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Div 7 Grade 6-7

This is a place for students from grades 4 - 7 to write about their research projects, book club book reviews and to learn to use 21st Century technology skills. It is an invitation to see what students in my library research classes are researching, learning and sharing. We learn from positive, constructive feedback not negative criticism. Please notice our successes, not our mistakes.

by ka

teacher: Mrs. C. Martin

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This is my first blog post for the student blogging challenge.All About Me

Hi! My name is K.A. I am a 12 year old girl,i live in British Columbia, Canada. Like most kids i live with my mom and my brother, and of course, surrounded with lot's of friends. My favourite colours are GREEN and BLUE! What are your favourite colours? Man, do i ever love to try new foods! especially if it's from  another country, But my most favourite  food is Pizza and Pasta. On some weekends I'll love to go to Boston Pizza. One of my hobbies are Hockey! I play on a team. My favourite team in the whole wide world is the.......

VANCOUVER CANUCKS!!!!! On my hockey team i play Centre. Do you play on a hockey team? One of my other hobbies is reading! My favourite book is Harry Potter. That's also one of my favourite movies too. I'm the kinda person who is really into Fantasy,action and of course drama. Another thing that i really enjoy is Acting and Singing. I'm in singing lessons and i used to be in acting lessons. When i grow up one of the thing that i want to be is a surgeon or a pro-hockey player. I want both of these because, my dad works for the Health Industry. Dad and I are also into hockey, and I'm really good at it too! Well, that's me for ya! 




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