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by Smiley101 teacher: Rob Jacklin

JA Biztown is short for Junior Achievement Biztown. During school for about 6 weeks every Thursday we had JA class. In class, we learned how to write checks and cash registers. We also learned how to use a Debit Card. (This scared my mom a little.) After those 6 weeks (And after Spring Break!) we went to the Junior Achievement place about 15 minutes from school. My mom was a Bank Teller, so she drove me there as well. At school, we filled out job applications, my first choice was the DJ of the Radio Station, my second was the CEO of the Radio Station (Which was my final job) Then, my last choice the CEO of the Bank. I loved my job, every part of it. Well, I didn't exactly like having to sign all the checks... But still it was AWESOME! (By the end of the day, I thought my hand was going to fall off) We each had 2 breaks- The first 20 minutes, the second break 30 minutes because we had to eat lunch AND spend all of our money. The breaks were divided into 3 groups; Red, Yellow, Green. There was a Traffic light telling us when our break was. I made a Build-A-Bear, got a lanyard made with my picture of me on it, and bought a soda and a cookie. (I still had about $5 left in my account… Woops) I gave a speech at the opening Town Meeting, I REALLLY messed up! After my first break, they kind of ran out of stuff for me to do. I got bored. Really bored so I started answering the constantly ringing phone where I took song requests, everyone wanted to hear the song “We are Family” it got really annoying. But, half of the time it was the TV station; KPLR 11 telling us to turn off the music so they could do another ad. It. Got. Really. Old. Poor Payton- She NEVER got to go on air and when she did nobody could hear her. When my CFO- Jessica was on break, I got something to do. I worked on the computer for about 15 minnutes, then had to sign more checks. Again. Most of the day was like this. My only real problem with JA Biztown was 1) My foot fell asleep during all the meetings and 2) I didn't get to eat lunch. Other than that, I had a GREAT time!  If anyone ever questions going there, GO! It rocks! (Just bring a small lunch) I would give this field trip to JA Biztown 5 Stars- It was ALWAYS active, eviciting in SO many ways, and so much more!

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