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teacher: Ms. H

Class Assignments
Thankful... 11/21
Blog Entries
Moving On 06/15/12
Hello!!!!!!!! 05/31/12
Random comment 05/22/12
WHALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/22/12
Junior Ski To Sea Parade...../Goodbye Mr Adams assembly 05/22/12
Forestry field trip!! 05/15/12
I Ran A 5k!!!!!!!!! uggghg. 05/11/12
REALLY FUNNY PARODYS ON YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/11/12
MSP=AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 05/08/12
The awesomely awesome kids in Life Skills 04/29/12
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The Big Event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 04/28/12
I'm in Cali!1!1!!! 04/06/12
The movie review for the Hunger Games 03/27/12
What the Hunger Games movie and books are about for all you peoples who don 03/25/12
Girls On The Run! 03/22/12
My team won Sasquatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03/22/12
St. Patrick's day!!!!!!! 03/18/12
ONLY 5 DAYS TILL THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 03/18/12
Fave Book SeriesAuthors 03/18/12
Smiley withdrawal 03/15/12
Broken bones 03/15/12
Birth stones 03/15/12
Feel badfeel good songs 03/15/12
Long and Detailed blog. :) 03/11/12
ReReading the Hunger Games Book in Anticapation! 03/11/12
Sob 03/10/12
Choir Festival 03/10/12
A Funny Story of What Happened When My Dog Went To The Vet 03/10/12
What could get better? 03/09/12
Sad 03/09/12
Insulted 03/09/12
Nutella 03/08/12
17 days 03/06/12
The story of a snowball named Bob 03/06/12
Snow, Glorious snow! 03/05/12
Ooohhh cat. 03/05/12
CBN News 03/05/12
18 days!!!!!!!!!!! 03/05/12
Respect Tickets 03/05/12
Explanation of why HG blogs got published 2 times 03/05/12
Sasquatch Update! 03/04/12
THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!! 03/03/12
DecimalAdjectives! 02/27/12
Happy Birthday Binks! 02/26/12
mini interrigation 02/25/12
Kenya Acrobats were awesome!!!!! 02/25/12
Kenyan Acrobats! 02/21/12
Mr.B's class. 02/16/12
mid winter break!!!!! Yay!!! 02/16/12
YMCA 02/15/12
Happy Valentines Day! 02/13/12
Fave book videos 02/13/12
Read Read Read Tonight Tonight 02/03/12
Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01/31/12
Skul Dug Pleas 01/31/12
MT.Baker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 01/28/12
45 01/18/12
No School! 01/18/12
Sledding 01/17/12
It Snowed 01/17/12
Deep,Dark and Dangerous 01/07/12
SwampsGoogle Earth 01/06/12
After X-mas! 12/26/11
New Years Eve 12/20/11
X-mas memories! 12/20/11
Yay! 12/19/11
Alvin Ho 11 Birthdays 12/19/11
Housecleaning-GRR! 12/18/11
X-mas Tree 12/17/11
Gifts 12/15/11
He-He! 12/14/11
Christmas Carols 12/14/11
Baking 12/12/11
Spirit Week! 12/06/11
QR Code Cards 12/06/11
Music 12/05/11
Finished! 12/05/11
Cool Inventions 12/04/11
After 5k! 12/04/11
The Math Champs Contest 12/01/11
Ancient Greece 11/29/11
Hi! 11/28/11
Happy Feet 2 11/23/11
Where on Earth? 11/23/11
Hello Peeps!About Me! 11/23/11
Hello! Would you rather 11/23/11
Science !!!!!!!!! 11/22/11
Winter Sports 11/22/11
Running 11/22/11
Awesome book! 11/21/11
Thankfulness 11/21/11
Mt.Baker 11/18/11
Jake Ransom and the Skull Kings Shadow 11/17/11
Thanksgiving Break 11/17/11
Math Champs! Readers Theatre! 11/17/11
Sasquatch club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11/17/11
Junior Achievment 11/15/11
Harvest Lunch 11/15/11
Mt.School 11/14/11
School Happenings 11/03/11
Hello Peeps! 10/27/11

Technically theres only 7 hours and 18 minutes but whatevs.

I just got my mockingjay earrings in the mail. They are so pwetty!


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Bookworm,hyper, dog lover, dramatic, friends,books, fashion, and did I mention books?,animal lover, chocolate,family,cats,running,basketball,movies,music. blogging. I love to spend time with family and have LONG chats with friends by phone. I have a cute puppy[okay,fine dog!]named Bobbi. She has many nicknames and loves to jump in disgusting mud puddles right after her bath and then go sleep on my freshly washed sheets. I love her though! I have 2 cute kitties who sleep a lot. I like to scrapbook and make my on presents for people\family. I have a interest not patience though in learning how to sew. I love to run and bike ride with my friends and I could talk for hours about various subjects. I love learning about women in the past who made a difference. my fave quote is:Well Behaved Women Rarely make A Difference. I am very girly though I am fine getting dirty. I love to watch action\adventure movies with my family and Chick flicks with my friends. I love comedy's though. I am dramatic but will not pursue a career in acting. Stagefright! I like speaking to people and I like talking during our school assembly's. I would like to make a difference and I love helping people. Cordata is a great school and all the teachers are very supportive. Thanks for reading my blog!

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