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"Hi, y'all!" said ELCHESSMASTER229!-

Our students are engaged in a curriculum that challenges them. Students are integrating reading, writing, technology, and speaking across the content areas of math, science, and social studies. We are excited about learning!!!

by elchessmaster229 teacher: Mrs. Mann
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Vampire Ballerina Chameleons

Hello, and welcome to today's show, Shut Up and Listen.  I'm your host, Elchessmaster229 and the guest for today's episode will be Mion9440.  Mion, is it okay if I call you Mion?  Good.  I knew that you would be a good sport about this. Well, today's topic will be (DRUMROLL PLEASE!) (drumroll sounding): Vampire Ballerina Chameleons!  (Ba-dum-ba-cheeeeee!)  Mion, what do you know about these fascinating creatures?  That they completely HATE getting wet and they are allergic not to biting pizza every day.  They have to change their clothes every three minutes!  Hmmm.  Most interesting, Mion.  What else?  They have to carry candy with them at all times or else they die!  Hmm.  That is very interesting.  I did not know that before.  What about their diet?  They have to eat sweets every single five minutes. Wow!  You sure do know a lot about Vampire Ballerina Chameleons!  Now, I will ask you about their habits.  That they always have to carry a little dog with them at all times to protect them from the people who will eat them.  Whoa.  What about their annoying tendencies?  They can NOT stop eating and that they cannot stop having blood.  They have blood all over them.  Gee whiz!  Thank you for alerting us about these little critters.  While they may look cute and cuddly, watch out!  They will suck the blood out of you in an instant and put on such a beautiful array of dance steps that you will fall into a trance.  Well, that's all we have time for today, folks!  Join us next time of the comedian and very popular Burgerman62 for an interveiw on Magic Flying Cubik Elephants!

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Hello! I am elchessmaster229 and am new to blogging. I am a 5th grade student at Cordata Elementary and I love to read, write and do science. I have 5 pets, one for each member of the family. I have two dogs, a chihuahua named Brownie and a golden retriever named Lakota. I have a bunny named Buster and a cat named Frankie that bites me whenever I come near him. And I also have a pet of my very own; my pride and joy, my gerbil Georgie! All of my pets are boys. A common question people ask me is what my favorite color is. Just so you don't wonder, I will tell you that it is purple. My favorite activity to do in my spare time is to read and write. My favorite series is The Great Brain, Harry Potter and the Inkheart trilogy. I highly recommend the Great Brain to anybody who likes surprises, to laugh and realistic fiction as a whole. My other favorite thing to do is play with my stuffed Rats. I have eight so far. Rats are my favorite animals. They are just so cute! Anyways, my top favorite thing to do in my spare time (besides riding my bike which I LOVE) is to write! I want to be an author when I grow up. I love school, even though most people think that I'm crazy for it. I can't help what I like! My favorite resaraunts are Morrie's, Fiama Burger, Chihuahua's and La Casita. I have many friends. One of my friends really likes Japanese anime. She can be a little bit nuts sometimes. I also have one who likes Barbie. I love music! I play the piano, the violin and recorder! I love to sit down and play our piano. We have a baby grand piano. One of my favorite games to play is chess, hence the blog name. I'm really excited to start blogging. People always tell me how fun blogging is and I've never really known. Now I know that they were not lying. I am really excited for people to see this and am ready to start blogging!

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