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This is a place for students from grades 4 - 7 to write about their research projects, book club book reviews and to learn to use 21st Century technology skills. It is an invitation to see what students in my library research classes are researching, learning and sharing. We learn from positive, constructive feedback not negative criticism. Please notice our successes, not our mistakes.

by teacher: Mrs. C. Martin
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1.    Our blog assignment this week is to write about something we learned outside of school because we should all be life-long learners. I am writing about Equestrian/ Horse back riding.

        I learned about horses and how to ride them. I wanted to learn about them because they are so much fun and they are one of my favorite animals. I learned about their body language and how to tell how they feel like If they're nervous, happy, mad or excited etc. I learned about how to respect and act around horses. I also learned about how to ride them in a gentle and calm matter without hurting or using to much force on them. I learned that horses are very friendly but you have to respect  their feelings.They are flight animals which means their first instinct is to run when they are surprised or scared and you have o respect that and move slowly and calmly around them. I also learned that all horses are different and all have different personalities and how they want to be ridden or treated. I learned about the many different competitions in the equestrian words like Hunter Jumping, jumping, dressage, gymkhanas, western pleasure and many more.

         It's important to me because I love animals and it feels awesome when your running your best friend (your horse) in a competition and you can just feel the energy and adrenaline and how happy and excited they are an then when they call your name to say you have the best time its just a amazing feeling that I love. Its also a forever learning sport your forever learning about what you can and can't do about new competitions and games and you forever learning from your horse. It also feels great to be able to control such an amazing and powerful animal. I also love it when your horse looks and you with those big kind eyes and perks his or hers ears forward which means they are happy to be with you.

        I went to lots of lessons with a few different trainers which is very important because they taught me everything I know about horses which keeps me safe and my horses happy. I also learn a lot from my horse you may be surprised but they can teach you so much on how to ride and act around them and they'll let you know when your doing something wrong. I also when I have questions about my horses health or hes eating habits i call or E-mail my veterinarian my questions. I also learn a lot form other riders who have been riding a lot longer then I have and know a lot. I always try my hardest to listen to them.

I feel so happy and excited when I'm on my horse it helps give me confidence becaue I can control a animal so much bigger than me. It also gives me lots of responsibility which is good. It's the most amazing feeling that I love when I'm with and/or riding my horses. Or when I've learnt something new and I can do it properly. It also feels good to know something that other people don't.

Do have a horse? Have you ever took riding lessons? Do ou want to learn how to ride a horse?

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Hi my name is A .M. I live in Canada. I have one brother and one sister. My favorite color is orange and I also love lime green. I have ten animals! I have 2 dogs, 2cats, 3 fish, 1 horses and 2 crabs. I LOVE animals. they're amazing! I go riding every day. I love the outdoors. My favorite food is white chocolate raspberry ice-cream.

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