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the robber 05/10/12

          The Robber

"Another summer has come", said Grandma. Grandma and Grandpa were driving to their cabin in Nelson. It was hot outside and the birds were singing. The car ride was just over four hours. The window was down and Grandma's short gray hair was blowing in the wind.  

"We should stop for gas and groceries", said Grandpa. Grandpa filled the tanks and Grandma got the groceries. At the till the cashier asked Grandma's name and phone number.

"(250)757-2456 and my name is Grace McAdams", she replied.  The man asked what she was doing here in this little town of Nelson. Grandma said that they had a cabin on the lake. 

"Oh really , my parents have a cabin on the lake, my mom's name is Clair".

 "Oh Clair and Ben Goldberry" ?

"Um ya that's them", he said. 

  "Clair and Ben are our neighbours" ,

"Really", the man said.

"Ya we have two cabins, one big one and one little one".

"Well I will look out for you then.  Ok bye",  the cashier said. Grandpa and Grandma drove down the dirt road all the way to the cabin. Right behind them was Grandma and Grandpa's daughter Sue with her husband Kieth and two kids Jason and Mandy. 

"Hello Sue how are you" ? said Grandma.

 "Are you ready to  go to the restaurant?" said Grandpa.

   "You bet," said Sue. Everybody got into the car and left. They all got back at about 10:00 p.m. They where driving down the dirt road and the police cars were there, everybody was outside wondering what happened.

"What happened?" said Grandma .

'I dont know", said Jason.  Right then Grandpa realized that the police were at their cabin.

"Oh no," said Grandpa, 'they are at our cabin". The whole family ran out of the car and on to the property . The windows were smashed, the door was broken.

"Everything is gone," said Sue. All the groceries where gone the bandaids, the cream and grandmas weading ring the neighbors came over to see what happened . "Hey Ben, Hi Clair' ,  

"What happend to your cabin," said Ben ,

"It was broken into" said Grandpa.

  "Thats not good," said Ben.

"Oh by the way I saw your son the other day," said Sue.

 "We don't have a son", said Clair.   Just then Jason and Mandy came over with something in their hand.

"Grandma, Grandma", said Jason,  "look we found this in the sand on the beach"

'What is it?" said Grandma.  she read it out loud. It said Greg Bows Nelson grocery store. This must be the man that broke into our cabin, it makes perfect sense.  "Thankyou Jason and Mandy," said Grandma.

The McAdams reported the man to the police and Mr.G. Bows was arrested and in jail for 3 years.  After that day nothing was ever harmed at the McAdams' cabin again.

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