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Come stroll with us in the Orchard. We are joyful friends growing and learning together. Here are our thoughts and ideas, dreams and adventures. Stay awhile and enjoy. Please comment. Peace to everyone.

by Tom Sheehan
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As of now this blog is no longer being maintained. No new posts will be added nor will comments be published.

I am moving off to St Matthew's School, Marton and you will find us on blogmeister soon.

Many thanks to all of the blogosphere who have dropped by over the last two years. Thanks for reading, commenting and being our audience. I can honestly say that blogging has changed my life. I am grateful for the support I have received from my colleagues around the world.

Thanks to the children and families of The Orchard class. It has been a pleasure exploring the world of blogging with you. Thank you to Jacinta Cousins, Principal at Lourdes for allowing us the opportunity to blog.

Thanks to Jody Hayes of Voyagers. You have been a great supporter and co-learner as we have pioneered the use of blogmeister in NZ. We can always say we were among the first !

David Warlick - THANKYOU for this most amazing of gifts - blogmeister is fantastic and I am excited about my whole school beginning blogging over the next few months. I hope they love it !

ps - I can't link to the St Matthew's blog yet but check back in a while !!

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In my spare time I love to run. So far I have completed 10 marathons. My big goal this year is to complete a 24 hour run in Auckland in October ! I have a wonderful family who are growing up far too quickly. I love Apple computers and have three iPods ! (I love my wife Louise too !)

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