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We are a 6th grade class that is piloting a 1:1 laptop program using MacBook computers. We blog, Skype, make Wiki pages, produce digital videos, podcasts and vidcasts.

by Cynthia teacher: Brian Crosby
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We have learned throughout the years that light is the fastest thing we know of. It travels 186,000 mps (miles per second). light goes 669,600,000 mph. It can go around the earth seven times in one second.
Alpha Centauri is the next closest star to earth it is 4.37 light years away. We could never go to Alpha Centauri it is to far. Imagine how big space is because Alpha Centauri is our next door neighbor in in our solar system.
The sun is a star.
The sun is a big ball of burning gas. The sun is to hot for us to go there.
Pluto is the smallest planet. If you compare the biggest known star VV Cephei to pluto next they look like a piece of dust next to a Soccer field.
Stars are a big ball of burning gas. Some stars are much bigger than the sun. You think the sun is the biggest star well its not, there are much bigger stars than the sun.
If all that is our solar system imagine how big space is if there are more Galaxys that you can count.

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