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Going to Naaldwijk-

The students of 3rd ESO at INS Manolo Hugué, doing the optional subject "Planning a Trip", are going to organize a trip to Holland, in a class exchange. They are going to Naaldwijk, in March. The Dutch students are coming to visit us in May.

by F teacher: Dolors Permanyer
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Catalan Traditions:


Ícar presenta el tema “Catalan Traditions”.

Mar presenta “festivities”.


Anna: (Sant Jordi) Is a festivity, on 23rd of April; when we celebrate the day of the books. The men give a rose to women and the women give a book to men.


Ferran: (Sant Joan) We celebrate the shortest night of the year on 24th of June. People throw fire crackers. Finally We make a bonfire and also eat Sant Joan coca.


Helena: (11 of September) On 11 of september the Catalan people commemorate a defeat during the war of sucesión. In 1980, the 11th of September became the National day of Catalunya.


Ícar: (Castanyada) La castanyada it's a traditional festivity of Catalonia, when the people eats panellets, chesnuts and sweet potatoes. It celebrate in October, as Halloween.


Ícar presenta “traditional daces”.


Ferran: (Giants) Are some tall giants that people carry on their sholders and they are walking to the town with others smaller giants that have a very big head in a Town festival.


Helena: (Human Towers) Castellers are the people that build human towers in traditional festivals. At these festivals, several “colles castelleres” or teams often succeed in building and dismantling a tower.


Anna: (Sardanes) Are some traditional dances, which are danced by making a circle and people move their feets by the music.


Mar: (Diables) They are people who dress in devil costumes, and in some important days, they make runs through the streets throwing fireworks.


Helena presenta “Typical food”.


Anna: (Pa amb tomàquet) Pa amb tomàquet or bread with tomato in English, is a typical Catalan food. This dish is very easy to make it, only consists in spreading tomato on the bread.


Mar: (Panellets) Panellets are generally small cakes Catalan country, people used to eat for "Tots Sants", a traditional festival in October. But now they are eaten in the “castanyada”


Ícar: (Escudella) Is a traditional Catalan soup. Is a mixture of pasta, patatoe, meat, carrot, sausages.


Anna presenta “Important places”.


Ferran: (Port Aventura) Is the best funfair in Catalonia, situated in Salou. There are many amazing attractions and the people from Port Aventura do some shows.


Mar: (Cadaquès) Cadaqués is a village of Alt Empordà that is located next to costa brava´s beaches. It's famous for its beaches and for being a nice town and, many tourists visit it at summer holidays.


Helena: (Sagrada Família) Sagrada Família is a large catholic church. It is still incomplete but it’s very famous.



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We are students of 3r ESO in Manolo Hugué and we are planning a exchange with Dutch people in Naaldwijk. We go to Holland in March and They come in in May.

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