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Why the magnificent Mauku School should have awesome ipads.

Magnificent Mauku School should have fabulous Ipads. These Extraordinary electronic devices May be a tiny bit distracting but I think we should have them. Here are some more reasons why.

First of all everyone will want to make use of one. People or teachers can use them against people to get them to be superior. There will be fewer interruptions and more work will get completed. Teachers will enjoy that.

Secondly it will let children explore the ipad world. They can be trained to make use of them and teach others how to make use of them. More people will learn how to use them and the teacher won’t have to explain to everyone what to do. Which means the teacher can get prepared for the next activity.

Last of all they're not like computers. Computers are really easy to get people’s attention. Computers are always near walls and they're not portable. Ipads you can move around and away from big groups of people who get easily distracted.

Those are the reasons why I think magnificent Mauku should have ipads

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