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by LJ teacher: Mrs. B - Grade 5 (2013-2014)
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The Peach Street Race

                It was a sunny and hot day. I was thinking about what a wonderful day it would be for a race. I was so enthusiastic for the race! We quickly ate breakfast at IHOP. We each had a bagel with cinnamon and cream cheese. I ate my breakfast so fast because I was nervous thinking about the race. When we were done eating, we hopped into the car. We were a group of three energetic family members. We were already sweating, and we hadn’t even gotten to the race!

                At the race, we saw sweaty joggers and many children. We were so nervous after my uncle said, “Why don’t we join the race?” I was sweating with worry because there was no way that I would say no and neither would my brother. My uncle didn’t seem to understand our faces. I was thinking, “How could I ever even resist the race?” It was super hot in the afternoon so we insisted on getting a four-scooped ice cream. We were so hot!

                A stream of bad luck came because we did have to run the race. We had to be running for at least 1 hour minimum. During the first 5 minutes of the horrible race, I stopped and started walking. I couldn’t believe that my brother liked it!

                All of a sudden, I heard the loudspeaker announce, “Excuse me dear joggers, I hope you have a marvelous day!” After that, we continued the race happily. My uncle had just stopped for a rest break when I said, “You need to build stamina.” He replied, “Thank you for the advice.”

                When we finished the tiring race, I told my uncle, “Thank you, Tio Fito!” He was so surprised that I actually liked the race! When we got into the car, my Ti Ti Nancy gave us snacks. We had such a great day!

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