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My vacation is going so great, I've been having playdates with all my friends. For Christmas I got a foos ball table and a gamecube from santa but the foos ball table was from my grandparents. I also celebrated Hannuka and I had it at my house this year. If I could give one last gift to someone that person would be my neighbor because, she is one of the nicest people I know. The gift I would give her would be a scarf I made for her. I would like to give her a scarf that I made because, it is nicer to make a present to someone than to buy a present. You can make that person feel great if you make something for them. I got a lot of things for my parents so I want to make her a present. I am going to make her one and I have one already started to make it for her. I have gotten a lot of cool presents from my relatives. This has been one of the best Christmases ever!! I am also going to have a New Years party this year and it is going to be great. My friends and neighbors are going to be there and we are maybe going to set off fire works and they will be awesome and LOUD=http://

Happy Hoidays and a Happy New Year!!!

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Hi my name is Danielle and I love to write at roomtwelve.com and I also love basketball, reading, drawing and playing with all my friends. I am a dancing queen. I love dogs too. I also love cats, I love to travel and see my family in CA. I LOVE CHEESE AND IF I COULD I WOULD HAVE A WORLD RULED BY CHEESE!!!!!! BUT IF YOU BELIEVE IN SOMTHING AND YOU THINK YOU CAN FIGHT IT THEN YOU CAN DO IT!

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