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In my group, we looked at aquatic bugs under a microscope. :) After that, we started researching them. Our group found a stonefly and a scud. I like the scud. The scud looks kind of like a potato bug shrimp thing. It's grey, and really fast.The stonefly was creepy. They look like weird earwigs with anxiety. They squirm like worms.The stonefly is intolerant to water pollution, but  that earned us four points, and the scud is tolerant to water pollution which gave us two more points. After that, we scored  our creek. We got 21 for our creek's score, and Yellowjacket creek got 25, so Yellowjacket creek has a higher score than Chimacum creek. We gave our creek 21, because of it's quality. Chimacum creek, however, has a lower quality than Yellowjacket creek, although they came close.That's pretty much about all I have to say.
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