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I am not quite sure why everyone is so against this. I read some of the comments on youtube and they are mean! For example:

STOP SUPPORTING THIS VIDEO. A BIG PART OF ALL THE MONEY THEY GET IN, GOES TO UGANA MILITARY. ONLY 31 % GOES TO CHARITY. Uganda military persecutes and kills homosexuals, and they ALSO uses child soldiers and is that something you want to support? Really?




Subliminal messaging....... pretty obvious


Its all garbage and propaganda stop trying to police the world worry about your own country and its own problems --hippies this is why the world hates you let them kill each other off...


OMG!!!! Are you really serious? I mean how can you say those things? You don't have to care. No one is telling you to care about these things. You don't have to like this video or buy the box thing. No one is making watch this video or read this blog. YOU CAN STOP! Right now. Im not going to say you have no heart, or you should go to hell, because you have a right to your opinion. But do you really have to say those things. If you have problems with donating money, don't donate. If you are a conspirincy therorist, no one likes you. You can not say that this is not doing anything to help. The internet and social media are all around us, so much of our lives are controlled by instant information. We get distracted easily because information is being thrown at us at such a rapid pace and we are expected to keep up. Any information we get has to be pushed back to make room for new information. That is why not very many people knew about Kony before or if they did they forgot about it. Now we need to have ads and posters and thins so when it gets pushed from our minds, it gets pushed back in immediately. That way we can get people to talk about it and preasure the government into doing something about it. Because this isn't just going to go away.

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