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We are senior or former students of Puahue School. Some of us want to keep blogging and some of us have moved on to other places in the world, but our blogs remain a record of our learning at primary school.

by Zebedee teacher: C Knight
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Monster of Death is a wizard. But the twins 76845 and 18903222 are manta wolves, three headed wolves. Their father is a fire eagle andd his name is 652. The Monster of Death can do some spells like convert which is changing your enemy's creature into your creature. The twins are weak when they're not together. They are strong when they are together.
One day Monster of Death was out making people happy. He helps people and only kills people who want to fight him. He finds 76845 and 18903222 and he gave them a challenge to see who would win.
The next day they come to the battlegrounds. The Monster of Death wants to fight the twins because they are getting onto his nerves. They are killing people that they are not meant to be killing.
The Monster of Death summons the creatures that are going to fight on his side. He can only use one creature and spell at a time.
His first creature he summoned is the Rookie. His first spell he summoned is ether drop which gives your more energy.
The twins summon an ork warrior each. Their spell was an ether drop as well. That's the only one they can do.
It's time for the fight. So the Rookie and the Ork Warriors come. The Rookie takes on one Ork Warrior and crushes it. Then both Ork Warriors die because they are twins and if one dies then both die. The Rookie has the power to crush two at once.
The MOnster of Death has another turn. He doesn't want to summon a creature, only a spell. It is a cease which steals a spell from the twins hand so he can use that spell.
The Monster of Death has almost won but the twins summon a creature from their head called The Spikeball.
Then it is time to fight again. The Rookie takes the first move and just crushes one and they both die. Then the Manta wolves are doomed because they lost their creatures. Then they go home and start yelling "Father, Father."
The Monster of Death wins the battle and helps people and heals people that are sick.Bye bye. The end.

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