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Henry Hutchinson and Daryl Villanueva

HR 313


In ancient Greece boats were very important. The land of Greece was  mountainous  and the land was very separated .  With these boats the Greeks would not be able to visit the other parts of Greece. In Greece there was two main boat types in existence.These boats were a  military ship and a cargo ship. These ships were very important in ancient Greece.One of the most well known boats for the military was called the Trirme. It had fifty in total rowers on the whole ship including both of the sides.One of the boats most used attacks was a ramming in to other boats hull. If the hull as broken the ship would be destroyed and sink all together. Another kind of boat that was very common was a cargo ship. This ship used sails and was powered by winds instead of rows This ships moved at  five knots. Some times the wind wasn’t pushing in the straight direction for the sail so the workers had to turn side to side to get the winds power or in sailing terms jibe. Cargo ships were usually made of wood and weighed up to one hundred and fifty pounds. Mist cargo ships had to to three sails. Some cargo ships were called haulers, these ships had low hulls and wide beams . This helped these ships to sail closer to the wind so that they could move faster.Haulers were normally sixty feet long.

If sailors didn’t know how to navigate their lives could possibly be very endangered . You had to know how to how to steer , how the sails worked and how to work the anchors was very important for the ship to reach it’s destination. The tireme was steered by two big blades of steel. Surprisingly those oars were very heavy and only one man was controlling it. For anchors at firs they made of stone with a rope attached to it. The geeks had problems-+ with that because they weren’t able to get it to hook so they came up with a new model. The new model had two arms which were perpendicular to the flow of the sea. The anchor was made of wood  as well as rock. The arms were made of lead and the tip was made of lead. The technology the Greeks used evolved over time and that’s why the Greeks were so skilled at boating and won most of their fights at the time.

Over time the Greeks came the greatest fighters of their time and they conquered a lot of land and since they used boats a lot they were considered very important. People used boats for fighting ,transportation and carrying goods. The reason people used boats so much was that it was very hard to climb on the rocky terrain of Greece and that made boats in ancient Greece  so important.




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