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The idea behind this blog is to allow students the chance to talk about math. Students do not often get this chance, and by talking about the different concepts, the students arrive at a better understanding. This leads them to be more involved in math.

by Jimbo Lamb
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Not long ago, we began Unit 5: Data Analysis and Probability. Today, you will reflect on what you have learned in Unit 5 (Lessons 26-32). In order to do this, you will have to:

1. Go back and read your Unit 5 Preview blog, where you wrote about what you thought you knew about the concepts in Unit 5. State what you got correct and incorrect in the Unit 5 blog. You didn't know everything that was going to be covered in these lessons, so there should be something for each part. (5 points)

2. Respond to the Essential Question from each lesson (This can include a full summary of the lesson, not just definitions):
Lesson 26: What are the measures of central tendency, and how do we find them?
Lesson 27: How do you create and utilize stem-and-leaf and box-and-whisker plots?
Lesson 28: How do you use a scatterplot to predict possible outcomes of a situation?
Lesson 29: How do you calculate and apply the principles of probability?
Lesson 30: How do you determine permutations and combinations and use them to find probabilities?
Lesson 31: How do you calculate odds in favor or against and compare it to probability?
Lesson 32: How do you use data from an experiment to predict further outcomes?
(5 points each for a total of 35 points)

3. Give an example of how an idea from one of the lessons could be applied in the real world. Maybe one of these concepts could be applied to a field that you might work in some day. (5 points)

In your blog, you will reflect on various things: What did you know? What did you have wrong? What did you learn? By reflecting, you will help demonstrate to me what you have learned, and you will also help to solidify many of the concepts into your bank of knowledge. (Total of 45 points available for this blog)

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