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Article posted April 9, 2013 at 12:39 PM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 711


Hello my name is Iad and would recommend this fantasy fiction book “The Fledgling” written by an American author, Jane Langston.

The Fledgling

A story of a girl named Georgie dreamed and believed that she could fly. She kept on testing her dreams by jumping from the top of a 12th stairs to the bottom. Georgie’s uncle Freddy and her aunt Alex kept on discussing about Georgie’s dream and hopping she could stop it before she may get hurt one day.

Georgie decided to have a tea party with her dolly Dollabella and her cousin Eleanor in her own bush house, and afterwards her other cousin Eddy came with his friend Oliver to visit her. While having a drink altogether, a group of geese passed by and the largest goose dropped one of his feathers and Georgie grabbed it. [That goose was special to Georgie, she named it the Goose Prince because he was the largest of all the others.]

It started raining; Uncle Freddy said that they got a new neighbor next door called Mrs. Madeline Prawn. Eddy and Eleanor were horrified to hear that news because every kid in the neighborhood hates her. Georgie had found the geese the next morning that were headed to Walden Pond near the house. Georgie left a note to warn them that she was gone and went to see the geese before school starts. And out in her garden, she found Mrs. Prawn. Mrs. Prawn is a hard working woman and was headed to water her plants. [But anyway, she’s wasting her time because her roses are 100% plastic.] Georgie was a good girl and offered her help. Mrs. Prawn said that everybody has their own personality, and Mrs. Prawn’s is that she doesn’t like children. Georgie was scared and left to find the Goose Prince.

While she was headed to see the geese, she got hungry and sat down on a bench and pulled out a banana from her lunch box… by doing so, she got late!! The geese flew away. Georgie was sad. But the Goose Prince stopped in front of Georgie. She did not know what to say!! But suddenly, Mrs. Prawn’s manager at work “Mr. Preek” was in his car, stopped, and honked at the goose with his car horn and the goose flew away. He thought the goose was attacking her and she was trying to explain that it was not the case. He gave her a lift home and when they made it, Eddy, Eleanor and Aunt Alex were so glad she came back!! Uncle Freddy was in his bed snoring. Georgie wondered why didn’t they read the note. So Eddy and Eleanor went with Aunt Alex’s idea and created “THE GEORGIE PROTECTION SOCIETY”!! Mr. Preek for once wanted to have the credit of something important, which leaves him to kill the goose!! He bought a gun and waited for the beginning of hunting season.

Many times, the goose knocks on Georgie’s window and takes her on a ride on his back while flying for her to admire the magnificence of flying all over her hometown, Massachusetts, USA. The Goose Prince offered Georgie a gift, which was to teach her how to fly! And by the end of 2 days, she knew how to as perfect as a swan.

Afterward, Georgie went flying once again but this time, her family saw her!! Which she was keeping it as a secret from the beginning, but they didn’t care much. For the first time, Georgie flied with all the other geese, but Preek was right down aiming at the Goose Prince and he SHOT!!! But he killed two baby gooses and injured GEORGIE’S HAND!! Georgie went back home. And while Mr. Preek was shooting, he injured himself from goose bites, went to the hospital, and naked he was blaming it on dogs.

When Georgie got home, Uncle Freddy said she needs to get away from flying and the GOOSE PRINCE. So they changed her room to Eleanor’s which had no windows. Will she ever see her dreams and the Goose Prince? Read to find out.

Jane Langton

Jane Langston was born December 30th 1922 in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1961, Jane Langton wrote he first book “The Majesty Of Grace”.

She has written 2 series and 7 all-alone books.


I liked this book because it’s full of adventures and I learned that one can achieve anything in life when you focus on it.

Analyzing Characters

Georgie: Fearless, Adventures, Believes in the impossible

Goose Prince: Made Efforts, Risk

Mr. Preek: Hard Working, Wants Popularity

Article posted April 9, 2013 at 12:39 PM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 711

Article posted April 9, 2013 at 12:31 PM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 1027

Hello, I’m Iad; I would recommend this Science Fiction book for your Fifth Graders called “Celia’s Robot” written by a Chinese American author Margaret Chang.

Celia’s Robot

Nine-year-old Celia is messy and disorganized, and on her 10th birthday, her scientist father builds her a robot as a birthday gift to turn her life around. The new High-Tech robot called “ROBOT” is part nanny, part housekeeper, and all friend. Her father not only builds the robot to help Celia, but also as a prototype for him to learn more of the robot’s interaction with humans. Celia might imagine that the Robot is to be her personal slave, but the robot acts more like helping her organize her life, do her homework, and clean up her room. But Celia worries that Dad build Robot because he and Mom are too busy to take care of her.

Celia’s Mom is a musician with a busy schedule like her husband; they both travel constantly out of town and leave Celia alone with Zumu.

Celia’s friend Tim was very jealous from her because she having Robot and her parents can get her anything she needs. Celia’s father was always very careful that no one could copy his invention and robot building and always kept it as a secret; he always let the house under full security system.

One day Celia’s mother and Father had to leave town, the Mom went to New York for a concert and her father went to Pittsburg for business; that day when Celia came back home, Robot goes missing along with dad’s white laptop! Celia wonders if she's lost her father's love as well. She was devastated and very angry and was crying. Celia immediately accused Tim as he might be the one behind this theft.

Despite the heavy snow and the darkness, Celia went to Tim’s place and asked him about Robot, she looked all over his house and could not find him. Tim was also very much concerned and upset too; he gave her a hint of a man by the name Jude who might be behind stealing Robot.

Jude was a spy working for a man by the name Christian Fisher who contracted him for spying.

Tim was so nice with Celia because he was very kind helping her find the thieves. He never imagined that information he used to give Jude about Robot would lead to breaking into her house and stealing Robot and her dad’s Lap Top.

Tim and Celia went into an adventure to look for Robot in the place where Jude and Christian use to work and found the Robot there completely dismantled but still with the Locator hidden inside his body. Jude and Christian kidnapped Celia and Tim and kept them locked into a dark room …

Margaret Chang

Margaret Chang is a Chinese writer who is specialized in writing children’s book. She lives in Williamstown, Massachusetts USA. She has written 4 children’s books.


1: Synthesized = Speaking like a robot

2: French Braid = Little multi colored beads used on girls hair

3: Prototype = First designed sample

4: Stuttered = Speaking in an interrupted way

5: Rummaged = Searching for

6: Heaved = Lift with effort

7: Squinted = To look with the eyes partly closed

8: Copyright = The right to make copies

9: Dubious = Not certain

10: Purring = A murmuring sound like a cat does


Celia: Disorganized- Messy- Bossy

Robot: Kind-Bossy-Keeps Interrupting

Dad: Busy Scientist-Handworker


This story of Celia and Robot tells us how careful we should be in protecting our inventions and also tells us of how secure we should be to protect our valuables.

We can find this book quite adventurous, I learned from this story that we should always be courageous and in the same time generous in sharing our joy….

Article posted April 9, 2013 at 12:31 PM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 1027

Article posted February 15, 2013 at 12:39 PM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 1172

Article posted February 15, 2013 at 12:39 PM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 1172

Article posted November 9, 2012 at 10:55 AM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 240

On a sunny minute, we had a session but instead I wrote this, actually this is what we are supposed to do. So my class & I went to Deir Al-Qamar, sleeping in a tent, while hearing the celebrity Feirouz singing from 3 to 6 am. Do you want to know how the highlight of my two days was? Keep in touch.

Two days ago, my class & I found 5A, got our luggage & hopped in the bus. [On the way we watched Lion King 3] We made it, so we placed our luggage on the floor & sat down in a big circle. Coach Wissam sat down too & back up again to show us how to build a tent, 10 minutes later… we learned and everybody found their tent mates, so I ran to my best friends & best tent mates: Gilles, Danny and Taha, and went building.

Twenty minutes later… We’re done, so we got all the boys & played Hide Go Seek. [I was hoping for Doodgeball.] Thirty minutes later… Coach Wissam called all of us including the sushi chefs; [Just kidding] he told us we’re going to go on a Two hour hike! [From the inside, I felt like chopping someone’s head off] But we had to go. On the way, there were more than one million thorns stabbing all of us, literally. [Just kidding] [Maybe?] Two hours later… Were back!!! Yes, finally!!! Coach Wissam told us to take a one hour rest. Once again: Yes, finally!!!

So, about our rest, about that… we weren’t actually resting we were kind of playing in the house. Pardon me, tent [I don`t like hitting the backspace key] instead we were making some tricks on our tent mates. [You don’t want to know.] One hour later…

Coach Wissam called us all & we sat near him on the tables for snack. thirty minutes later, coach Andre finally came from A.C.S & greeted us. Coach Wissam & Andre said that we were going to go to the activity spot near our camp site. So here we go. (How much walking did we do today?) Well we made it & we all sat down near the sand. Nobody knew what we were going to do. So coach Wissam said we were going to play capture the flag. In the end, it was a tie but at this time I got a small injury, coach Wissam said that he didn’t see anyone pushing me, I could have sworn someone pushed me and I fell on a rock, maybe I tripped on the sand and fell on a rock. Ok, let’s stop talking about me and focus. Ok so where was I… Oh, so when we made it back to our camp site, we were preparing for diner, meanwhile we started playing Hide Go Seek again.

45 minutes later…Diners ready!!! Everybody stopped and ran to the line. We ate chichtawouk & salad. When we were done, we all went to the fire & we said a story about coach Andre. When we had to leave, we were all tired. So we went to our tents & said goodnight to moon, stars, & mommy. [Sorry Miss Rishani]

Morning!!! We all woke but we had to stay in our tents for thirty minutes more. Danny, Gilles & I were awake but Taha was sleeping so I kept on calling him HABIBIII. So we played truth or dare for twenty five minutes and telling secrets to each other. Twenty five minutes later… We came out and talked, then breakfast, (FYI, free Hot Chocolate) then to the activity spot (But first, we packed up the tents and the bags. So we made it and played three activities. We saw the buses and had to go, so we got our bags, and left… And when we made it, I left with my mom and strait to Online PS3.

Article posted November 9, 2012 at 10:55 AM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 240

Article posted November 6, 2012 at 09:29 AM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 258

“Hello, I am a tiny drop of deoxygenated blood inside a grampa’s body. I have been transported in a thing called the SuperiorVenaCava!! It looks scary with the other deoxygenated drops of blood. I’ve just made it to a red goowi thing called the Atrium. Oh man, NOOOO!!! I am squished in the Atrium. Yes, the Tricuspid valve has been released. Wahooo!! Dang it, I bump into the septum. At least I’m ok in the Ventricle, spoke to soon. I’ve been sent to the lungs. The lungs are huge, entered the Pulmonary Vain! This is the time. Yes! Yes! I have be3come Oxygenated! [No big deal] wait I’m going to the Atrium? That’s weird? Made it again I guess. Wait a minute. 1 minute later… There are Atria, two valves, and two Ventricles. I guess that there is a left and right Atrium and Ventricle, and a Tricuspid and Mitral valve. Wawwww!! I guess now school does make a difference.

Well I am right now going down the grandpa’s Mitral valve and I made it to the Left Ventricle, am so close to turning oxygenated, and I can finally say good morning to my parents. Oh I just remembered that this if the scary part, I am gonna be pumped out by the Left Ventricle to all body parts by the aorta!! I hate my small bloody life. Oh NOOO! Cannonball!! I am out!!! Yes! Well, this was journey of my life.

P.S: I became oxygenated and my parents were so glad to finally meet me. Oh no! That means I have to make all of t5his trip all over and over again? NOOOOOOOOOO=http://!

Article posted November 6, 2012 at 09:29 AM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 258

Article posted January 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 505

Article posted January 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM GMT+2 • comment • Reads 505

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