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by teacher: gordon
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Writing class is so boring, I thought. Why can’t I be in Gym or something? Then I wondered what it would be like to be an adult. That’s wham it was so boring that I started daydreaming! I thought about what job I wanted, and where I would live. I decided that I wanted to be a fitness trainer or a nutritionist. I would go to Michigan State University be a nutritionist and get into one of their programs. Then I knew that I would be so good that everyone knew my name. I would become the next youngest Billionaire. I would live in Cali and have a house so big that you needed an elevator to get to the top. The more I thought about my job the more reluctant I was. I mean how many famous nutritionist do you know? Well , I don’t know any so I decided against it. You know more famous fitness trainers. Right? Like on “The Biggest Loser”. So I rethought everything. Problem is I had no idea where fitness trainers go to college. So I decided to be something else. I would have a regular job, well kind of. I wanted to be an Interior Designer. Like on all of those TV shows on TLC. It seemed like a really cool job to design people’s houses and such. I love colors and trying to make things look color coordinated and just cool. I also like the challenge of making something look awesome but fit the budget at the same time. I knew that Utah State University had an interior designing course, but I would still look into more colleges. I would live in Florida on the Beach in a nice Condo. I would work around the ocean. people would call me I would help them and pretty soon it would become a small,(Or not so small) Business. Pretty soon It would be so big that we got almost a call every day and I would have to hire more and more employees every day. I would play basketball every Friday with my friends. I would also be on a minor league soccer team that played somewhere cool like a huge stadium. Then I snapped out of my daydream when my teacher called on me to share one of my ideas. I only said that I was sorry for daydreaming during his class and If he knew any colleges that had a major in Interior Designing. He said yes and that I could go there now it was called, DETENTION!

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