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Here we are! We go to school in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada. We want to share what we are doing in our classroom. Come and see!

by C teacher: Carlene Gauley
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On the class trip we went to the MaKenzie Art Galery and RCMP Haritig Center. We went to the RCMP hariktig center ferst. Then we went to the mekenzey art galery.

Once we got to the RCMP Haritig Center we went strat to the treedy part. The treedy part wasa slide show. After we did the work sheet we went to do the rest of it. We had to do the points of view of the Cree, the RCMP oficer, and the natives. Then we got to go see the rest of it.

The rest of it had the beds ware the RCMP sleep. They had that we had to do a case. They had a lot of things.

At the Mekensey Art Galery we seen alot of pantings and droings. After are torisom the giy let os drow a pikcher. Then we went and seenj some more art. Then at the end we go to do a panting / drowing.

Then we went bake to the school.

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