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by Smiley101 teacher: Rob Jacklin

My TRUE love, that's hard- NOT! Obviously, my true love is horses! It all started when I was 2 months old and my Grandma gave me a rocking horse. (When I was four I decided to give it a haircut, thinking the hair would grow back) that I was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF. Then, about four months later, my parents and I took a trip to Hawaii. There, we went on a helicopter, went swimming, went to the park, but then, the best part of the WHOLE trip... We went to the stables. We were there for some reason I don't remember. But, that day started it all. My parents well, they thought I would look at them for two minutes (Which DID work like that, but...) I STILL remember the bays, Thoroughbreds, Aribans, oh, and the miniature ponies. After that, I loved anything to do with horses. The rocking horse, movies, Stuffed animals that where horses,and so on. Then, skip a few years, 2008 and I did a riding camp. And I loved it SO Much, I started riding lessons, once a week, then I advanced and went on to jumping. And that's my story. So far.

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Hi! My screen name is Smiley101. I love horses, play soccer in the fall, I love going to Culver Academy, I love smiley faces, I would doe without sweets, I like the number 101, I am a really bad artist, I like the book series Canterwood Crest, I have braces, I have five cats, I will shop till I drop, I ride/jump horses,I read tons of books, and last but not least at all; I Believe in God! My Values; Horses, Friends, GOD, Cats, Books, my iPod touch, and Shopping!

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