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by Maribeth teacher: Mark Ahlness
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In the summer my cousin had a baby. It was a boy. My cousin named him Brian. We had a long time thinking of the name. The baby is almost a month old. We only went to visit her once because the hospital was too far from our house. We had to baby sit my cousin's daughter. But not my other cousin's, my cousin that had the baby. Her daughter is three years old. She is a girl. Her name is Yuliana. My cousin July and my other cousins got to hold the baby, and I did too. And a few days ago we went to a party but my cousin was out of the hospital. And in the party my cousin was somewhere else and I got to baby sit the baby and hold the baby until she came. It was really fun. My cousins and I went to play because my cousin was done with what she was doing. Sometimes my cousin comes all the way to our house. Her house and our house are too far away. So my cousin has to come to our house because my dad doesn’t like to go all the way over there. But me, my mom, and my sisters like to go. But my cousin still comes to my house. It’s really fun because when they come to my house I get to play with my cousin Yuliana and I get to hold the baby!

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Hi my name is Maribeth. I am 8 years old. I am in 3rd grade and I am in room twelve. That is Mr. Ahlness class. I have a dog at Mexico. Almost all my mom's family live there. My favorite thing to do at recess is going on the monkey bars and my other favorite thing to do at recess is tetherball. I have two sisters and zero brothers. I have ten friends, some at school and some friends at home. I always play with them they live by me. They go on my bus too. On the weekends my cousins come to my house or some times I go their house. This year my mom and dad are going to make me a party for my birthday!

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