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Period 1/2 2011

Welcome to Mr. Ullrich's Blog! This blog is for 8th Grade Earth Science and Physical Science students. We will learn topics such as Astronomy, Geology and Meteorology. This blog will give us a place to discuss, learn and develop these topics during the year. If you are not from our class please post lots of comments!

by Manny D

teacher: Mr. Ullrich

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Recently it has snowed in New York and in my area about three to six inches. This is the first accumulation of snow we have seen this winter for New York residents. The only other time where there was accumulation of snow was in October. I have come up with a prediction for the rest of the year for the New York City- Long Island area. Through some reasearch and calculations I have found out the the majority of the snow fall in New York typicallly happens in February. The January of 2011 last year was an exception. Last year in January two blizzards accured totalling to around 30 inches in one month. This year my final prediction for January will be 9 inches of snow for the Long Island area. For February around 15 inches of snow. Totalling for about 26 inches when adding the October snowfall. Feel free to comment and send your predictions on how much it will snow locally where ever you live.  That's will be it folks and have a nice and wonderful winter.

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About the Blogger

Hello fellow bloggers my name is Manny D and I sure am excited for Earth Science this year. My favorite subjects would have to be science and social studies. I am also an avid soccer and hockey player. Some of my hobbies include golf, fishing,and farming. I am also Portuguese. Being that I am very proud of my heritage you will probaly be hearing updates about what is going on in Portugal. Eighth grade I'm sure will be a fun year for me and all of my classmates. I hope it is for you to. Update will be made regularly and feel free to visit again.

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