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by Nathan teacher: Mark Ahlness
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I’m moving this summer and it’s almost summer time. So I just want to say goodbye to them. I want to say goodbye in a way of putting little sections of my stories in my story that you are reading right now.

The Perfect Weekend
My perfect weekend would be that I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Like if I wanted to go to Hawaii. I could go to Hawaii whenever I wanted.

The bouncy kangaroo ate a taco in Mexico while it was on its way to Italy to have some spaghetti and pizza. Although it was still in kindergarten, it could fight off an alligator. But when it was on its way it got captured in a lasso and got carried away to a ranch in Spain. There it met a chimpanzee from Africa. They saw the raccoon that just got captured by someone else. They saw tons of tulips in every direction they looked in. They saw a moose head hanging on the wall.

Why I Should Keep My Blog Over the Summer
I should keep my blog over the summer because it is really important to me and I love to type stories and write stories. I should keep my blog over the summer because I have fun re-reading my stories. When I’m a grown up I will be able to read my stories if I’m bored. If I lose what my blog would be on then I guess I won’t be able to read my blog. I guess I could search the web and find other blogs.My favorite story that I made was the one about the Fox and the Tortoise. I will tell you that story.

Draft: Whole Story of The River Campout
The River Campout1 going to the riverI was with my dad in Texas and we were going to camp by a river that splits Mexico from the United States. We packed our bikes in the back of the car to ride at the campsite.We are now in the car and driving to the river. I can feel the heat and I can see the heat waves. It was a long car drive but we’re now here!I see a bunch of nature surrounding the car. It is beautiful! Great! Perfect!2 checking it out We are now checking out the place. I see a river. The river is long and wide. I’m talking really long and wide.A fishing dock. There were a ton of spots looking right or left. Finally my dad points out a good spot.The fishing dock looked really old and mossy. But other than a bit of moss and stuff, it looked pretty good.3 biking then swimmingI got out of the car and suddenly I could feel the hot air out side pierce around my body. But the nature looked even better without the tinted window of the car in front of it.I wanted to ride my bike down to the river and take a swim. So did my dad. So we got our bikes out of the trunk. I went down there with my brother and my dad. It was really weird outside there. It was quiet bumpy there.As soon as I got off of my bike I noticed something weird about the water. It had something in it that could have been giant tumbleweeds or trees, I don’t know. It was probably trees. My brother noticed something sticking out of the ground in front of us. We looked at it for a moment. That’s right. we all hesitated for a moment. We walked forward. That is, my brother and I walked forward. Guess what, it was a fish’s skeleton!

WASL day 1: It is what I expected, easy!

WASL day 2: It is going good. This time it was a bit harder than on Monday. I wonder how hard the math part of the WASL is going to be tomorrow on Wednesday.

WASL day 3: My thoughts on the WASL today are that it is a lot easier than yesterday, and that I finished in about a quarter of the time today. Isn’t that good?

WASL day 4: My thoughts on the WASL are: 1. Easy 2.little harder than last time though 3. Still easy though.

Earth Day
I think about Earth day bags because we make them before Earth day to show how much we care for the earth. Do you make Earth day bags? Do you know when Earth day is?Just in case you don’t it is April 22, 2007. I like to make Earth day bags.

Things That I will do on Spring Break
I am going to have a birthday party for me. It will be fun. I am going to go to a Seattle Sonics game. I’m inviting my best friend, Allen. After that I will have a sleep over with Allen. The day before that I’m going to open presents. I’m moving so I have to pack boxes and bring them to my grandma’s house. I get to go to my new house my parents bought. It will be fun. There is a little space between the living room and laundry room that you can crawl through one door in the laundry room and come out another side in the living room, or the other way around

Blogs I Like To Read and Why I Like To Read Them
I like to read Logan’s blog. It is really cool. I like his story called “Enchanted Owl”. It’s really funny. You should check it out. I also like Amanda’s blog. It has some cool things like the color vote. It’s awesome. It works like this: you pick your favorite color. It loads and casts your vote. It’s cool. They are awesome blogs. Here is another story from Logan’s blog. It is called “Laser Tag”. Like I said, they are awesome blogs.The end

I think blogging is fun. Blogging is fun because you can type stories. Typing stories is fun. Blogging should be for everybody. Blogging should be for everybody that doesn’t own a computer. Blogging is for everybody in my class. Blogging is fun.

I like multiplication a lot because it is a great thing to learn in third grade. I also like multiplication because it is challenging. I like challenging things. I think I’m doing well because I know x1, x2, x4, and x5. I like multiplication because it is exactly like adding a lot of numbers together to get 1 simple answer. It is also good because it is 1 simple problem. See the resemblance? 1 simple answer, 1 simple problem. Get it? Please say you do. (I’m not meaning to make up a joke so please don’t laugh, just say you get it.) Anyway I like multiplication. Goodbye=http://

Differences in seasons
These are lists of reasons that tell what is different and what is the same of mid-winter break and winter break.Mid-winter break: 1. Is warmer than winter break. 2. Is closer to Valentine’s Day. 3. Is closer to Easter than winter break. My opinion of liking it or not: I like it because it is warmer than winter break and you can have a lot more fun outside than normally when your parents tell you to stay in because you might catch a cold.Same with mid-winter break and winter break: 1. Both cold 2.Both have a little bit of sunshine Winter break: 1. Is colder than mid-winter break. 2. Is closer to Christmas than mid-winter break. 3. Is closer to summer than mid-winter break.

Cupid's Life
Once there was a little city of invisible people. They liked to shoot people in the butt with arrows. That would make them fall in love with someone. To the invisible people this was called “butt shoot”. One lovely couple had a baby once. They named him Cupid. They helped Cupid learn to butt shoot. He got very good. (Not meaning to say he didn’t aim at the targets he aimed at his parents) So people decided to make him the head of the butt shoot army.

Allen, the person I admire
Allen is my best friend. He is the greatest friend I ever had. The greatest ever known to my brain kind. First ever friend I ever had. Oh well since that’s over I can tell you how he turned into my friend.I was in kindergarten and we were in the same class. Our teacher's name was Mr. Wilkie. My favorite teacher of all. (Well except that I have two favorite teachers. Mr. Ahlness and Mr. Wilkie.) I was at the right side of the classroom and Allen was in the middle of the classroom. We were learning letters in kindergarten. It was recess next. I went outside. There was a playground. I went to play. I found Allen and we wanted to play with each other. So we played. Played and played. Played until the bell rang. We went inside. The next recess we played together. That is how we became friends.Life was fun after that. But it’s too bad he changed schools. He was also really nice. I can still go to his birthday party. That’s more fun than ever.

The Two Spies
Once upon a time there lived a tortoise and a fox. The fox loved to eat ducks. So every night he ate ducks. The tortoise and the fox were best of friends. So when they were older they were visiting a lot more. They had one thing in common. They loved spy movies.So one day they decided they wanted to be spies. Then they were spies. The two spies made all the stuff they needed like jetpacks, getaway cars, and lasers. So they decided to have their first move. To rob a duck farm.They used one of the getaway cars to get there. The duck farm was full of ducks. “Where should we start,” asked the greedy little fox. The fox was drooling when he said this. Then the tortoise said, “I’ll start over here”. When the fox heard that he took off for the ducks. “Ducks, ducks, oh beautiful ducks.” said the fox. He was passing the farmer’s window. “Uh oh” said the fox as he realized what he had done. The farmer was awake now! The fox ran for the tortoise. He grabbed the tortoise by his shell. Then he said, “we got to get out, we got to get out”! They stopped. “Why do we have to get out?” asked the tortoise. The fox was panting for air. “I accidentally woke up the farmer,” said the fox. So the tortoise pressed the button on the keys for the getaway cars. The cars came. They got away in the nick of time. They got away with 6 ducks.

The Hill
It was after school and I was at after school care. I was playing around and the counselor said, “Line up if you want to go outside!” So I lined up.Outside it was cold. Good thing I brought my coat with me because we were having a snowball fight! The fight was cold.Sooner than I knew, my parents were picking me up. My cousin came too and so did my brother. There was some ice on the road. We weren’t slipping so much because my mom’s car had 4-wheel drive. We were driving my cousin to her house. In front of her house is a big hill. I went into their house.

My winter vacation
My Winter VacationI had a winter vacation. I’ll tell you what I did on my winter vacation. This is my story of my winter vacation. I had my winter concert and the next day I was supposed to have a party but there was a storm that night that blew out the school's (and my) power. My power came back on in 1 day and a half Long. I had to sleep with a flashlight in my bed. It was not comfortable.

A Weird Christmas
There once was a boy named Dan. Dan had blond hair and green eyes. He was very happy and yet so suspicious. He was like this because he had found a hole the other day. The hole was just big enough for his friend and him. His friend's name was John.So one day John and Dan went down the hole. The hole was moist. When they got out they were in Santa’s sleigh! There was Santa! “Why Dan you're just in time!” said Santa. “Whoa! You scared me!” said Dan. “Oh sorry Dan. It’s just so good of you being here it’s a little surprise that the Mrs. And I thought up,” Said Santa. “Oh how’s it going Santa?” asked John. “Oh hey John,” said Santa. “Here we go!” said Santa. Before they knew it they were up in the air. Santa asked, “What’s that smell?” John said, “It smells like a burned plane.” Well guess what he was right! It was a burned plane. It was headed right for them! Suddenly Santa grabbed a light bulb from in his pocket. “What is that going to do?” asked Dan. “You will find out,” said Santa. He threw the bulb into the air. It landed on the plane and stuck some how. Then he sprayed it with Christmas magic. Suddenly the plane was flying again. “Wow,” said Dan. “I know,” said John. They were both still a little bit scared that the plane almost hit them. Santa saw some gum in John's pocket. When the boys were not looking Santa shrank and stole the gum out of John’s jean pocket. As quick as he could (which was really quick) grew back to normal size. Hopefully he thought that nobody saw him but no, he was wrong. While he did that John was peeking and saw his every move. But John did not care, he was to focused on what the thing was that was seeming to pull them down. Suddenly Santa called out “Stop one!” at that very moment they fell sound asleep.

Hello Perky Turkey Here
Hello I’m Perky Turkey. I have three friends. Their names are Turk Murk, Murky Turkey and old tuck. And you are the person who is trying to kill me. Oh, I forgot to say this “Stay away! Stay away!” Oh no it is Thanksgiving today. The evil farmer is coming. Hey Turk Murk and Murky Turkey get in the under ground tunnel we made; now the evil farmer is coming! I’ll go and get Old tuck and ask him what to do!

How I Feel About Report Cards

I feel good about report cards because they are a way to show parents that you did good or bad in school.I remember the time in 2nd grade I got about three threes and all the rest fours.

Prepare to Scare.
Prepare to Scare!I saw a house and passed by the night before Halloween after school. I took a moment to look at it. And then looked at the ground near it. There was something weird about that house. “That’s weird”, I said. The house was not tightened down at all! (Halloween day)I am going to get my costume today. I hope it is something good that I find. When I went into the store I took a look around my little sister screamed. She said “Mommy, mommy, Monsters”! “Help mommy”, my sister said. I found a costume all right. But whenever my little sister sees it, she runs to her room.

Six Cousins
My dad has a brother with three kids. Two are girls. One is a boy. They all go to the same school. One comes down to my school after his school gets out. My mom has a brother with three kids. I go to one of their houses sometimes. That one cousin, dislikes me. When I go to her house when she doesn’t have friends over she is not so nice. When she does have friends over she’s pretty nice. She has two sisters. I am going to tell about the first one. The first one is three years old and one of my favorite cousins. And last but not least, the second one. The second one is eleven years old. She is the cousin I do not see very much, and is pretty fun to hang out with.

Me myself and I
Dear readers. My name is Nathan. I am 8 years old. I have 2 pets. 1 is a fish. He is 3 years old. The other is a cat. She is 10 years old. My favorite subject in School is math my favorite subject out of School is riding bikes. I am in elementary school. My best friend is Allen. He is the same age as me. I love to read. And I do not like the sound of chalk. I HAD a rat. But she died. I also had two frogs. But they jumped out of the fish tank so they died.
You’ve now heard almost my whole blog in one story. You should see the animated stories. They are cool

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