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Sydney Galvin and Kailynn Finnigan
Francois Vase

Ancient Greeks used pottery for a variety of reasons. At first it was used for just practical reasons. It was used to store and preserve all kinds of food like wine, olive oil, and water.
There were many shapes of Greek pottery. Amphoras were two handled jugs used for storing grain and liquids. Crater shaped pottery was used for mixing ingredients, and cylix were wide flat drinking cups with handles. Greeks also used pottery for their ceremonies.
The Greeks had different methods of making their pottery. One early method was the Black-Figure method. Mostly geometric figures were carved into clay before it was fired and those carvings would turn black in the oven. Late in the 6th century B.C. more detailed pictures could be painted on with the Red-Figure technique.
The Francois Vase it a piece of Ancient Greek pottery. The Vase was made around c.570 B.C.E. It was made for the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. The potter was Ergotimos, the painter was Kleitias. The vase was discovered in the 19th century in pieces. The vase was smashed by a disgruntled museum guard threw a stool at the vase, it was smashed into 638 pieces.
This vase was made using a black figure technique. The vase was gold. It had many designs on it. Some details on the vase are horses, Greeks, there was a chariot race for Patrocles, and arriving boat with Athenians, dancers and more. The pot had two handles on the sides of it

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