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Things to know about myself, but noooo personal information !

NUMBER 1!!! I like...(easy to say) to go on tinierme, tinierme, tinierme!...not that you should like it...
HOWEVERRRRRRR, i like singing, dancing, playing around, drawing, creative writing, and acting.

NUMBER 2!!! I recommend when things are tough, just forgive and leave it to the rythm~ "to forgive is to release a prisoner and learn that prisoner is you," thaaaaaats right.

NUMBER 3!!! My favorite band is the korean band SHINee...DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT OVER THE INTERNET. NO SHAME.

NUMBER 4!!! Ryan Higa is awesome. Its not what i think. It. is. a. FACT. YOU. GOT. THAT. I. AM. ABUSING. MYSELF. WITH. PERIODS. Backkkk to the point. Ryan Higa is awesome. He got that Something We Asians Got. SWAG. He is hilarious. I can't help but laugh...until i get hurt...wince...

NUMBER 5!!! If i had a million dollars, i would...IT WOULD MAKE SENSE TO DO WHATEVER YOU CAN. Because i don't know...it hasn't come true yet. I'll need to wait for the check to come in full.

NUMBER 6!!! The best thing ever made was LIFE. After all, Life created EVERYTHING. REALITY HURTS...

NUMBER 7!!! I wish i could become a singer. I'm pretty decent.

NUMBER 8!!! If could change something about the world is misunderstandings. Believe me, the world is messed up most of the time because of misunderstandings.

NUMBER 9!!! I hope for lots of things. Hope for a future. Maybe more. Don't you?

NUMBER 10!!! I am a good friend because, well i would say because i can accept and understand most situations, im able to help people out through the bad rimes.

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