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Mauku is a tiny but terrific rural school located near Pukekohe. We have only 120 students, 5 teachers and a principal. Our school has amazing grounds and its very own little bush block that attracts tui, kereru and other bird life. We are an Silver status enviroschool which means we practice sustainability and caring for our environment


teacher: Kylie Laxton-Blinkhorn

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In the Weekend my neice sleeped over my house for the hole week plus today   She is so cute she looks different every day. Its kind of boring With her because you have to be  quiet . Today my mums giving her a

bath.First we  woke up at half past 6 ,7.00 clock . My mum sleeped with Keana lee for six hours my

mum keeped on geting up and  I keeped on grumping at her. 

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