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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez

I only know a few things about batteries, and here they are.

1. If you put the end of a 9 volt battery on your tonge it will shock you
2. It contains battery acid and copper
3. If you break a battery open and it gets on your skin, it will burn your skin.
4. They can be so small that they can sit on a dime, and so big they can power a car.
5. They are used for most modern day electronics
6. Some are rechargable!

What I would like to know about batteries.
How do they work?
When was the first one made?
How big is the worlds biggest battery?
Who discovered how to make batteries?
How do you make them?

What I learned about batteries.
1. How to make batteries
2. Who invented batteries
3. How long a battery would stay on based on different charging times
4. That copper sulfate solution is EXTREMALLY toxic (WARNING: do not drink)
5. How to make car batteries...See Serenity's blog
6. When the first battery was made
7. How big the biggest battery ever was
8. We use more energy now than in the 1930's (they used aprox. 1.4 killowats a day!)
9. Batteries can be super small but still generate a lot of electricity
10. How energy changes as it goes from the charger into the battery into the device the battery is powering (electrical energy, stored chemical energy, electrical energy, light + heat energy or mechanical energy.)

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