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We have three 6th grade Science classes and two 8th grade Science classes blogging here from the Pacific Northwest in Chimacum, WA! Sixth graders are learning a bit about Mt Saint Helens, environmental science through fresh water ecology, and physical science this year. Eighth graders are learning about life science this year. Please join us as we learn Science by exploring our world.
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teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez

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Yellow jacket vs. Chimacum creek
Yellow jacket creek scored 25 points on how healthy it is. Chimacum creek scored 21 points. 23 points means that the creek is very healthy. We aren't quite there but we came close. We got 21 because some of the bugs we found were very tolerant. Tolerant isnt always good. Tolerant means that the bugs in the water can handle water pollution. Too much water pollution could hurt our salmon. Group one, intolerant, were worth four points, group two, tolerant, were worth three points, group three, really tolerant, was worth two points, group four, extremely tolerant, was worth one point. With all of the bugs we scored a total of 21 points. Now most people would be wondering why yellow jacket creek got a better score than chimacum creek. The reason is that their bugs were less tolerant. And the reason is because less tolerant bugs means that they can't stand water pollution. Yellow jacket creek had less tolerant bugs and less tolerant scores more points. Something that might have helped chimacum get a better score is if there wasn't as much civilization by our creek.

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