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Mir 05/10/12

There once was a boy named Evan. Evan was a short kid who wore a red T-shirt, jeans, and a T-ball hat. Evan had brown hair which was medium length hair and Evan was in the 6th grade. One day Evan was walking to his house when he saw a note by the door. He picked it up and it read. "May mercy rain on the one who baries the stone." Evan was confused. "Why would this not be here?" Evan had now remembered the stone he picked up at his school field trip. He quickly ran to his room and went to his drawers and found the stone. He looked at it carefully and noticed what appeared to look like a dragon emblem of some sort. "What's so important about this stone?" Evan said. He put the stone in his pocket and went to bed. He was sleeping in a very deep sleep until the stone in his pocket started to move. It seemed not like a stone but a egg! Evan woke up and stared at the egg and it started hatching. The figure that came out had two pointed horns sharp teeth a tail, wings,and claws. The figure was blue and was a dragon! Evan could not believe his eyes. "A baby dragon?" said Evan. The baby dragon started to float around Evan's room "Wheres my family?' The baby dragon asked. "Um hello?" Evan said. The baby dragon looked at him. "Oh hello, my name is Mir." The baby dragon said. " Where's my home, my family, where are they?" Mir said.
"What family?" Evan said. "You were a egg! You have no memory."
"Thats where your wrong." Mire said. "A long time ago us dragons fought the gargoyles for millions of years, I was a fighter for the dragons. I was 230000 years old. One day the gargoyle leader was going to make the universe collapse us dragons fought but it was not enough so us dragons made a sacrifice and gave our souls to save the universe."
"Wow did that realy happen?" Evan asked.
"Yes indeed it did." Said Mir.
"Now we should probably got to sleep." Evan asked.
"Indeed." Said Mir.
The next morning Evan and Mir went to eat breakfest but Evan's mom came and saw Mir. "Ah a lizard!" Evan's mom said.
"Its no lizard mom, this is Mir the dragon!" Evan said.
"A dragon?" Evan"s mom was confused for awhile then notcied Mir really was a real dragon! "But Evan we cant keep this uh dragon, what are we going to feed it?" Evan's mom asked.
"Well Mir what do you like to eat?" Evan asked.
"Um lets see: turkey, chicken, bacon and steak." Mir said.
"Well Evan do you promise to take care of Mir?" Evan's mom said.
"Of course!" Shouted Evan.
Mir and Evan then went to Evan's room when Evan notced that stange note he found. "Um Mir what's with this note? I found it but I dont know what to do with it." Evan said.
"Oh this is not good." Mir said.
"What's wrong?" Evan asked.
"The Gargoyle leader is... coming!" Mir said.
"Yes he is.." Said strange voice."
"No I thought you were dead!" Mir said. TO BE CONTINUED

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