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Lightsout looked at Darkstar for a moment then nodded to her. Grabbing the Vixen by the scruff, he tryed to get away from the tom. "Stop moving!" He growled though a mouth full of ginger red hair.

Darkstar falls to the ground with lifeless eyes.
Darkstar tries to stand but falls to the ground.

Lightsout see's this and lets go of Whitesun. "Darkstar!" he tred to say when his leaders son clashed a paw across the warriors cats face. "He backed up with a yowl but suddeny jumped forward and pinned the Vixen down. Looking over to the she-cat he said wi'll keeping the fox/cat under neath him "Get up! You better not die on me!"

Darkstar stands and her pelt changes colors to a ginger color, her eyes turn the same color as Lightsout's. "I'm fine Lightsout, just a little dizzy."

Lightsout npdded to her, he was now used to the color changeing she-cat and accepted her as a friend. The again the Vixen snapped close to the tom cat's neck. "Nuh!" Jumping away he said to Darkstar- "We need to weaken him before i can get him back to Vengastar, i know i said not to hurt him but at this rate he's going to get away again."

Darkstar nods at the tom and pounces on top of Whitesun. Darkstar barreled into Whitesun knocking him unconscious.

Whitesun was on his bellie and Lightsout walked up to him. "Now stay down!" He hissed. "Good job Darkstar! i think nothing less from a leader." The tom smiled at her.

" Thanks Lightsout! Not too bad yourself." Darkstar makes sure she didn't get bitten. "God dang Vixens. Always going for the neck." Darkstar grabs some cobwebs putting them on the back of her neck.

Lightsout walked closer to her. "Need help?" He asked.

" I'm going to get my neck checked back at camp, when your mission is complete." Darkstar pads up to Lightsout.

The tom smiled again. "Yeah...Well this is my secound time trying to get Vengastar's son but i always mess up." Walking over to the Vixen who seemed alot smaller now that he was knocked out, Lightsout grabbed the ginger fox/warriors leg and started to pull him away.

" Need some help?" The she-cat asked nicely.

"Huh?...oh sure, we can take him to Vangastar together so he knows that you helped and i don't get all the credit, i maybe shadowclan but i have class." Lightsout laughs kinda.

Darkstar nodded and grabbed the Vixen by the scruff then started towards the other clan's camp.

Both came into the camp and the moment they were out in the open all eyes were on the leader of windclan. Vengastar heard all the noise and came out to see his son knocked out on the floor. "Whitesun!" He yipped and ran over to him. Then looking up he saw Lightsout and Darkstar...

" If I can speak, your son almost killed us. From what I saw he was following a thunderclan cat out of my territory." Darkstar growls at Vengastar.

Lightsout looked at his leader..."Is that true Lightsout? Did you go to this leader for help to get my son back?" The tone Vengastar didnt seem welcome to the idea that he had to have another clan help him get him son back. Suddenly the black and white warrior was cuffed around the muzzle and the Shadowclan leader walked away. "Take my son to Blueheart to be taken care of." He said with a growl and walked back into his den. Lightsout wimpered a little then turned to Darkstar to see what she would say.

"Wait, Vengastar! He didn't come to me. I was hunting and I saw your warrior unconious and about to be killed so I jumped in to help him."
Darkstar grabbed the shadowclan warrior who was holding Lightsout and threw him across the camp. Darkstar grabbed Lightsout and ran out the enterance of the shadowclan camp.

Lightsout ran with Darkstar as they left shadowclan lands. He kept right beside her with his eyes on the ground. As they came to a stop at the start of Windclan Lightsout said- "Thanks Darkstar...Vengastar might of had my ears and tail if we hadnt of left when we did." He let out a breath. "But i have to go back soon or he might send an attack on your clan and i can't stand for that to happen." The tom looked up at her. "He's got good resouces when he needs them and i don't think your clan can take an attack from a whole lot of Vixens, Okay?"

" I've handle many Vixens in my last life, so no need to worry. But I will take your advice." Darkstar looks away and sighs. " I've already started a blood feud I cannot win."

Lightsout looked at her again and blinked...
"What could be wrong now Darkstar?" He asked and sat down.

" Remember Vengastar? Well. me and him had a fight and it started a war. I can't win with all the resources he has!"I mean I knew him when I was only a young apprentice so I know him very well. I had a very hard life because I had parents from two separate clans. I'm one of the only ones left of my family because Vengastar killed my mom and dad."

Lightsout was sure he knew his leader but now this news has shaken him. "R-Really? How could that be Darkstar? iv'e know him and his son since i was just a little kit...Why would leader kill them?" Lightsout was alittle sad for the she-cat leader.

" Because my mother was the leader of Shdowclan and my father was a warrior from windclan." Darkstar's expression changes from a angry mood to a sad mood.

Lightsout's eyes went soft and he said- "It will be alright, if Vengastar's planning somthing evil me and you will be the one's to stop him, Right Darkstar?"

" I'm not letting you get involved in my war. Your part of shadowclan, I wouldn't let you be hurt because of me." Darkstar looks at Silverpelt and sighs.

Lightsout looks up at the sky too... "My whole family is up there too ya know..." He say's with a hint of sadness.

" Really? What happened To them?" Darkstar looks at Lightsout with sad eyes.

Lightsout looked at her..."They killed eachother." Was what he said. "Only me and Summershudder made it out alive.

" Is Summershredder your sister?" Darkstar whimpers.

"It's summershudder...And yes, she, i, and her only living kit are the only one's left..." The tom sighed... "I only wish that Den will grow up to be a stong warrior.

" I've heard your sister's name before.. but where?" Dakrstar looks away thinking. " Ah... yes, now I remember... your sister and I met once. I was heading to the Moonstone and I lost my way, Summershudder showed me the way bacl."

Lightsout smiled, "Thats her, careing enough to help someone from a diffrent clan, even a leader." Sitting down the tom sighed.
"She ran away with Denkit and has never came back from twoleg city...I think you might of been the last one to see her...did you see her kit Darkstar?"

" Yes, and it was about as big as an apperentice . I have to be off. I have to check on my clan. Farewell Lightsout." Darkstar turns and starts to walk away.

Lightsout frown..."Could i maybe come with you Darkstar? I think Vengastar will kill me if i return right now...I need to let him cool off..." The tom asked...He also wanted to know if the she-leader knew more about his sister.

" Of course. Yours always welcomed in Windclan." Darkstar smiles and motions him to follow her.

The tom smiled again. "Thank you!" He said and ran up next to her.
He looked at her, "Was Den really that big?" Lightsout asked and hoped it was no troble to ask the leader.

" Yes, he was fairly big." Darkstar stops and looks both ways before crossing the Thunderpath.

Lightsout follows her across... "Thats good..." He say's then thinks..."You ever had kits Darkstar?" The tom ask's then wished that he wouldnt of said that.

Darkstar looks at Lightsout and sighs. " No. The closet thing I have is two younger brothers."

"Oh...Well im sorry about that...What clan are they in?" He asks as there getting closer to Windclan.

" Shadowclan and Windclan." Darkstar sighs.

"Oh! whats your brothers name? maybe i know them?" Lightsout jumped over a rock. He was liking to get to know the she-leader.

" Shadowpaw is with my clan and Blackpaw is in Shadowclan." Darkstar twistes through a bush with thorns.

Lightsout follows and thinks for a moment..."I think he maybe Vengastar's apprentice!" He say's softly and hopes Darkstar didn't hear.

Darkstar twitches her ears. " Vengastar's apperentice?"

The tom walks on..."He's a real good Apprentice, good strong fighter and loves to hunt." Lightsout tries to advoid the subject of Darkstars brother being the apprentice of the once leader she did not like.

" That's good." Darkstar walks to the camp entrance.

Lightsout went into the camp with her. Thinking about his sister he asked Darkstar-"You do miss Blackpaw?"

" I do a lot but I'm glad I get to see him at Gatherings."
Darkstar walks over to her den and goes inside.

Lightsout wanted to go in but he know that he was not allowed to because he was just a warrior...He looks around and see's windclann cats glareing at him..."Do you really think im welcome her Darkstar?"He say's as his fur got really warm from all the stareing cats.

" Yes. If you weren't my clan would've started a fight." Darkstar comes out of her den and goes onto the Highrock for her clan. " All those who can catch their own prey GATHER BENEATH THE HIGHROCK!"

Lightsout flicked his ears and wondered if he heard her right...
Walking over to a spot where he could see the she-leader he sat down and listened.

" We're going to have a guest in our camp for a while. Lightsout come forward." Darkstar looked at the young warrior.

Lightsout suddenly put his ears down and blushed a little as he walked forward. "okay..." He said and sat down beneath Darkstar to see the cats of windclan. 'Whats she doing?" He thought.

" Shadowpaw come forward." The young ginger and black apperentice comes forward. " Shadowpaw, you will be Lightsout guard until he has to go."

Lightsout blinked at Shadowpaw and smiled at him...
"Hi Shadowpaw." He said then thought...'Okay...So the brother of the windclan leader is going to guard me...now what?" He looks up to Darkstar and waits for her to say somthing more.

" Meeting dismissed." Darkstar jumps down from the Highrock and goes back into her den motioning for Shadowpaw and Lightsout to follow her.

Lightsout followed her and kept thinking what has he goten himself into. The tom now stood a fox tail away from Darkstar.
"What would you like to talk about?" Lightsout said.

" Lightsout, I have a mission for you." Darkstar sighs.

He blinked..."But...But im not in your clan." Thinking again he sighed...He was lucky that the leader hasnt shredded him by now...
"I mean, i would love to do a mission for you..But whats Shadowpaw doing here?"

" Shadowpaw is going with you on your mission to get his warrior name." Darkstar looks back at her brother and the other clan cat.

"Oh...But shoudnt his mentor be with him for that?" The tom was confused..."I mean, i would love to but it seem's a little weird."

Darkstar turns around and looks at Lightsout straight in the eyes. " This once just do it."

Darkstar turns around and looks at Lightsout straight in the eyes. " This once just do it."

Lightsout frownd..."Alright Darkstar..."

" If you'd rather not do it. I can send the youngest warrior in the clan to help him." Darkstar growls.

"What! No!, i can do it Darkstar," Lightsout said and smiled. "It would be awesome to mentor the leaders brother even for just a day."

" You're lying." Darkstar runs out of the den without looking back.

Lightsout's eyes went round as a fullmoon when Darkstar ran away from him.
"Wait! What i do?" He said after her, standing for a moment he then bolted for her and ran up to the side of the she-cat and huffed-
"Wait! im not lying please just slow down!"

Darkstar slides to a stop as she sees a cliff. Darkstar didn't stop fast enough and flys off the cliff side. Darkstar hangs for her life on a branch sticking out of the cliff. " Go find Deathclaw! Hurry!"

Lightsout looks down at her in fright.
"What! no Darkstar theres no time."
Bending over he tries to reach for the she-cat but seem's to be short.
"Foxdung!" He swears and thinks for a secound.
"I'll get you out of the jam i promise!" The tom huffed as he looked around.

" Leave me here! Go find Deathclaw! I'll be fine!" Darkstar struggles to keep her grasp on the branch.
Darkstar starts to slip from the branch. Darkstar looks up and then down and then at Lightsout. Darkstar jumps off the branch at lands on a rock a little farther below her. " See? I told you I'll be fine!"

Lightsout took a breath for a first time and yells from the top of the cliff. "Mousebrian she-cat! you had me so worried!" With a sigh and soft eyes the tom said. "Now come back up here please."

Darkstar bounds across the rock and keeps doing that until she got to the top. " Hehe."

Looking to see if she wasnt hurt he looked her strait in eyes. "I am not a cool cat when it comes to bad things Darkstar! You had me very frightend and almost gave me a heart attack! i don't know what i would do if i lost you, i mean...Your clan would be in shambles and your brothers would miss you and, and, and!" The tom sat down to take a breath...

" I'm a clan leader remember? the nine lives? HELLO?" Darkstar sighs and sits next to Lighsout.

Lightsout looks down at the ground..."Oh...That would be nice to have nine lives." He looked over at Darkstar with a slight smile, "Im just glad your safe and all."

"Thanks... We should head back to camp while the camp is out hunting." Darkstar gets up and starts heading back to the camp.

Lightsout follows after, right beside her he couldnt help but kept thinking how he had almost lost the she-leader...

Darkstar stops and smells the air. Darkstar starts to growl.
" Lightsout... go towards the camp. I have something to deal with." Darkstar walks over to the bushes and pounces into them.

Lightsout stays where he was and listens...He had know idea what was going on at the moment.

Darkstar tumbles out of the bush fighting another cat.

The tom jumps away and looks on for a moment and trys to think if he's seen the cat's that the leader was fighting with. But coulnt tell in the fray. "Darkstar look out!" He said for her safty.

Darkstar jumps off the other cat hissing at it. The other cat stands up and hisses at Darkstar.

Lightsout jumps in the way of the hissing cats to try and stop them. "Whats going on here!" He said.

" That was my deputy tilled she was killed! HOW COULD SHE COME BACK?" Darkstar yells.

Lightsout looked at Darkstar then the other cat..."Say what?!"

" My deputy died moons ago! How could she live?' Darkstar starts to go near the other cat.
" Its called the Dark Forest Darkstar! Forget you were named after it!" The other cat starts to go near Darkstar.

Lightsout watch's carefuly. He slid out his claws just incase there was another attack.

" Shut up Blackheart
!" Darkstar jumps over the other cat and grabs it by the scruff.

Lightsout didn't know what to do at this point...But he thought the leader could handle it for she had nine lives and the other cat did not...

Blackheart goes limp as the leader grabs her by the scruff. "I can't believe you said that Blackheart!" Darkstar mumbles through a mouthful of fur. Blackheart's neck snaps into two pieces as Darkstar bit down on her neck.

Lightsout though that was a little over the top but knew it was for the best. Walking over to the she-cat the tom said-" Should we talk the body back to your camp?"

" No.. We have to leave her here." Darkstar eyes become a dark navy blue as she looks at her old friend.

Lightsout's fowned."Well..Im sorry for your loss..Forgive me if i don't seem well very sad."

" It's fine. But I have to ask you a question. Do you know what a Mage is?" Darkstar looks up at Lightsout hoping he knows.

Lightsout looks back at her..."Um...No...Sorry, no i don't."

" It's a cat with two souls merged. For instance Blackpaw and Shadowpaw and myself are Mages." Darkstar sighs.

The tom looks at her..."Uh...Well am just a normal warrior...i thought the powers you had came from starclan." Lightsout sat down. "So? why are you telling me this?"

" Because on the mission I'm giving you, you are going to face a Mage." Darkstar sighs and reshealthes her claws.

"What!...Will you come with me Darkstar?" Lightsout hoped, he would love nothing better then to keep spending time with the she-leader.

" I'm afraid not but my brother will be." Darkstar sighs.

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