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Our Greek architecture project is a Greek meeting house. It has 4 columns in the front and 4 columns in the back. Also, there are no columns on the sides. This meeting place was located in the Athenian area. This meeting house is a place for all thee people with right to come to the house and describe what is going on and what people have to say to improve the city-state. Also people can come together to complain about topics about the government and different laws. That is all about a meeting house.
The architecture is important to us because we thought it was astounded to see this certain building and how it was used during the time of the Athens. The reason why they appreciate this certain Greek architecture is because without this meeting house we couldn’t have complained of things that have a huge deed of being complained about. An example is that if a person steals something such as pottery or clothing, the people will complain about it at the meeting house. That is why we very much appreciate the Athenian meeting house.
The reason why we chose this building to do our project is because we really like the structure of the meeting house. Also, another reason why we chose to do the meeting house for our project is because the meeting house made peoples lives are lived better.

The type of columns this meeting house has is called the “Doric” column. Also, the only color on this project is a textured paint of white. Placed inside of this meeting house is nothing. This meeting house will usually be placed right in the middle of the village. Therefore, this meeting house won’t be so hard to get to. Usually the agora will be at the top of the village if the village is in a hill shaped form. Also, something about this place is that slaves weren’t allowed to be in this meeting house a lot. The only times they will be in the meeting house is if there is a village meeting. Also, people think that the meeting house has more significance than a church. Approximately, 200 people had attended at least most of the services held at the meeting house. The Greece Athens Mission was created July 1, 1990 , from a division of the Austria Vienna East Mission. Three branches — Halandri, Ilisia and Piraeus — meet in the new meetinghouse. There also was a fourth branch, Thessalonica, but usually did not attend to meet the other three branches in the meeting house. That is the history of the Greek meeting house.
Overall, our project of a display of a Greek architecture is based on the building called the meeting house. Our meeting house is a texture paint of white. Its columns are the type of columns called the “Doric” columns. That was our project of a meeting house based on a display of Greek architecture.

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