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I can hardly believe that 7th grade is over!! It has been a fascinating year for me, and even an interesting year. I have only spent one half of seventh grade here at Mountain Ridge, so I have missed out on a lot!! As for how great this year was, I think the word would be challenging. I have been home-schooled my entire life, and 7th grade was my first year in public school, so it has been difficult at times. What was really successful for me was just getting through the year. I am, if I can say, impressed with myself for getting through my very first year, and I am definitely looking forward to 8th grade, along with the new challenges. What didn’t really work out this year was the schools. For the first half of 7th grade, I went to Timberview, so moving schools in the middle of the year was a big downer. Also, on top of moving schools, I moved houses. So during, about my first two weeks of 3rd quarter, I was unpacking boxes when I came home, and that made it all the worse. It was definitely my worst month in my entire life!!
I have academically learned was mostly in math and Language arts. In math, I have learned how the find rules, how to do square roots, and how to find area and perimeters of circles. In language arts, I have learned the importance of poems and folk tales. I have also learned about the joys of blogging, which is the most fun I have ever had in school. I have also learned a great deal of information in Spanish. I have learned how to conjugate verbs, the secrets to adjectives, and how to say more than “I am”. This school has given me new information I have never known.
Personally, I have learned how to deal with people, teachers, the art of changing in gym, and how to deal with best friends. I have also learned how to quickly get my work done so I can read, even when I am paying attention. I have grown personally and spiritually in school alone, and I believe it is very good for me.
If I could change anything about school, I wouldn’t. I think school was perfect the way it is. I know it can be a bit challenging sometimes, but it was an amazing experience to be a part of, and I’m glad I was here to take it all in.
I have learned everything the hard way, from doing homework, to dealing with gossip, and even crushes. I regret a lot of the things I have done in school, but I do think it was good all the stupid and bad stuff happened to me, because it has made me a better person.
If I had the chance to change the way things went in 8th grade, I wouldn’t. Again, I love how the year has folded itself out, and I’m glad that 8th grade is soon to come for me to learn my lessons all over again.
To all the 7th graders to come, I have to tell you one thing. Keep on going. Even though life can get hard sometimes, keep going on with your life. The homework, teachers, and rumors might feel like they kill you, you have to keep going on with your life. Just calm down and take it step-by-step. I promise you, enjoy 7th grade while you have it, because 8th grade is going to be a heck of a lot harder.

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