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5-6 2011/2012

Here we are! We go to school in Bengough, Saskatchewan, Canada. We want to share what we are doing in our classroom. Come and see!

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teacher: Carlene Gauley

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Yesterday a guy from an art gallery came to our school. He was a really good artist. He brout paintings from the 1800. They were really old. We even got to draw. I called mine Life On a Highway. It was really awesome. I also love to draw. The man that was there liked to paint. I paint sometimes. I dont paint all the time. I love art. That is what I do when I come home from school. The man from the art gallery brought about 10 paintings. Some were old and some were even older. My favourite painting is a cow that is sitting on a prarie. My second favourite painting is the one with two horses and a two guys running from a fire. My third favourite painting is a native chief standing in a dorway. I love the art galley. I hope you get to see how awesome it is.

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