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We are a fourth grade class on Long Island, New York. We are using this blog as a resource for online expression and communication of topics that we are exploring inside and outside of our classroom.

by Jonny

teacher: Adam Dugger

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ummm.... long time no see? 02/26/14
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I 09/19/12
the last blog?? Unbelievable!!! Noo way, sonny!! 06/24/12
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The child obesity! don't give me saturated fat!!! 05/14/12
Dis is ADvice for de children 05/01/12
transportation doesn 04/02/12
This is the environmental global problem. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! 03/26/12
Hello guys of the universe. 03/07/12
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Leadership. 03/06/12
I don't get it. 03/03/12
due to the Native American outcast. 03/01/12
Then in Manhatten...... 02/16/12
BYOD?(SERIOUS. No more jokes.) 02/13/12
I am the BATSuperSpiderman!! 02/10/12
The solar state of mind!!! 01/30/12
New york!(empire state of Mind) 01/24/12
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We wish you a merry, jolly, and...christmas??? 12/20/11
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jelly beans. Wait, It's suppose to be the war with Jonny. 11/14/11
it's the fouteenth! Wait, I'm a day late. 11/14/11
The unrealistic November 11/07/11
technology: the study of computers 11/07/11
GREAT, I don't 11/06/11
Here is..... 11/02/11
hello, this is the news... 11/02/11
A lesson in life 11/01/11
If I could....... 11/01/11
my dog......................... 10/31/11
BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/31/11
every hero needs a sidekick 10/27/11
i've got the moves like jagger 10/26/11
bloggers+viewers=typing+reading 10/25/11
wwwwooorrrddd 10/25/11
ideas 10/18/11
hi viewers 10/12/11

the last blog?? Unbelievable!!! Noo way, sonny!!

  My sister and brother, Benjamin and Elizabeth, who have been blogging before me, were in this class and said they were going to write back.  My siser wrote back in 2 years and Ben still didn't write yet.  bu mark my words.  Punctuate them in big Red Letters that I WILL WRITE AGAIN!!!!  Hey, I wrote the most blogs in my class, and you think I'm not going to blog?? I got 50 blogs done already, and some people would doubt me.  don't be that doubter=http://!!

besides, I told my twin virus to stop cyberbullying me....

Oh yeah virus, the texting is on!!!

you are a pain in the computer, Virus!

Of course I am, Jonny.  I'm a virus. whaddya expect???

Oh, your good at this game, virus!!

Of course, Jonny. I collect information from wikipedia or go on google.  Man, I get my food there.

I'm going to flick you like a worthless piece of garbage!!

You wouldn't wanna say that, jonnycakes.

wha-  Ya went on wikipedia again, didn't ya???

Your turn to fuel out

No!! MY internet- YO-

to bad.  ta-ta

Please wait for your turn from allphone. you must wait 50 centuries. ta- ta.


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