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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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Many people contract coronary artery disease. Coronary artery disease is the clogging of coronary arteries .People who have it will die from it. It is very deadly so you have to watch out for what you eat and how much you weigh.


Once you get it you’ll have to change to a healthy lifestyle. I am a cardiologist; a doctor for the cardiovascular system. My name is Mohammed al Najem, MD. When someone has a problem with their heart, vessels, or blood, I’m there to treat them. Sometimes I can’t cure a problem but maybe I can slow it down. And then again maybe it’s too late.


The cardiovascular system consists of heart, vessels, and blood. The job of the cardiovascular system is to transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. The job of the heart is to move the blood around the body. The vessels are the road for the blood. And the blood has little blood cells that carry and drop them off at your limbs or head. When the heart functions it needs blood. So it gets the energy from the coronary arteries which around the heart.

Did you know if you have Coronary Artery disease it’s best to ask your doctor to give you a blood measurement every two years?


When someone has a coronary artery disease, they develop chest pain. They would also get a heart attack, since your coronary arteries are clogged. A heart attack occurs quickly, but the causes that lead to clogged arteries develop very slowly.

Did you know that you can be born with Coronary Artery disease if a close relative had it?

Coronary artery disease affects the cardiovascular system by slowing down the heartbeat. And the heart is a very important organ. Coronary artery disease will slow down the heartbeat because the coronary arteries will get clogged and the heart won’t get much power to pump the blood. It is common to people who smoke daily and eat too much junk food.


Did you know you can get Coronary Artery disease by eating from McDonald’s?


 You can get coronary artery disease in many ways. You get it from; smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and radiation therapy for the chest, fat, or develop over decades. Risk factors are:

Age: getting older increases your risk of narrowed arteries.

Men are generally at greater risk of coronary artery disease.


There are many ways to prevent coronary artery disease or alleviate the disease. Treatments are:

Quit smoking, control blood pressure, exercise, eat healthy, and manage stress, healthy weight.


Coronary artery disease can kill you. Since there are known causes and preventions the victims could be saved. To maintain a healthy lifestyle is the best cure. In the future I hope people will maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.    




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