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Article posted April 24, 2012 at 09:16 PM GMT • comment • Reads 148

You can pull it or push it or even pull the rubber band back, let go of the rubber band and it slings forward and hits the cart making it move forward.

Mass, you measure in kilograms, weight, you measure in newtons, pounds, and many other things.

There are many types of forces such as gravity, pulling, pushing and the "elastic force".

A force is something that you can measure like you can measure weight in newtons and Gravity is the force that pulls you towards the core of any planet or star. The heavier the object the more gravity pulls it to the core.

Article posted April 24, 2012 at 09:16 PM GMT • comment • Reads 148

Article posted April 8, 2012 at 06:45 AM GMT • comment • Reads 44

Lightsout looked at her and sighed..."Oh...Okay, i just really wanted you to come...But your clan need's you." He said.

" I will lead you up to Highstones though. I'm to speak to Starclan for advice on something." Darkstar says.

The tom's ears perked up and he slightly smiled. "Okay! as long as it means i get to spend more time with you."

Darkstar smiled and started walking back to camp.Darkstar raises her head and Deathclaw comes near. "What is it Deathclaw?" Deathclaw motions for Darkstar to follow her. "I'll be right back Lightsout."

Lightsout followed after her..."So...How you doing so far with me staying around you and all..."

Darkstar starts to walk away cause Deathclaw wanted her to follow. " I'll be right back Lightsout."

Lightsout looked after her then sat down..."Okay, I'll wait.." He said and hoped she would be back soon.

As soon as Darkstar got in Deathclaw's den she yowled so loud any cat could hear. " INSANITYSTAR YOUR GOING TO PAY!!?!?!?!?!"

Lightsout jumped up in a hurry. "What the heck!" He huffed and looked around the camp to see what was going on...

Darkstar comes out of the Medicine cat's tunnel looking mad. Darkstar keeps growling and has her claws unshealthed.

Lightsout look's at her..."Are you alright?" He asked as the tom noticed the she-leaders anger.

" No! My deputy is now dead!" Darkstar spats at Lightsout.

Lightsout jumps back. "Whaat! what happed is there anyway i can help?" The tom's voice shook as he spoke.

Darkstar shakes her head. " There isn't. I'm sorry i spat at you. It's just that's the second deputy in 1 moon that has died."

Lightsout frowns and says-"Im sorry for your loss..." That's when an idea that was so stupid the tom just had to say it. "Well...Could i be your deputy?" He asks.

Darkstar brings up her head and smiles. " Yes you may."

Lightsout blinked at her..."That was a stupid thing to say." The tom tried to take it back.."I mean...Your clan would never accept a Shadowclanner to be there deputy...Would they?"

" We've had two Shadowclan deputies, of course they'll accept you!" Darkstar laughs.

Lightsout smiles and mews "Yes! that would be sooo cool Darkstar...I can't wait to have you as a leader..."

" Oh crud! We forgot something is tonight!" Darkstar starts to look as if shes scared.

"Whats tonight?" He asks and thinks maybe he shouldn't of.

" The Gathering." Darkstar's voice shook as she said that.

"That's great! you can tell all the clans that I'm your new deputy!" He smiled and then said-"I think first we must pray to Starclan about your loss though."

" We don't have time! We have to get going!" Darkstar quickly yowls signaling all the cats to follow her.

" But you are going to go back to Shadowclan even though i claimed you as my deputy. I have to share something with the clans tonight."

Lightsout nods..."Okay...See you later." He says and runs off to his clan only to find Vengastar, Shadowtiger his deputy and Dragonheart his mate waiting for him.."Uh oh..."

Darkstar starts heading towards the gathering. Darkstar thinks " I hope Lightsout will be okay... I would go off the deep end if he got hurt because of me."

Lightsout backs away from Shadowtiger. "You traitor you!" The black and ginger tom snarls. Dragonheart jumps at Lightsout and slashes his ear in half, with a slight yowl the tom turned tail and ran, trying to go to the gathering...

Darkstar twitches her ears to the yowl and heads towards Four Trees the rest of her clan hot on her hind paws.

Running as fast as he could he could still feel Shadowtiger hot on his trail. Suddenly bursting out of a bush the tom stopped to find he was at Four trees, all the cats gathered around in one spot. Cutting into them he suddenly saw Darkstar's pelt.

Darkstar looks around the circle of cats crowed around her looking for Lightsout. Darkstar thinks " Oh no! Please don't let Lightsout be hurt!"

Darkstar shoves through the crowd of cats until she reaches the Great Rock and then she yowls to begin the Gathering.

Just as Shadowtiger was about to pounce on Lightsout when Darkstar had yowled causing the bigger tom miss.

Lightsout looked up at Darkstar to suddenly see Shadowtiger had come up behind her. "Look out!" He yowled to Darkstar.

Darkstar instantly turns around and claws Shadowtiger across his right eye. " Never get near me Shadowtiger or else you'll get blind!"

Shadowtiger lets out a shriek that makes all the cats below have there eyes on the two. The ginger black tom took steps back and looked at the she-leader as blood came down his eye. "Worthless she-cat!" he spat at her.

Darkstar jumps off the Great Rock and runs into the woods on the side of her territory. Darkstar yells " I'm not worthless! I'm a clan leader! NO ONE CAN HURT ME!"

Shadowtiger smiles as Darkstar runs off. Staying on the great rock the big tom see's his leader and says to the other clans. "See! see what a fearful little kit that she-cat is! She can't even keep her deputies alive much less stay for a gathering!" With a sneer he said more...."Our leader Vengastar will put an end to such cats!"

Darkstar crashes through the bushes fighting another cat. " Dang it!" Darkstar tumbles off the other cat with two slits in her throat.

Lightsout was watching Shadowtiger at first till he noticed Darkstar fighting the other cat from Shadowclan. He ran over to the she-leader..."Darkstar!" Looking over to Slitstream he spat! "What are you doing!?"

Darkstar gets up and grins evily and walks out of the Gathering. " Oh nothing! Just only got attacked but oh well!"

Lightsout looks at Slitstream....Then at Darkstar..."Are you alright!" He asked as the other she-cat backed away into the shadows.

Darkstar looks back at the Gathering seeing all of the other cats staring at her. Blackpaw and Shadowpaw follow Darkstar into the bushes since they know whats going on.

Lightsout looks after her with a stupid look on his face.."What just happened!" he said aloud.

Blackpaw comes out the bushes and motions for Lightsout to follow him. Blackpaw says " Lightsout... Darkstar is about to jump off a cliff! Come help me and Shadow stop her!"

"WHAT! NO!" Lightsout ran to the cliff to see Darkstar. "What do you think your doing!" He said and takes a paw step to her.

" Lightsout... I don't know what to do anymore! All of the other clans think me of a kit when I'm loosing deputies! There is nothing anybody could do to help me!" Darkstar whimpers and sits down on the edge of the cliff.

Lightsout looks at her..."I know what your going through.."He puts his head down.."Please don't do it...My sister was going to kill herself when she had Denkit...But her mate found in time and helped her realize the world is worth living where they have each other...And with out you I would have no one..." Looking back up he continued- "Please don't ...I'll be with you."

" Really Lightsout?" Darkstar licks his ear. " Your really sweet for saying that."

Lightsout lets out a sigh..."Well it's true...And I couldn't bare to lose you like i almost did Summersudder..." He smiled at her..."I would be torn to shreds if you would have jumped...or hurt your self."

Darkstar puts her head down. " Can you help me get back up on the high rock? They deserve to hear what I have to say for Windclan's Sake?" Darkstar twitches her ears to hear her brothers laughing at her and Lightsout.

Lightsout smiles..."Sure..." He says and slowly starts to walk with Darkstar...

Darkstar scowls at her brothers and motions for them to follow her and Lightsout.

The tom looked over at Darkstar for a moment and was so happy she was not hurt...Something inside him told the tom that he would always be there for her. "So...I wonder why Shadowtiger was talking for Vengastar?"

" Probably because of what I did." Darkstar sighs.

"What did you do?" He asked.

" You'll find out as soon as we get back to the gathering." Darkstar walks into the clearing and quickly bounds onto the High Rock. " Everyone I have urgent news from my clan! We're leaving the forest!"

Lightsout looked at Darkstar and Gasped-"What!" Vengastar was seen smiling with Shadowtiger next to him...

" Vengastar has been attacking Windclan and he has stolen 3 kits! He's too cowardly to fight me! We have to leave the forest or else Windclan will be nothing but a forgotten memory."

Lightsout looked over to Vengastar and the tom-leader frowned as the news came out. "You foxdung!" Lightsout howled as he lunged at his leader, but the ginger tom jumped out of the way.

Darkstar yowls across the clearing as the moon is covered with clouds. " STOP! STARCLAN IS ANGRY WITH FIGHTING AT THIS GATHERING!"

Lightsout looked up at the moon but was struck by Vengastar who pinned him down.

Darkstar looked down at Vengastar and pounced on Vengastar knocking him off Lightsout. " You do not touch my clan cat! I will say what you have done before other cats knew! I will tell your secret!"

Vengastar looked up at Darkstar with hate. "What are you saying you crazy She-cat! Lightsout is my warrior and i can do what ever i want with him!"

Darkstar unshealthes her claws and screams. As soon as she screams her clan and her brothers surround her. " Vengastar don't make me do this!"

Darkstar jumps onto the High Rock and speaks. " Vengastar is the one who killed Fallenstar and Cinderheart!"

The gathering of clan cat's gasp but some of the Shadowclan cats stay silent as if they knew..Vengastar hiss's in anger, flicking his white tipped tail the silent warriors clustered around him.."I knew you would say something like that...To bad there's nothing you can do about it she-cat!" He laughed and Lightsout couldn't think about his leader being a cold hearted fox.

Darkstar screamed as loud as she could. " Windclan! Time to show Shadowclan what we can do! We're no longer Windclan!We're Darkclan!"

" Windclan let your other side loose! We the darkest clan with its secrets! Now let us show all of you our biggest secret! Let loose your other side! Let us show them what we really are!" Darkstar pelt goes as black as the sky and her eyes become blood red. " HA HA HA! NO ONE CAN STOP US!"

Lightsout jumps up on the rock beside Darkstar. "Harra! for Darkclan!" He says with a cheer and some of Windclan cheer with him....Suddenly Vengastar feel's unsafe as the moon turns red and lightning strikes not far from the gathering..

Darkstar jumps off the High Rock grinning evily. " It's time for revenge! Vengastar killed my mother and father! You will pay Vengastar!" Darkstar gets struck by lightning but it only makes a lightning bolt in her pelt.

Lightsout looks down from the high rock...Knowing that Vengastar had to be stopped, that's when Veilfang shouts- "Watch Out Darkstar he's got 8 lives left." Looking over to the she-cat he knew that the med cat of Shadowclan was on Darkclan's side.

" Oh well! I have 11 lives because i have two for this side!" Darkstar goes up to Vengastar as scratches his eyes.

" Welcome to the darkest clan on earth Vengastar!"

Vengastar jumps back with minor scratches on his eyes...

"You have to do better then that!" The tom lashed a paw at the she-cats ear.

Darkstar backs away and pounces on Vengastar grabbing his scruff and biting hard on it.

Vengastar feels the pain in his neck but rips himself out of Darkstar's teeth. Tuning around he slashed over the she-cats right shoulder.

Darkstar flings to the ground blood leaking from her neck and her shoulder. " Welcome to the Darkest show on earth Starclan!" Darkstar jumps on top of Shadowtiger flinging him to the nearest tree. " Windclan! Now say the words to weaken Vengastar and Shadowtiger!"

Darkstar grins evily. "Darkclan will take their leave now. FAREWELL OTHER CLANS!" Darkstar motions for her cats to follow her. "We will leave with blood on the ground!"

Lightsout stays on the rock and looks down on Shadowclan...."Anyone who whats to join Darkclan should come now or die at the claws of the strong." Moonberry, Jacklefoot and Goldenring come forth and over to Darkclan with heads low as there old clan mates hiss and snarl at them...Nutpaw and Riverpaw also join there mentors. Lightsout smiles at them and looks over to Darkstar for her approval on his old clan mates to come join the new Windclan.

Darkstar nods and heads back towards Windclan territory. " Ah! This is the day of my new life!"

Lightsout jumps down from the rock and follows after his new leader...Nutpaw come's up to Darkstar and says "Where will we go?"

" We will go to Highstones for now young Nutpaw but soon we will be at our new home." Darkstar smiles at he young apprentice and motions for Lightsout to come help her lead Darkclan.

Lightsout trots up to her and Nutpaw falls behind Goldenring..."Nutpaw is my old friends kit...He died in war and it's nice to have her in the new clan" He says with a mile at Darkstar. "It's better now that where not under Vengastar anymore."

" Hopefully he can understand why I did this." Darkstar licks Lightsout ear and starts walking up the hill to get into her territory.

Lightsout smiles again as he walks right beside her as they enter the old Windclan territory.

Darkstar lifts her head and smells the air. " Oh no!" Darkstar unshealthes her claws and growls at the wind.

The Darkclan cats look at there leader. "Whats wrong?" Asks Jacklefoot and Lightsout at the same time.

" Vixens are at the camp." Darkstar growls.

Lightsout's hair stands up. And the once shadowclanners shake in fear. Riverpaw steps up and says-"Common! we can beat them. with Darkstar as our leader we can do anything!" Moonberry nods and Lightsout looks at Darkstar to see what she wants to do.

Darkstar starts walking towards the camp. " Be on your guard. They can be anywhere."

The clan shinks out there claws..."Lightsout...I'm scared." Says Nutpaw as she shakes from her head to her tail.

Darkstar walks up to Nutpaw and licks her ear. " I'll protect you. I can't let apprentices be hurt."

Nutpaw smiles when suddenly growling came from around them...

Darkstar twists her head towards the growling nearest to Nutpaw and jumps over Nutpaw and claws at the shadows and gets dragged into the shadows. " Everyone attack!!" Darkstar yells before her she gets dragged into the bush.

Lightsout tries to grabs Darkstar but misses...Suddenly Vixen's burst out of the tree's and shrubs around Darkclan and attack. Jacklefoot was the first to strike a black Fox/warrior but got slammed back on the head...Nutpaw runs to Goldenring as the bigger she-cat tossed a vixen across the floor.

Darkstar jumps out of the bushes 3 vixens following her, speaking to her in fox and they start to take out other vixens. " We have 3 Vixens on our side!"

Lightsout lets out a sigh and was happy that some Shadowclan vixens would betray there leader. He then notice's one of the three Vixens was Whitesun! "What the heck!" Lightsout gasps then jumps out of the way of some claws.

" Whitesun and his friends no longer wanna be bossed around Vengastar so they're helping us." Darkstar yowls.

Lightsout smiles, suddenly a howl from a vixen makes Lightsout look up. Vengastar had Whitesun by the neck! "What the heck!" says Lightsout..."We have to do something!"

Darkstar looks up and grows to the size of a Vixen and charges at Vengastar....

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Article posted April 7, 2012 at 07:18 AM GMT • comment (2) • Reads 60

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Lightsout looked at Darkstar for a moment then nodded to her. Grabbing the Vixen by the scruff, he tryed to get away from the tom. "Stop moving!" He growled though a mouth full of ginger red hair.

Darkstar falls to the ground with lifeless eyes.

Darkstar tries to stand but falls to the ground.

Lightsout see's this and lets go of Whitesun. "Darkstar!" he tred to say when his leaders son clashed a paw across the warriors cats face. "He backed up with a yowl but suddeny jumped forward and pinned the Vixen down. Looking over to the she-cat he said wi'll keeping the fox/cat under neath him "Get up! You better not die on me!"

Darkstar stands and her pelt changes colors to a ginger color, her eyes turn the same color as Lightsout's. "I'm fine Lightsout, just a little dizzy."

Lightsout npdded to her, he was now used to the color changeing she-cat and accepted her as a friend. The again the Vixen snapped close to the tom cat's neck. "Nuh!" Jumping away he said to Darkstar- "We need to weaken him before i can get him back to Vengastar, i know i said not to hurt him but at this rate he's going to get away again."

Darkstar nods at the tom and pounces on top of Whitesun. Darkstar barreled into Whitesun knocking him unconscious.

Whitesun was on his bellie and Lightsout walked up to him. "Now stay down!" He hissed. "Good job Darkstar! i think nothing less from a leader." The tom smiled at her.

" Thanks Lightsout! Not too bad yourself." Darkstar makes sure she didn't get bitten. "God dang Vixens. Always going for the neck." Darkstar grabs some cobwebs putting them on the back of her neck.

Lightsout walked closer to her. "Need help?" He asked.

" I'm going to get my neck checked back at camp, when your mission is complete." Darkstar pads up to Lightsout.

The tom smiled again. "Yeah...Well this is my secound time trying to get Vengastar's son but i always mess up." Walking over to the Vixen who seemed alot smaller now that he was knocked out, Lightsout grabbed the ginger fox/warriors leg and started to pull him away.

" Need some help?" The she-cat asked nicely.

"Huh?...oh sure, we can take him to Vangastar together so he knows that you helped and i don't get all the credit, i maybe shadowclan but i have class." Lightsout laughs kinda.

Darkstar nodded and grabbed the Vixen by the scruff then started towards the other clan's camp.

Both came into the camp and the moment they were out in the open all eyes were on the leader of windclan. Vengastar heard all the noise and came out to see his son knocked out on the floor. "Whitesun!" He yipped and ran over to him. Then looking up he saw Lightsout and Darkstar...

" If I can speak, your son almost killed us. From what I saw he was following a thunderclan cat out of my territory." Darkstar growls at Vengastar.

Lightsout looked at his leader..."Is that true Lightsout? Did you go to this leader for help to get my son back?" The tone Vengastar didnt seem welcome to the idea that he had to have another clan help him get him son back. Suddenly the black and white warrior was cuffed around the muzzle and the Shadowclan leader walked away. "Take my son to Blueheart to be taken care of." He said with a growl and walked back into his den. Lightsout wimpered a little then turned to Darkstar to see what she would say.

"Wait, Vengastar! He didn't come to me. I was hunting and I saw your warrior unconious and about to be killed so I jumped in to help him."

Darkstar grabbed the shadowclan warrior who was holding Lightsout and threw him across the camp. Darkstar grabbed Lightsout and ran out the enterance of the shadowclan camp.

Lightsout ran with Darkstar as they left shadowclan lands. He kept right beside her with his eyes on the ground. As they came to a stop at the start of Windclan Lightsout said- "Thanks Darkstar...Vengastar might of had my ears and tail if we hadnt of left when we did." He let out a breath. "But i have to go back soon or he might send an attack on your clan and i can't stand for that to happen." The tom looked up at her. "He's got good resouces when he needs them and i don't think your clan can take an attack from a whole lot of Vixens, Okay?"

" I've handle many Vixens in my last life, so no need to worry. But I will take your advice." Darkstar looks away and sighs. " I've already started a blood feud I cannot win."

Lightsout looked at her again and blinked...

"What could be wrong now Darkstar?" He asked and sat down.

" Remember Vengastar? Well. me and him had a fight and it started a war. I can't win with all the resources he has!"I mean I knew him when I was only a young apprentice so I know him very well. I had a very hard life because I had parents from two separate clans. I'm one of the only ones left of my family because Vengastar killed my mom and dad."

Lightsout was sure he knew his leader but now this news has shaken him. "R-Really? How could that be Darkstar? iv'e know him and his son since i was just a little kit...Why would leader kill them?" Lightsout was alittle sad for the she-cat leader.

" Because my mother was the leader of Shdowclan and my father was a warrior from windclan." Darkstar's expression changes from a angry mood to a sad mood.

Lightsout's eyes went soft and he said- "It will be alright, if Vengastar's planning somthing evil me and you will be the one's to stop him, Right Darkstar?"

" I'm not letting you get involved in my war. Your part of shadowclan, I wouldn't let you be hurt because of me." Darkstar looks at Silverpelt and sighs.

Lightsout looks up at the sky too... "My whole family is up there too ya know..." He say's with a hint of sadness.

" Really? What happened To them?" Darkstar looks at Lightsout with sad eyes.

Lightsout looked at her..."They killed eachother." Was what he said. "Only me and Summershudder made it out alive.

" Is Summershredder your sister?" Darkstar whimpers.

"It's summershudder...And yes, she, i, and her only living kit are the only one's left..." The tom sighed... "I only wish that Den will grow up to be a stong warrior.

" I've heard your sister's name before.. but where?" Dakrstar looks away thinking. " Ah... yes, now I remember... your sister and I met once. I was heading to the Moonstone and I lost my way, Summershudder showed me the way bacl."

Lightsout smiled, "Thats her, careing enough to help someone from a diffrent clan, even a leader." Sitting down the tom sighed.

"She ran away with Denkit and has never came back from twoleg city...I think you might of been the last one to see her...did you see her kit Darkstar?"

" Yes, and it was about as big as an apperentice . I have to be off. I have to check on my clan. Farewell Lightsout." Darkstar turns and starts to walk away.

Lightsout frown..."Could i maybe come with you Darkstar? I think Vengastar will kill me if i return right now...I need to let him cool off..." The tom asked...He also wanted to know if the she-leader knew more about his sister.

" Of course. Yours always welcomed in Windclan." Darkstar smiles and motions him to follow her.

The tom smiled again. "Thank you!" He said and ran up next to her.

He looked at her, "Was Den really that big?" Lightsout asked and hoped it was no troble to ask the leader.

" Yes, he was fairly big." Darkstar stops and looks both ways before crossing the Thunderpath.

Lightsout follows her across... "Thats good..." He say's then thinks..."You ever had kits Darkstar?" The tom ask's then wished that he wouldnt of said that.

Darkstar looks at Lightsout and sighs. " No. The closet thing I have is two younger brothers."

"Oh...Well im sorry about that...What clan are they in?" He asks as there getting closer to Windclan.

" Shadowclan and Windclan." Darkstar sighs.

"Oh! whats your brothers name? maybe i know them?" Lightsout jumped over a rock. He was liking to get to know the she-leader.

" Shadowpaw is with my clan and Blackpaw is in Shadowclan." Darkstar twistes through a bush with thorns.

Lightsout follows and thinks for a moment..."I think he maybe Vengastar's apprentice!" He say's softly and hopes Darkstar didn't hear.

Darkstar twitches her ears. " Vengastar's apperentice?"

The tom walks on..."He's a real good Apprentice, good strong fighter and loves to hunt." Lightsout tries to advoid the subject of Darkstars brother being the apprentice of the once leader she did not like.

" That's good." Darkstar walks to the camp entrance.

Lightsout went into the camp with her. Thinking about his sister he asked Darkstar-"You do miss Blackpaw?"

" I do a lot but I'm glad I get to see him at Gatherings."

Darkstar walks over to her den and goes inside.

Lightsout wanted to go in but he know that he was not allowed to because he was just a warrior...He looks around and see's windclann cats glareing at him..."Do you really think im welcome her Darkstar?"He say's as his fur got really warm from all the stareing cats.

" Yes. If you weren't my clan would've started a fight." Darkstar comes out of her den and goes onto the Highrock for her clan. " All those who can catch their own prey GATHER BENEATH THE HIGHROCK!"

Lightsout flicked his ears and wondered if he heard her right...

Walking over to a spot where he could see the she-leader he sat down and listened.

" We're going to have a guest in our camp for a while. Lightsout come forward." Darkstar looked at the young warrior.

Lightsout suddenly put his ears down and blushed a little as he walked forward. "okay..." He said and sat down beneath Darkstar to see the cats of windclan. 'Whats she doing?" He thought.

" Shadowpaw come forward." The young ginger and black apperentice comes forward. " Shadowpaw, you will be Lightsout guard until he has to go."

Lightsout blinked at Shadowpaw and smiled at him...

"Hi Shadowpaw." He said then thought...'Okay...So the brother of the windclan leader is going to guard me...now what?" He looks up to Darkstar and waits for her to say somthing more.

" Meeting dismissed." Darkstar jumps down from the Highrock and goes back into her den motioning for Shadowpaw and Lightsout to follow her.

Lightsout followed her and kept thinking what has he goten himself into. The tom now stood a fox tail away from Darkstar.

"What would you like to talk about?" Lightsout said.

" Lightsout, I have a mission for you." Darkstar sighs.

He blinked..."But...But im not in your clan." Thinking again he sighed...He was lucky that the leader hasnt shredded him by now...

"I mean, i would love to do a mission for you..But whats Shadowpaw doing here?"

" Shadowpaw is going with you on your mission to get his warrior name." Darkstar looks back at her brother and the other clan cat.

"Oh...But shoudnt his mentor be with him for that?" The tom was confused..."I mean, i would love to but it seem's a little weird."

Darkstar turns around and looks at Lightsout straight in the eyes. " This once just do it."

Darkstar turns around and looks at Lightsout straight in the eyes. " This once just do it."

Lightsout frownd..."Alright Darkstar..."

" If you'd rather not do it. I can send the youngest warrior in the clan to help him." Darkstar growls.

"What! No!, i can do it Darkstar," Lightsout said and smiled. "It would be awesome to mentor the leaders brother even for just a day."

" You're lying." Darkstar runs out of the den without looking back.

Lightsout's eyes went round as a fullmoon when Darkstar ran away from him.

"Wait! What i do?" He said after her, standing for a moment he then bolted for her and ran up to the side of the she-cat and huffed-

"Wait! im not lying please just slow down!"

Darkstar slides to a stop as she sees a cliff. Darkstar didn't stop fast enough and flys off the cliff side. Darkstar hangs for her life on a branch sticking out of the cliff. " Go find Deathclaw! Hurry!"

Lightsout looks down at her in fright.

"What! no Darkstar theres no time."

Bending over he tries to reach for the she-cat but seem's to be short.

"Foxdung!" He swears and thinks for a secound.

"I'll get you out of the jam i promise!" The tom huffed as he looked around.

" Leave me here! Go find Deathclaw! I'll be fine!" Darkstar struggles to keep her grasp on the branch.

Darkstar starts to slip from the branch. Darkstar looks up and then down and then at Lightsout. Darkstar jumps off the branch at lands on a rock a little farther below her. " See? I told you I'll be fine!"

Lightsout took a breath for a first time and yells from the top of the cliff. "Mousebrian she-cat! you had me so worried!" With a sigh and soft eyes the tom said. "Now come back up here please."

Darkstar bounds across the rock and keeps doing that until she got to the top. " Hehe."

Looking to see if she wasnt hurt he looked her strait in eyes. "I am not a cool cat when it comes to bad things Darkstar! You had me very frightend and almost gave me a heart attack! i don't know what i would do if i lost you, i mean...Your clan would be in shambles and your brothers would miss you and, and, and!" The tom sat down to take a breath...

" I'm a clan leader remember? the nine lives? HELLO?" Darkstar sighs and sits next to Lighsout.

Lightsout looks down at the ground..."Oh...That would be nice to have nine lives." He looked over at Darkstar with a slight smile, "Im just glad your safe and all."

"Thanks... We should head back to camp while the camp is out hunting." Darkstar gets up and starts heading back to the camp.

Lightsout follows after, right beside her he couldnt help but kept thinking how he had almost lost the she-leader...

Darkstar stops and smells the air. Darkstar starts to growl.

" Lightsout... go towards the camp. I have something to deal with." Darkstar walks over to the bushes and pounces into them.

Lightsout stays where he was and listens...He had know idea what was going on at the moment.

Darkstar tumbles out of the bush fighting another cat.

The tom jumps away and looks on for a moment and trys to think if he's seen the cat's that the leader was fighting with. But coulnt tell in the fray. "Darkstar look out!" He said for her safty.

Darkstar jumps off the other cat hissing at it. The other cat stands up and hisses at Darkstar.

Lightsout jumps in the way of the hissing cats to try and stop them. "Whats going on here!" He said.

" That was my deputy tilled she was killed! HOW COULD SHE COME BACK?" Darkstar yells.

Lightsout looked at Darkstar then the other cat..."Say what?!"

" My deputy died moons ago! How could she live?' Darkstar starts to go near the other cat.

" Its called the Dark Forest Darkstar! Forget you were named after it!" The other cat starts to go near Darkstar.

Lightsout watch's carefuly. He slid out his claws just incase there was another attack.

" Shut up Blackheart

!" Darkstar jumps over the other cat and grabs it by the scruff.

Lightsout didn't know what to do at this point...But he thought the leader could handle it for she had nine lives and the other cat did not...

Blackheart goes limp as the leader grabs her by the scruff. "I can't believe you said that Blackheart!" Darkstar mumbles through a mouthful of fur. Blackheart's neck snaps into two pieces as Darkstar bit down on her neck.

Lightsout though that was a little over the top but knew it was for the best. Walking over to the she-cat the tom said-" Should we talk the body back to your camp?"

" No.. We have to leave her here." Darkstar eyes become a dark navy blue as she looks at her old friend.

Lightsout's fowned."Well..Im sorry for your loss..Forgive me if i don't seem well very sad."

" It's fine. But I have to ask you a question. Do you know what a Mage is?" Darkstar looks up at Lightsout hoping he knows.

Lightsout looks back at her..."Um...No...Sorry, no i don't."

" It's a cat with two souls merged. For instance Blackpaw and Shadowpaw and myself are Mages." Darkstar sighs.

The tom looks at her..."Uh...Well am just a normal warrior...i thought the powers you had came from starclan." Lightsout sat down. "So? why are you telling me this?"

" Because on the mission I'm giving you, you are going to face a Mage." Darkstar sighs and reshealthes her claws.

"What!...Will you come with me Darkstar?" Lightsout hoped, he would love nothing better then to keep spending time with the she-leader.

" I'm afraid not but my brother will be." Darkstar sighs.

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( Lightsout is a boy and is a part of Shadowclan. Darkstar is a girl and part of Windclan. They meet after a gathering...)

Lightsout looked at Darkstar with a glare. He wondered if the leader knew what she was doing.

Darkstar looked back at Lightsout with a hateful glare.

"What? Got somthing on my face!" Hissed Lightsout at the leader. The tom didn't like the way Darkstar was looking at him.

" No... just something seems off about you and I." Darkstar turns away mumbling words on her way.

" Good luck young Lightsout on your mission." Darkstar grins evily and walks away.

Lightsout looked at the leader with a smug look. "Whatever." He said. Turning around the tom sat down next to a bunch of leaves. He felt sad. He hadn't talked to anyone for a bit of time. Thinking he should get up and talk to Darkstar he thought about her evil smile and how it made him uneasy. Standing up Lightsout called her name."Darkstar!"

"What now, Lightsout?" Darkstar turns around and looks Lightsout straight in the eyes.

Lightsout frowned. "I just thought i should know why you think im going to leave you alone." He then trotted over to the leader. "Why don't you show me around you clan?" The shadowclanner smiled showing his teeth.

Darkstar grinned evily. "Well, let me show you my clan."Darkstar leads Lightsout over to her den. Sniffs the air her den and growls. "Blackpaw and Silverpaw get out here."

Lightsout looked back at her..."Okay." He patted up to the side of her and said. "Let's go then!" The tom kept wondering why the she-cat was always grinning like a mad leader about to go over the end of a cliff.

Darkstar goes into her den and drags out a black apperentice and a silver apperentice. " I thought I told you two to stay out of my den. Silverpaw your mentor Deathclaw is looking for you, Blackpaw your mentor Blackout is looking for you. NOW GO!" The two apperentices go running. Darkstar padds back into her den, mumbling words.

Lightsout had watched. He yawned. "So? this is what your all about? The mighty Darkstar chaseing a few apprentices out of her den. "So lame your life must be." The tom sat down and looked at her.

Darkstar's eyes turn from dark red to a bright electric green and she looks back at Lightsout. " What did you say to me?"

Lightsout looked at her. "I said your life must be lame!" The tom stood up. "If you were anything like me you would know a little of the good life and not the babbysitting little kits all the time."

Darkstar roars. Darkstar's eyes become icy blue. " Shut up! It's not my fault that I have to chase apperentices out of my den! Now shut up before I have to start a blood fued."

Darkstar senses her dark side coming out. Darkstar's eyes return to their dark red color. " I-I-I'm sorry I yelled at you."

Darkstar think to herself, " What is happening to me? Am I starting to be unable to control my evil side?"

Lightsout was a little shocked at first but regained as the she-cat calmed down. "It's fine Darkstar." The tom huffed and sat down again. "It must be bashingly hard to be a leader. Always looking after warriors and stuff. I'll never know that, im just a shadowclanner looking for his next thrill." Lightsout sighed.

Darkstar sighed and padded over to the den wall and stractched it. " You have no idea how hard it is."

Lightsout nodded. "Well...I bet if you lightend up just a bit and tryed to have fun you will see theres more to life then kitsitting." Standing up again he walked over to her. The tom then said- "I bet a walk will clear your head of such worries."

Darkstar nodded. " Would you like to come with me?"

Darkstar's eyes turn pure white. Darkstar speaks as if shes saying a profecy. " The new moon will be the last night. Darkstar is the last one. She is going to disappear."

Lightsout tillted his head to the way Darkstar had talked.

"You Okay?" He asked slightly worried for the leader, It didn't sound like her voice.

Darkstar closed her eyes and hanged her head. " Ya.. I'm fine. Just tired."

Darkstar goes over to the wall and lays next to it.

Lightsout moves a little closer to the leader.

Darkstar looks up and tilts her head to the side. " Why did you move a little closer to me?"

"I just really want to make sure your alright." Lightsouts said worried.

Flicking his tail the tom placed it on the she-cat's shoulder. "Come, let's take a walk."

Darkstar gets up and starts padding towards the entrance of the cave. " Lightsout, this may sound unusual but, your one of the nicest shadowclan cats I have ever met."

Lightsout tilted his head to the side again.

"Urm...Thank's Darkstar." He said..

"And i have to say your not that bad your self."

Darkstar smiles normally. " Thanks Lightsout."

Light'sout smiled back.

Darkstar raises her head as a queen approaches. "What they do now, Glassclaw?" Glassclaw looks up with saddening eyes and drops a lifeless body. "RIVERKIT! What happened to him?" Glassclaw points to the bush at the side of the camp. Darkstar walks over to the bush and takes a berry off. "Deathberries....." Darkstar walks up to the queen and licks her ear. "It'll be alright Glassclaw. He's with Starclan."

Lightsout stood bye....

"Is...Is there anything i can do to help Darkstar?" The tom felt sorry for the queen.

He moved over to the poor kit.

"My Starclan lead the way." Lightsout thought about his sister and how he would be sad if anything ever happend to her.

Turning to Glassclaw the tom asked-

"Will you be alright?"

Darkstar looked at Glassclaw with sad eyes. " Glassclaw take Riverkit over to my den.. I will need to speak to Starclan about this." Darkstar turns towards Lightsout. " Lightsout... can you go back to your leader and tell him you'll be out on your mission with me?"

Lightsout looked at Darkstar for a moment. "Alright..." He said and dashed off.

Darkstar sighs. " I'm sorry for your lose Glassclaw."

Lightsout's long legs were able to carry him from and back to Darkstar's clan. Coming into the camp he said with a breath-"It took some doing but i was able to make Vengastar(Shadowclan leader!) see that you need help." Sitting down the tom liked his paw, getting some mud he had tracked into the camp.

Darkstar turns around her eyes golden. " Goodie. Now would you like to start your mission?

Lightsout nodded. He turned around and said- "My mish today was to find and track down a fox that was wondering in both your's and my camp grounds, Vengastar told me it would be a good idea to ask you if you knew anything about the Vixen."

Darkstar lifted her head at the name. " What's the Vixen?"

Lightsout looked at her. "Im sure i thought you knew. Well a Vixen is a half fox have warrior...and it so happens that the Vixen im looking for is My leaders son."

Darkstar laughs. " Haha. Now ready to find the fox?"

"Yep!" Walking forward Lightsout sniffed the gound.

"The last i heard he was heading east."

" Correct young Lightsout but there's also a badger over towards the east." Darkstar grins evily and her eyes turn the same color as Lightsout's.

Lightsout turned his Green eyes to The leader.

"Really? You have a good sense of smell." He said nicely.

" Thank you. I have to lead my warriors out since prey is starting to be scarce on Windclan territory." Darkstar turns her head towards the entrance. " Lets go find the fox and try not to get attacked by the badger."

"Okay...But keep in mind this is my leaders son." Lightsout said as he trotted along side the Windclan leader.

" Were not going to kill him. Were going to bring him back to your camp." Darkstar throws her head back and laughs.

Lightsout raised an eyebrow.

"Alright crazycat cool it." He said with a short laugh right back at her.

Then, there was a sudden rush in the tree's ahead..

Unsheathing his claws the tom said- "Could that be Whitesun.

Darkstar brings her head down. " Thats not Whitesun. It's something else.

Darkstar smells the air. " It's the scent of Thunderlcan."

"Oh dang!" Lightsout said then cured under his breath...

"How are we going to say that the leader of Windclan and warrior of Shadowclan are working together to find a half Cat half Fox!"

The tom growled...

Darkstar turns around grinning her evil smile scaring away the Thunderlcan cat. Darkstar laughs evily. " Man.. sometimes I think I'm scary enough I'm insane."

Lightsout smiled as he watched the thunderclanner run like a scared little kit.

"Nice one Darkstar!" He said scratching his claws on the ground.

Darkstar sniffs the air. " I smell Whitesun, he's nearby."

Darkstar unshealthes her claw and twirles around, seeing Whitesun grinning.

Lightsout did the same and turned around to see a big fox with cat like features

Whitesun growled at the two and lashed out a paw with unsheathed claws at them.

Darkstar dodges the attack and pins the Vixen to the ground letting her evil side loose. " Haha. Nice try Whitesun." Darkstar has a different voice.

"Wo!" Lightsout didnt think the Windclan leader was so fast.

He ran over to the side of the two and said boldly.

"Whitesun! You come home or we have to teach you not to run off like that again!"

The tom looked at the Vixen but it tryed to stuggle under the leader, trying to push her off.

Darkstar's pelt turns pure darkness and so does her eyes. " Bring him home now Lightsout." Darkstar looks at Lightsout telling him telepathlically yo leave imeadtly.

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here are some reasons why you should always log off your blog.

1. people could write nice articles like this and embaress you.

2. scary wierdos could impersonate you

3. hackers could do STRANGE things to your brain

4. a hobo may try to steal your noodles

yes, that last one is unlikely. however it IS possible.

hmmmm, well thats about it....

love your friendly reminder person


p.s. beware of toaster, she writes WIEEERD articles

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I go to Chimcaum School which in the town of Chimacum, which in the state of Washington. We have wacky weather in Washington. Mostly rain, snow, and other precipitation. We might get Tsunamis now and then but I haven't seen any so far. It's mostly cloudy here. Well, I have to go do other blogs. See ya guys later.

Yours Truely,

Luna Moon Dragon (nickname)

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From what I heard from the other teams, we have a good creek. The turbidity for our creek is good. I have learned a lot about Temperature, Turbidity, D.O., pH, Nitrates, Flow Rate, and Ammonium. The oxygen that is dissolved in the water, is not in a bubble. The pH means almost perfectly clear water. What is this year’s average D.O.? 8.6 miligrams per liter What does that mean about our creek’s D.O. levels? The oxygen that is dissolved in the water, is not in a bubble. That level of D.O. is good. What is this year’s average pH? 6.5 What does that mean about our creek’s pH levels? Almost perfectly clear water. What is this year’s average turbidity? 44.7 NTUs What does that mean about our creek’s turbidity levels? It means it's almost perfectly clear water. What is this year’s average nitrate level? 0.3 mg/l What does that mean about our creek’s nitrates levels? This means this is good for our creek. What is this year’s average flow rate? 8.7 cubic meters per second What does that mean about our creek’s flow rate levels? It’s kinda high but it’s not too bad. What is this year’s average water temperature? 37.1 degrees farhenhight Average air temperature was 44.4 degrees farherhight What does that mean about our creek’s water temperature levels? It means it really good. How did the water temperature compare to the air temperature this year? The air temperature is usually higher than the water temperature.

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I'm not making a fan fiction based on one of my rps (role-plays). I'm making a book and I'll do a little blog with it. Comment if you like this idea and Comment nicely (no need for being harsh).

Yours Truly,

Luna Moon Dragon

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You can enter the text of your blog here!

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Guys, I'm gonna start writing a fan fiction story based on a role play I'm doing with a friend. It's starts with the Series known by Erin Hunter as Warriors.

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