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by teacher: Mrs. Danieli
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     For my PICFIC I chose Wild Girl & Gran. The characters in this book are Wild Girl, Gran and the mum. Wild Girl and Gran share this very magical bond. Wild Girl and Gran both have very strong imaginations. This book takes place in the woods behind the girls house, in the girls favourite tree. I thought that the part when Gran gets sick and Wild Girl is not allowed into the hospital and when she does get in, she is, I guess you could say frightened with all the tubes and things attached to Gran and she won't answer to Wild Girl it is really all quite sad. I learned from this story that people do understand how your feeling sometimes even if they don't show it. Like when Wild Girl refuses her mothers help because she doesn't think that her mom understands how sad the loss of Gran is. Then she finds out that her mother did love gran just as much as she did. I would not recommend this book because I found it very confusing with all the imagination parts. But some people might not find that confusing even though I thought it was. I also thought that it was over all a very strange story line and very sad.


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