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6:33 AM

Here is a new element to the upgrade described earlier (blow). When a teachers goes into edit mode (logged in), a listing of teacher articles and all student articles will appear to the left, sorted chronologically. This listing, unlike the one that appears when not in edit mode, includes both published and unpublished student writings.

To view, edit, or assess any student writing, click it here. You will be taken directly into the "Class Panel" and the student and article selected will be expanded for immediate assessment.

5:37 AM

I just made a fairly major change in the articles listing at the left of your blog pages. This comes as a suggestion from one of the major Blogmeister users based on making it easier for you to access student blogs.

Now, as you, a teacher, view your blog page, not only will your blogs in the listing just below the calendars, but you will also be able to see and access your students' blogs. It is all sorted chronologically, with the two mixed together. Teacher blogs will be underlined. Student blogs will not, and the student's initials will also be included in the listing. See the image to the right.

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I'm a 37-year (vagabond) educator, traveling the world and spreading the news that effective teaching and learning should, and could, be the most exciting endeavor that any society engages in. Now, after more than three decades of it, I am seeking a new intersection between play, passion and purpose. However, I suspect that Class Blogmeister will continue to glow, grow and flow!

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