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Our class had to make presentations to share with the class

For our water quality job and then make a blog to tell what we

Learned. My job was nitrates!!!

Nitrates are a big ingredent in farm fertilizer.sometime when

their are to much in the water the algea grows really fast and

Then when the algea plants die and bacteria eats the dead

Plants they take up a lot of oxegen and the fish die from not

Having enough oxegen.the average for nitrates this year was

0.3 but my data was 5.3-8.3 but if that was true then all of

The fish would be complete goners. So we used the average

That the nitrates people got all the years back. The

Farners have done a GREAT job keeping the farm

Fertilizer they use away from the creek.



This years average is 1.3459.

Witch is very good because fish can hang out when and

When they want to and catch little tiny fish and bugs and

Have a non stressfull life.


Turbitity is how much dirt is in the water. If there is to much

Dirt is in the water than the fish can't see. If the fish can't see

Their prey and their predetors than they become stressed.

If fish become stressed than it efects the whole food chain

and thats not good. This years average is 35.2714 and thats

Pretty good.


If their is to much ammonia in the water it can kill the fish,

give them gill damage, and hurt them. The average was

2.8 but if that was true the fish would be DEAD. We

Didn't have data from years before exept last year so

That was a little bit confusing.but the real average was

Probaly good because we saw BIG fishys when we went to

The creek.

This years average d.o is 9.16ml and thats pretty good.

Fish can die if there is not enough d.o or if there is to much.

Plants produce d.o and d.o gets into the water by tuching

It. Chimicum has been doing good for the past ten years!

P.h positive hydrodin

This years average is 6.3. Witch is really good. Because

7.0 is pure water.if there is not enough p.h or if there is to

Much than eggs can come out disformed and its hard to



The average for this year is 33.5 witch is preety good for the

Fish. If the water gets up to 66.0 than the fish are dead.

Algea starts to grow when thetemp gets to high. If the water

Temperture is not right for the fish the fish will not spon.


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