also human, they are called the Brentons. The Brentons are usually peaceful and will not fight unless they have a reason to. They are highly skilled in using magic based attacks. There is a species that are small but fierce, they are the wood elves. Short in size but strong in attacks, these small nimble species are experts in stealing and hunting. They rarely use magic based attacks. They usually use light armor and bows and arrows, maybe even a dagger or two. Some other wood elves prefer heavy armor and swords.

There are two more species of elves that live in Skyrim; they are the High Elves, and the Dark Elves. High Elves are the tallest out of all the species; they are highly gifted in magic based attacks. They are also very gifted in enchanting items so they are stronger and more protective; they are also highly experienced in alchemy, making strong potions and poisons. Dark Elves are equally skilled in magic based attacks and melee based attacks, they are also equally skilled in archery. Dark Elves are usually either hunters, or thieves.

The last two species that also live in skyrim are the Orc’s and the Imperials. Orc’s are big and strong, they prefer heavy armor over light armor and two handed weapons over one handed. They are extremely talented blacksmiths also. They can be very civilized but also very hostile if when need to be. The Imperials are just regular humans; they don’t really know any magic based attacks. They will use what ever is available to them. They are able to learn new skills that the other species have but they will not be able to use them as skillfully as the original species. 

In conclusion there are a good portion of different species that share the land of Skyrim with the Nords; they all have different characteristics and abilities. I highly recommend this game to adventurous gamers, thanks for reading.

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Dear Freshy,

                I bet you think that ninth grade will be a blast don’t you? Well actually its torture!! You will not survive!! Just kidding, it’s not that bad as long as you are able to keep up with the work that is assigned to you. Most of the assignments are a little challenging but there is a good majority of them that are fairly easy.

                The teachers are nice; a good majority of them do give homework. The work is really easy if you understand it. If you do get stuck on something don’t be afraid to ask for help from the teacher.

                The assignments that are given to you are not impossible but they will challenge your smarts sometimes. Other assignments are so easy that you will be able to complete them within maybe ten minutes after it was assigned. Make sure to hit the deadlines of the assignments as best you can, whether it’s exactly on time or if it’s at least one day late, you will still be able to get credit for it in most classes.

                The last thing that would really be a good thing to remember would be to stay on time.. If you are unable to get to your class on time then make sure that you are able to get a late pass so that you will not get into trouble for being late to your class. That’s about it; hope you all have a great time in ninth grade.


Colin LaRue


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April Free write

Xbox 360/Ps3

Which do you think is better, Dr. Pepper, or Pepsi? How about dogs or cats? What about gaming consoles? There is a huge argument going on between Play station 3 (ps3) players and Xbox 360 players about which console is the better. Well for my March free write I will put in my opinion about why the argument should end.

I myself am a player of the Xbox 360, and my friend Kyle has both of the consoles, he has carefully played them both and he has told me that they aren’t that different from each other. Sure they both have different things about them that some people like and others don’t, but other than that they are practically the same.

Kyle has told me that the game play is basically the same for most games, there are some games that have different controls but they still have the same game play. I’ve been told by many ps3 players that the graphics are way better on ps3 then they are on Xbox 360, I myself do not believe that but then again I have not played a ps3. Since Kyle has both of the consoles he has seen how the graphics are on both and has told me that they also are basically the same, no better, no worse. Other ps3 players will probably say different and say they are better but in Kyle’s eyes they look the same, although the only time they would really look better then the Xbox graphics is if you are playing the ps3 on an HD TV.

Now about the online game play, there is the Play Station Network (PSN) for the Play Station, and there is Xbox live for the Xbox 360. Again both players of both consoles will say that one is better than the other. It is true that you do not have to pay for PSN and you do have to pay for Xbox live. Although you will have to pay to play on Xbox, there is the possibility that PSN is able to get hacked and shut down. Xbox can’t get hacked because everyone has their own profiles and it would take a long time for someone to hack every profile. Ps3 is able to be hacked but it isn’t an easy process and doest get hacked a whole lot.

So both Xbox 360 and Ps3 both have good things about them and also there are bad things about them, but I hope that the argument between the players will end and all of us gamers whether its Xbox or Ps3 can just be happy and play. Thanks for reading :)

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March Free write

Fallout Background

“War. War never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation. But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world - but war, war never changes. In the early days, thousands were spared the horrors of the holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters, known as vaults. But when they emerged, they had only the hell of the wastes to greet them - all except those in Vault 101. For on the fateful day, when fire rained from the sky, the giant steel door of Vault 101 slid closed... and never reopened. It was here you were born. It is here you will die. Because, in Vault 101: no one ever enters, and no one ever leaves.”

What you just read was the opening cut scene/quote from an amazing game, a game that I believe to be one of the best games to have ever been made by Bethesda Studios and released in the year of 2008. The name of this amazing game is none other than Fallout 3. The game starts out by telling this quote in a cut scene (short video during the game play). You might be asking how this could have been possible. The game talks about a great war that had happened before the player (you) was born. The year in the game is 2077 when the bombs were dropped, but the explosion of the bombs had caused a time elapse which combined the future with the past, the technology is from the right year (2077) but the music, the clothing, the cars, and even the houses are from the 1950’s.

The Great War was a giant war between the U.S and China. The U.S was about to end the war because they were defeating the Chinese. What the U.S didn’t know was that China was working on nuclear bombs. Before the U.S could defeat the Chinese, they dropped the bombs on America. Little did the Chinese know was that the size of the bombs had more power than they anticipated, when they dropped the bombs on the U.S they had dropped about seven nuclear bombs, but the bombs had so much power that it “blew up” the entire planet. It didn’t really blow it up just wiped out almost all of humanity on the planet. The animals had gotten bigger and more deadly than they were before the bombs had been dropped. Now humanity must fight for survival and build its way back up to “working” condition.

Before and a little while during the dropping of the bombs, humanity had entered vaults to survive the bomb dropping, this was only if they were able reserve a space in a vault. As the quote says how they went into the vaults to live in until the bombs had all dropped, even though there was only seven bombs there had been over a bunch of explosions. The quote doesn’t tell that in order to survive the holocaust you would have to reserve a spot in one of the vaults. The vaults were very big but not big enough to hold all of humanity. Loved ones, complete strangers, no matter who they were to anyone else, if they couldn’t get a reserved spot, then they were not let in, they were left out in the nuclear fire that rained from the sky. They were either killed or they were changed into what is called a ghoul (a person that had encountered a certain amount of radiation to make their skin peel off of their body, and their voices changed, they look like zombies but can actually be quite civil). They were the survivors of the outside world; they were able to survive because they had found shelter before they were completely destroyed by the radiation, but the radiation slowly eats away at their brains and they slowly become what are called a feral ghoul, once they have gone “feral” they lose their ability to reason with anyone and will attack anything that is not another feral ghoul or a regular ghoul on site.

If you were not able to get a reserved spot in one of the few vaults, or if you were unable to survive the radiation by finding shelter but still becoming a ghoul, then your shadow could have been burned into the concrete of the ground or a wall in the position that the blast from the bomb killed you in. So the world of Fallout 3 is a very dangerous place to explore, but what you basically just read was only a brief summary of what had happened in the game. If you would like to know more about the game Fallout 3, then I highly recommend that you buy it and play it. It is one of the most fun filled, challenging, and probably one of the scariest games that Bethesda Studios had ever created and it is in my opinion one of the best games ever. I hope you enjoyed reading about a brief look at the background of the game Fallout 3.

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Miss Melanie Transue

9th Grade CP English E-5

6 January 2012

                                                       The Thoughts of Charles

            Do you ever realize how your thoughts change in your life? Well in the book “Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Ray Bradbury, Mister Charles Halloway has changing thoughts. Throughout the whole story, from beginning to end Charles Holloway has changing thoughts. His thoughts change through out the story from sad thoughts, to “protective” thoughts, and finally to “trusting” thoughts.

            During the beginning of the story Charles Halloway was having sad thoughts. The sad thoughts that he was having were about how Will was making him feel old. He would have talks about his issue with his wife. Even though he would talk to his wife about Will making him feel old he would isolate himself in the library at 3 a.m. to be alone. Not only did he want to be alone but since he spent most of his time in the library but he did not even spend any time with Will. Charles did seem fine around Will when they were in the library and the night that Charles burned the handbill. Even though he seemed fine around Will he didn’t want Will to know how he felt so he would not feel worthless.

            Around the middle of the book Charles Halloway started to have thoughts that would be “protective”. When Charles, Jim, and Will were in the evil carnivals show with Mr. Dark and the dust witch, Charles had volunteered to “shoot” the dust witch in the bullet trick. He had figured out that the dust witch will die with happiness. Once he had the bullet he had to sign his name on it, he was really going to sign over his soul. Instead of signing his name he drew a smiley face on the bullet. Before he shot the gun he whispered to the dust witch that it was his smile instead of his signature. The dust witch panicked and swallowed the bullet as Charles shot the gun. The dust witch choked on the bullet as she swallowed it and died right there in the center of the room. He also tries to protect them in the library when Mr. Dark and the rest of the freaks are searching for them. No matter how many times Mr. Dark tried to make Charles tell where Jim and Will were hiding, he would not tell. As Charles was in the library trying to protect Jim and Will he did not move from the spot that Mr. Dark had left him in. Although Charles did not move he was still protecting the boys, also he could not move, Mr. Dark had made it so Charles had barley any energy, so all he could do is talk but he still would tell their hiding place. Even before the incident at the library Charles had "protective" thoughts Will and even Jim like when he tried to get them to come to the police station so that the freaks from the evil carnival would not get them. Even though they did not go to the police station Charles still had his "protective" thoughts which all lead up to the incident in the library.

            In the last part of the book more towards the ending Charles started to have "trusting" thoughts. He started to trust and listen to his son Will more. If Will had something to say then it would enter Charles ears without question. Also he would go through with plan of some sort that Will would have came up with, if he could see it being done in his mind then he would follow through with it. Charles "trusting" thoughts not only made him trust his son more but also made him trust his instincts. When Jim died Charles had to think and he had to think quickly so that the freaks would not find Will and himself and also bring Jim back. He figured that the freaks hate happiness so they should act as if they were happy; even though that was a good idea it was hard for Will to follow threw with it considering that his best friend just died in front of him. Charles did all he could to get Will to act happy because he trusted in his instinct that their happiness would bring Jim back. Although Charles did try anything he could to get Will to act happy he seemed more angry then happy. He seemed angrier because he needed Will to follow through with the plan because their time was running out so he had to act quickly; Charles showed Will his anger to make happiness. Finally Will followed through and acted happy so Jim could come back.

            Throughout the whole book "Something Wicked This Way Comes" by Ray Bradbury, Charles Halloways thoughts changed, and each time they changed they had a big part to play in the story, whether it is his sad thoughts, his "protective" thoughts, and even his "trusting" thoughts the story would not have been the same without them.

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Article posted January 4, 2012 at 05:18 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 96

Does Jim become truly evil?

Article posted January 4, 2012 at 05:18 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 96

Article posted January 4, 2012 at 04:32 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 107

How did Charles Halloway feel when Jim had died?

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December free write

There is a little pug that likes to lick things; he will lick anything that he can get his little pink tongue on. The little pugs name is Buddy. Buddy was the smallest pup in his family; he was the only pup that wouldn’t want to stop licking things. His brothers and sisters were about twice his size and they grew up to be strong healthy dogs. Some of his brothers grew up to be strong guard dogs, police dogs, even bomb squad dogs. Some of his sisters grew up to be strong champion dog show dogs; some even have a dog family of their own. Buddy on the other hand never left his mother; he never grew up to be something. Buddy would just lick anything, and everything around him.

Buddy has golden fur that could help him win in the dog show, but he didn’t go. He wasn’t scared much so he could be on the police force, but he didn’t. Buddy didn’t go anyplace not only because he was always licking things, but also because his owners had sold him, and he was sad about being so far away from his family that he didn’t want to move, he was sad, he didn’t even lick things for a while. That is until he met another dog that helped him find out what he wanted to do, that dogs name was, George.

George was a Rottweiler, he had also been sold and taken out of his family, but he was not sad. He had told Buddy that going away from his family isn’t a very bad thing; he said that once you realize that there are others out there that are in the same boat as you are you will understand that you can make friends with those other dogs and you will have each other. Also that you will be able to go out and explore the world, depending on where you are.

Georges talk with buddy made Buddy feel better about being sold. He started to play like he would use to, he was happier then he had ever been. He was so happy that he even started licking everything again. His owners would pick him up and he would lick them, no matter who or what it was Buddy would lick it.

Buddy is now always happy, he is still with George and his owner’s family; even though he misses his family he doesn’t let it keep him down. Buddy may lick everything but there is one person that Buddy loves to lick and they are better than anything that he likes to lick. That one person is you. 

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Article posted November 29, 2011 at 05:19 PM GMT0 • comment (2) • Reads 136

Why do you think that Ms. Foley freaked out that she was seeing a little girl that was drowning in the mirror maze??

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November Free write

HELLO!!!!! This is a totally random free write. Why am I doing my free write like this you ask?? I am doing it like this because I literally cannot think of any other topic to write about. Alright the first random topic that I will talk about is pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. It can be a round or a sheet pizza, but either way it is still very good. The pizza that I like best out of all is the pizza that is made in the dandy mart. Their pizzas a probably the biggest pizzas that I have ever ate.

The next random thing that I will type about is games. Whether it is a bored game, an Xbox/Ps3 game, or even a regular card game, there are a lot of games and almost all of the games that I know of can keep you entertained. The board games such as monopoly, scrabble, and Uno aren’t the funniest games but they can keep you pretty entertained. On the other hand, games that are for game consoles such as, Ps3 and Xbox 360 will keep you entertained for quite a while, probably more than a couple hours.

The fourth and probably final random thing that I am going to talk about is, zombies. Zombies have not risen up from the dead in this life time, but if they did we have a very clear image of what they might look like, also how to kill them. To kill a zombie you must mainly attack the head area of a zombie to kill it. Hit the head thus destroying the brain so that the rest of the zombie will not be able to continue whatever it is doing (attacking the human race).

The best object to use to kill a zombie would be basically anything that can either be swung, or shot. Which means to use any object as a melee weapon? Anything that can be shot would mostly consist of a firearm of some kind (a gun). So that’s my totally random free write thanks for reading!!!!! 

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