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teacher: Ms. A. McKay

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On April 4th 2012 we attended the “ Suessical ” because we had been talking about it in Arts Ed. It was at the Conexus Art Center and was put on by “Do it with class”. I thought the Seussical was really great and entertaining.

This play was based on many of the books written by Dr. Suess. This was a musical so it told a lot of his stories all in one along with singing, dancing, and more. I thought it was entertaining and fun to watch. The actual script was pretty cool because it took lines out of his book and was sang in songs or just said in the script. The show basically read the books in a fun way.

Wow their acting was great! It was like you were captured in a book and were watching the story go on. The things they did were pretty realistic, but some of he things got a little silly ex.- [ an elephant sitting on an egg] but I thought that was okay because his books are fantasy. Their gestures matched their script as well as their character.

The sets were awesome! I thought they could have been a little more creative for changing sets, but I think they did well. The lights I didn’t really pay attention to but I guess the were pretty good. Now my favorite part comes in, the costumes and makeup. I thought they were extremely bright and colorful. I thought the music was good .but I did think with out the music the play would have got a little boring.

I think the crowd was mostly excited to see it and had a positive attitude to what they are doing. All in all the play was pretty good and was a fun way to spend the afternoon!

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