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The world is full of mystery. Humanity is not certain of how the world will change; we may be able to formulate hypotheses, but nothing is set in stone. As mentioned in the "How it All Ends" Video, Global Warming is one of the most pressing and controversial matters of modern day society. There are those who believe Global Warming is a myth, and there are those who feel we need immediate response to correct this problem. Prestigious Scientific organizations like the NAS and AAAS Call for immediate, big action because the consequences of Global Warming may be more disastrous than any other global concern. War and disease will be our least concerns in the worst case scenario of Global Warming when no action is taken to stop it. With any matter there are risks to every choice. Action to correct global warming may cause economic harm, while doing nothing may lead to environmental, political, social, public health, and economic disasters.

So which is the greater risk? In my opinion, measures should be taken to prevent global warming. It is obvious that the there is less risks and more benefits to taking immediate action.

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