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Welcome parents and students! This is our writing blog. We invite you to make comments and to take the time to enjoy the pieces shared by these talented students.

by Madison

teacher: Patti-Jo

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SCORE! As the buzzer rings and we begin to dog pile the announcer says 10-7 Home followed by the hollering screams of excitement. The wind blows your hair across your face as you skate around the rink as fast as you can.
On my way out to the dressing room doors for intermission, I glace at my parents who are always seated right next to the penalty box on the right side of the rink. They always smile and give me thumbs up.
As I skate back onto the ice for 3rd period I stare at the audience while I step off of the boards and I trip and hit my head on the side of the boards. I woke up to the blurry site of bold lettering “vote for Yuvon Godin on the boards next to me. “What happened?” “How long was I passed out?” I say to myself. No one answered back!
Then the next I noticed was my parents, they were standing right next to me screaming out to everyone “call for help please someone”!
Finally the ambulance arrived at the rink. They told my parents to meet them at the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital they told my parents that I hit my head hard, I had got a concussion and one of the effects could be that I blinded myself.
After 3 hours I was laying on my bed listening to music and all of a sudden I went blind. I couldn’t see anything, it was all white. I could talk but I was in so much shock that I screamed “MOM”! I was only thinking of one thing, could I ever play hockey again? I was going to sit there forever thinking what will do with my life now?
Today was the day that I hockey was starting, I wasn’t going to be there because of my insecure blindness. I had an idea. I was depressed about not playing hockey so I decided that I would like to learn to play excellent hockey blind. I asked my mom but she said “I don’t think that is possible” she also said “who is going to teach you, you would need a certain coach to help you out!”
The next day we were searching for a coach, no one would help us out. They thought that it was impossible to teach someone who is blind to learn how to play hockey. I told them I will show them that it is possible but no one would listen. Then finally we found one girl her name is Clarissa. She is excellent with any age young-adult. She said we will start tomorrow.
Today is the new tomorrow. The first thing that she did was she tried to get me used to the size of the rink so I would not skate into the boards. Then she was teaching me how far away the net was from the boards of each angle. She was telling me that our team was going to be playing at play-off soon and if don’t learn how soon I won’t be able it help at it.
As the next day approaches it is a Saturday so we meet at the rink at 9:30am. It is now time to learn how to shoot the puck into the net. I scored on my 13th try. She was so proud of me, my parents were proud and my older coach Mr. Simons.
Mr. Simons had an idea after that night so he called up my parents and said to them “ Tomorrow we have regular hockey practice with the whole team, do you think that Allie will be ready and want to try to play hockey” my mom said : sure let’s give it a try”. She told me about it that night and I wasn’t too sure if I would have liked to but I would try it anyway.
I tried it and I loved it, I was going to try every practice that I would. I was so happy to hear my friend’s voices again.
We made it to finals and we won so now I answered my question, yes I can play hockey blind. Now I know I can still do stuff with my life!

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