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Who are we?-

The students of 3rd ESO at INS Manolo Hugué, doing the optional subject "Planning a Trip", are going to organize a trip to Holland, in a class exchange. They are going to Naaldwijk, in March. The Dutch students are coming to visit us in May.

by H teacher: Dolors Permanyer
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Naaldwijk is at South Holland in the province of Zuid-Holland.population is about 17.753 in 2006.

Naaldwijk is a beautiful town with pretty flowers.

The coat of arm of Naaldwijk is a red lion with blue claws and a crown.

Holland is very flat, the tallest mountain of Holland is Mont Vaals with the height of 320 meters. In the town there is a church called Sint Adrianuskerk.The weather is colder and wet. The potatoes, fresh fish and vegetables are the principal food ingredients of Holland.


Popular festivities at Holland are:

- New Year (1st January): In New Year the families meet and they celebrate together by playing traditional

  games and eating traditional food as Oliebol.They are balls made of fried bread with sugar and they have different flavors.

- Day of the Queen (30th April): It’s the national day of the country. The people wear orange clothes.

  They do festivals with music and markets (vrikmarkt) in the streets.

  YOu can see a photo in the link.:

- Sintmaarten (11th November): The children go to play on the streets and houses with lights.

  They sing songs and recite poems instead of candies or fruit.


In Holland were born very famous people, such as:

- Ana Frank: Ana Frank was a very famous writer. She wrote a diary with twelve years old.

  She died because the Nazi killed her in a cabin full of gas. Now her house is a museum.


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About the Blogger

We are catalan students from IES Manolo Hugué. We are in 3rd grade of secondary school. We are looking forward to this exchange!

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