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The Country of Austria

By: Kim Nguyen homeroom 306

A brief summary of this country Austria is located in the Central part of European Land, but that was in prehistoric times, but now Austria is Austria. But Austria is a small country in Europe. The capital city of Austria is Vienna. Also some of the biggest cities that are also highly known are the Graz, Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. The population was last counted in 2005, but then it was 819,978, but since then it has grown about 10 %. Even though the country Austria is apart of Central Europe, the country it selves can do much better without being together with the European’s help. They have something to prove other than being known for being apart of the European. Austria has some common adventures as others, but they made it differently and make it in their own way to show others that they are different. The physical features there cover about 20% of their country.


The physical features of Austria is mostly of natural resources, here is a brief description its like it has land lock with many easily traversable Alpine passes and many areas of valleys, with layers of protection, also having low lands because of producing products having a steep slope. Its caused by first some forest degradation caused by the air and soil pollution, then cloudy and harsh wind it forms first sometimes landslides, then  avalanches, and  average size earthquakes making it harder to produce crops because of the poor soil . Having those natural resources around, we produce oil, coal, lignite, timber, iron, copper, zinc antimony , magnetite, tungsten, graphic, salt, and hydropower. The Alpine Foreland and the Austrians covers 28% of the country covered with smooth hills, helps the environment.  The climates of Austria are different about in every few months, like when in the summer time it can be hot, when the temperature ranges would be like at twenty degrees callus to thirty degrees. But in the winter time it’s about zero degrees. The climate of Austria has a mild climate, a gentle breeze, and fresh air. In cold winter it has rain, some snow in the lowlands, snow in the mountains, and in the summer moderate summers with occasional showers. Having these cooling weathers makes it more enjoying for citizens in Austria to play their common activities that everyone in their country enjoys, like skiing, hiking, snowboarding, and most of all they love to board watch in many different areas.

While back their country’s leader is the former president, Heinz Fischer. The type of government that they had was the Federal Parliamentary Democracy, and the Constitutional Monarchy. Speaking different languages was pretty hard to communicate, some citizens that has moved to Austria is different from their own. Many has spoken Germany, Slovene, Croatian, or even Hungarian, but the most language that keeps them together is speaking English, the common language that everyone knows that can communicate too. Mean while, some can read and write and some can’t. But in this country by the time you are fifteen of age or above you must know to read and write, about 98% of the people knows how to.  That’s a big percentage of them to learn. Also their major religions are Roman Catholic Christianity, about 66% of the population.

Here in Austria, the currency is called euro, and one euro is equal to $1.22 U.S dollars. One euro is worth a lot there, but here it’s cheaper. The Gross National Product is wine, in Austria selling wine is very money making. Their average income (per capita) is $50,504. On their own the average income is lot, but sharing the profits with the group that they are in which is called the European Union, sharing money with them, will make their country less wealth. Also the average age of males are 41.9 years old, also the average age of females are 44 years old. As researching all these, as you can see females live longer than males. Female has a better chance of living longer.

The customs, festivals, holidays, traditions, or rituals that they have celebrated are their National Day is on October 26, it has started in 1955. When commemorates stated that treaty restoring national sovereignty. But on their National Holiday is on May 1, celebrating their independence around the country. Also, most of all their Ascension Day on May 17, on that day they celebrate their religion that is really important to their country their religion that they really show themselves within. According to the country, it’s not a federal public holiday. But the schools, jobs, Companies are closed in order to enjoy. They have plenty more holidays to celebrate but I find these to be important, having their independence.

Having a beautiful view of the places around Austria, and every where you look its telling you to come their. Well, when you come to Austria the places you should visit is the most elegant place in Austria is Schanbrunn Palace, the most visited by other tourist, it has a unique style, and it’s one of the oldest buildings there. Look inside it’s the highest standards of what a building should have. The second place that tourist might will attract is the Fortress Hahensalzburg, this is a castle in Central Europe, it came to once the most powerful of the Roman Catholic, but one of the every well known. Lastly, the one of the top three places that you should visit it the Grossglockner High Alpine Rood, well if you are adventurous you should come. This building is located over the mountains, you may travel there, or look at their surroundings for a while walking. It’s like the beauty of nature. There’s many places that you should visit, but these are the most unique in this country, but there’s many other different areas that has something different about themselves.


Last but not least, the most important information to know about Austria is their flag that represents them is their flag. Their flag has three horizontal bands, the red (top), then white (middle) , red (bottom). In the middle it has the “ Coat of Arms of Austria,” symbolizing the end of the World War I of Austria. Every country has a flag that represents them, and has something that means to them, and this flag is theirs.

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