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( Lightsout is a boy and is a part of Shadowclan. Darkstar is a girl and part of Windclan. They meet after a gathering...)

Lightsout looked at Darkstar with a glare. He wondered if the leader knew what she was doing.

Darkstar looked back at Lightsout with a hateful glare.

"What? Got somthing on my face!" Hissed Lightsout at the leader. The tom didn't like the way Darkstar was looking at him.

" No... just something seems off about you and I." Darkstar turns away mumbling words on her way.
" Good luck young Lightsout on your mission." Darkstar grins evily and walks away.

Lightsout looked at the leader with a smug look. "Whatever." He said. Turning around the tom sat down next to a bunch of leaves. He felt sad. He hadn't talked to anyone for a bit of time. Thinking he should get up and talk to Darkstar he thought about her evil smile and how it made him uneasy. Standing up Lightsout called her name."Darkstar!"

"What now, Lightsout?" Darkstar turns around and looks Lightsout straight in the eyes.

Lightsout frowned. "I just thought i should know why you think im going to leave you alone." He then trotted over to the leader. "Why don't you show me around you clan?" The shadowclanner smiled showing his teeth.

Darkstar grinned evily. "Well, let me show you my clan."Darkstar leads Lightsout over to her den. Sniffs the air her den and growls. "Blackpaw and Silverpaw get out here."

Lightsout looked back at her..."Okay." He patted up to the side of her and said. "Let's go then!" The tom kept wondering why the she-cat was always grinning like a mad leader about to go over the end of a cliff.

Darkstar goes into her den and drags out a black apperentice and a silver apperentice. " I thought I told you two to stay out of my den. Silverpaw your mentor Deathclaw is looking for you, Blackpaw your mentor Blackout is looking for you. NOW GO!" The two apperentices go running. Darkstar padds back into her den, mumbling words.

Lightsout had watched. He yawned. "So? this is what your all about? The mighty Darkstar chaseing a few apprentices out of her den. "So lame your life must be." The tom sat down and looked at her.

Darkstar's eyes turn from dark red to a bright electric green and she looks back at Lightsout. " What did you say to me?"

Lightsout looked at her. "I said your life must be lame!" The tom stood up. "If you were anything like me you would know a little of the good life and not the babbysitting little kits all the time."

Darkstar roars. Darkstar's eyes become icy blue. " Shut up! It's not my fault that I have to chase apperentices out of my den! Now shut up before I have to start a blood fued."
Darkstar senses her dark side coming out. Darkstar's eyes return to their dark red color. " I-I-I'm sorry I yelled at you."
Darkstar think to herself, " What is happening to me? Am I starting to be unable to control my evil side?"

Lightsout was a little shocked at first but regained as the she-cat calmed down. "It's fine Darkstar." The tom huffed and sat down again. "It must be bashingly hard to be a leader. Always looking after warriors and stuff. I'll never know that, im just a shadowclanner looking for his next thrill." Lightsout sighed.

Darkstar sighed and padded over to the den wall and stractched it. " You have no idea how hard it is."

Lightsout nodded. "Well...I bet if you lightend up just a bit and tryed to have fun you will see theres more to life then kitsitting." Standing up again he walked over to her. The tom then said- "I bet a walk will clear your head of such worries."

Darkstar nodded. " Would you like to come with me?"
Darkstar's eyes turn pure white. Darkstar speaks as if shes saying a profecy. " The new moon will be the last night. Darkstar is the last one. She is going to disappear."

Lightsout tillted his head to the way Darkstar had talked.
"You Okay?" He asked slightly worried for the leader, It didn't sound like her voice.

Darkstar closed her eyes and hanged her head. " Ya.. I'm fine. Just tired."
Darkstar goes over to the wall and lays next to it.

Lightsout moves a little closer to the leader.

Darkstar looks up and tilts her head to the side. " Why did you move a little closer to me?"

"I just really want to make sure your alright." Lightsouts said worried.
Flicking his tail the tom placed it on the she-cat's shoulder. "Come, let's take a walk."

Darkstar gets up and starts padding towards the entrance of the cave. " Lightsout, this may sound unusual but, your one of the nicest shadowclan cats I have ever met."

Lightsout tilted his head to the side again.
"Urm...Thank's Darkstar." He said..
"And i have to say your not that bad your self."

Darkstar smiles normally. " Thanks Lightsout."

Light'sout smiled back.

Darkstar raises her head as a queen approaches. "What they do now, Glassclaw?" Glassclaw looks up with saddening eyes and drops a lifeless body. "RIVERKIT! What happened to him?" Glassclaw points to the bush at the side of the camp. Darkstar walks over to the bush and takes a berry off. "Deathberries....." Darkstar walks up to the queen and licks her ear. "It'll be alright Glassclaw. He's with Starclan."

Lightsout stood bye....
"Is...Is there anything i can do to help Darkstar?" The tom felt sorry for the queen.
He moved over to the poor kit.
"My Starclan lead the way." Lightsout thought about his sister and how he would be sad if anything ever happend to her.
Turning to Glassclaw the tom asked-
"Will you be alright?"

Darkstar looked at Glassclaw with sad eyes. " Glassclaw take Riverkit over to my den.. I will need to speak to Starclan about this." Darkstar turns towards Lightsout. " Lightsout... can you go back to your leader and tell him you'll be out on your mission with me?"

Lightsout looked at Darkstar for a moment. "Alright..." He said and dashed off.

Darkstar sighs. " I'm sorry for your lose Glassclaw."

Lightsout's long legs were able to carry him from and back to Darkstar's clan. Coming into the camp he said with a breath-"It took some doing but i was able to make Vengastar(Shadowclan leader!) see that you need help." Sitting down the tom liked his paw, getting some mud he had tracked into the camp.

Darkstar turns around her eyes golden. " Goodie. Now would you like to start your mission?

Lightsout nodded. He turned around and said- "My mish today was to find and track down a fox that was wondering in both your's and my camp grounds, Vengastar told me it would be a good idea to ask you if you knew anything about the Vixen."

Darkstar lifted her head at the name. " What's the Vixen?"

Lightsout looked at her. "Im sure i thought you knew. Well a Vixen is a half fox have warrior...and it so happens that the Vixen im looking for is My leaders son."

Darkstar laughs. " Haha. Now ready to find the fox?"

"Yep!" Walking forward Lightsout sniffed the gound.
"The last i heard he was heading east."

" Correct young Lightsout but there's also a badger over towards the east." Darkstar grins evily and her eyes turn the same color as Lightsout's.

Lightsout turned his Green eyes to The leader.
"Really? You have a good sense of smell." He said nicely.

" Thank you. I have to lead my warriors out since prey is starting to be scarce on Windclan territory." Darkstar turns her head towards the entrance. " Lets go find the fox and try not to get attacked by the badger."

"Okay...But keep in mind this is my leaders son." Lightsout said as he trotted along side the Windclan leader.

" Were not going to kill him. Were going to bring him back to your camp." Darkstar throws her head back and laughs.

Lightsout raised an eyebrow.
"Alright crazycat cool it." He said with a short laugh right back at her.
Then, there was a sudden rush in the tree's ahead..
Unsheathing his claws the tom said- "Could that be Whitesun.

Darkstar brings her head down. " Thats not Whitesun. It's something else.
Darkstar smells the air. " It's the scent of Thunderlcan."

"Oh dang!" Lightsout said then cured under his breath...
"How are we going to say that the leader of Windclan and warrior of Shadowclan are working together to find a half Cat half Fox!"
The tom growled...

Darkstar turns around grinning her evil smile scaring away the Thunderlcan cat. Darkstar laughs evily. " Man.. sometimes I think I'm scary enough I'm insane."

Lightsout smiled as he watched the thunderclanner run like a scared little kit.
"Nice one Darkstar!" He said scratching his claws on the ground.

Darkstar sniffs the air. " I smell Whitesun, he's nearby."
Darkstar unshealthes her claw and twirles around, seeing Whitesun grinning.

Lightsout did the same and turned around to see a big fox with cat like features
Whitesun growled at the two and lashed out a paw with unsheathed claws at them.

Darkstar dodges the attack and pins the Vixen to the ground letting her evil side loose. " Haha. Nice try Whitesun." Darkstar has a different voice.

"Wo!" Lightsout didnt think the Windclan leader was so fast.
He ran over to the side of the two and said boldly.
"Whitesun! You come home or we have to teach you not to run off like that again!"
The tom looked at the Vixen but it tryed to stuggle under the leader, trying to push her off.

Darkstar's pelt turns pure darkness and so does her eyes. " Bring him home now Lightsout." Darkstar looks at Lightsout telling him telepathlically yo leave imeadtly.

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