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TIDE, is one of the many examples of leading products in our world. Many people in the marketing business use the TV to market their products or ideas. I have to say, they a pretty succesful. You know why they are succseful? Because the make it in a very trust worthy, play with your emotions, and use logic reasoning. Here is a Tide commercial.

:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cljX9iMwgQ If this like does not work, go to youtube and in the search bar type in Tide commercial green shirt. Click on the second one.

You see?? THe Mom went on a girl's night out and wore her daughters favorite green shirt. When her daughter is looking for it, she asks if her mom has seen it. Then her Mom has a flashback from the night before when she was at the parties. She is eating ice cream, and some splats on her daughter's shirt. It shows her putting TIDE on the shirt, and the stains going away. Then, her daughter comes back with the shirt on and says that the shirt must hiding in the closet. Screen goes black. That's how you do a commercial people.

The people at TIDE are using logic reason because who wouldn't a clean shirt? Also, they show how the stain desolves very well,which is very trustworthy.

The next commercial I will show you is the Charmin Ultra Strong commercial. Charmin is company the makes tolite paper. Their logo is a bear, cute little bear. Watch it,and enjoy it!     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBmXrK4eWyU&feature=related 

THis commercial is cute. You see the cute little bear? Aww! He left some scraps behind! Oh, no! MAmma says to use Charmin Ultra soft! This is one of those commercials that has all three. They use the cute little bear(emotion) to make you want to buy the product because he is soo cute!  Also, who would want  pieces of tolite paper left behind(logic). Also, it is very trustworthy, because a quarter dosen't even break it! 

         The next commercial is TIDE Stain to go. This is my favorite commercial!


THis commercial shows an Amry General yelling at a soldier because he has a ketchup stain on his shirt. At first you feel emotional for the soider being yelled at. Then you see him using TIDE Stain Remover To Go. Stain...poof! It's gone. Then you feel like you can trust TIDE with all your stains because the magicly disapper.

 The Next commercial is a Geico commercial. The Gecko is naming the best things about GEICO. I love his accent!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iNri5504vk&feature=related

 He is saying how good Geico is and how real people actully answer the phone for your questions. Then he says, they would even give you an English Muffin! They are using logic resoning because who wouldn't want to save money and protect their vehical. Also, they are using your trust to say they have great deals and always going to  protct your vehical.

My Last commercial I am going to show you is an All State! It shows a MAn driving a pink truck and texting his best friend Becky. Then, he crashes his pink car into the womans car. He says protect yourself from mayhem like me. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtP-S9OS0o0

This commercial shows how trustworthy Allstate is. You can trust them with your vehicle and always be protected. That company wants you to think of "trustworthy" when you think of them. Also it is a emotional commercial because it makes you laugh when the man is acting like a teenage girl and texting! It is a logical commercial because who wouldn't want their lives or their vehicle protected?


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