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This is a space for adult students of grade 10, 11 and 12 English Language Arts to communicate about what and how they are learning, both in and out of class.


teacher: Jody Ferguson

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I think that if the internet disappeared tomorrow that I would feel a little lost in my life until I adapted back to the “old ways”. I know that I rely on the internet more than I would care to admit. I play scrabble daily with relatives that I have met online and would really feel a loss without this daily interaction that I have with them. I like to Google images for craft, garden and decorating ideas. I love the conveniences it offers for such things as bus schedules, store hours, prices and locations. Although I do not shop online I do research merchandise for quality and price. Email is a great way to touch base with friends when life has us too busy for long chats on the phone. I think my generation would be less adversely affected by the loss of the internet than the younger generation would be. I think it would be harder for them to adapt back to the days of landlines, big yellow phonebooks, hard covered encyclopedias and all of the other conveniences that the internet offers than it would be for my generation. I guess when I really think about it, I do like it more than I don’t, and I probably would miss it more than I think I would. I think I’m still adapting to something that I have no control over. The internet and all it offers, good and bad, is here to stay and getting bigger and stronger. Do I think that society is too reliant upon the internet, yes. I base this on what I perceive as a loss of creativity and imagination with video games. I see a loss in the art of handwriting. I see a loss of personal contact and interaction. I see inactivity that is affecting people’s health. I don’t know, I guess with like everything there needs to be moderation to keep our lives balanced but if I was in charge of the universe I’m not too sure if I would have created the internet.

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