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Article posted May 19, 2012 at 03:39 AM GMT • comment • Reads 470

I was bored out of my mind this weekend so I decided I will do a blog about my favorite myth.... The Loch Ness Monster (Nessie).

Nessie Facts:

Loch Ness Monster Fact: The first recorded sighting of the Loch Ness Monster was in 565 AD by St Columba. In fact St Columba saw the monster twice in that year.

Loch Ness Monster Fact: The monster was first seen in the River Ness before becoming more closely associated with the loch.

Loch Ness Monster Fact: The next reference to the monster was in 1933 when Mr and Mrs Spicer reported seeing a large animal crossing the road in front of their car.

Loch Ness Monster Fact: Nessie is usually described as having a small head, long neck, broad body, four flippers and a long tail.

Loch Ness Monster Fact: The scientific name for the Loch Ness Monster is a plesiosaur, which is a type of carnivorous aquatic, usually marine, reptile.

Loch Ness Monster Fact: The Loch Ness Monster cannot be a mammal as it does not have to breathe air. If it needed to surface in order to breath air it would most probably have been seen by many before now.

Loch Ness Monster Fact: Nessie is the most famous cryptid in the world. The word 'cryptid' is used in cryptology and refers to a hidden creature or living creature which might exist. This should not be confused with unreal or mythical creatures. For a beast to qualify as a cyrptid there needs to be some form of evidence of existence. This can mean being mentioned in folklore or that there have been 'sightings'.

(couldn't find the legend)

My little own story about the legend that I just wrote:

Nessie's P.O.V.

So I'm traveling through the ocean until I see boats. I idmeaditly stop my course and head downwards creating waves at the surface.

Marceline's P.O.V.

"Marceline, see anythin' lad?" says captain Alexander.

"No sir.." I reply lieing. I knew Nessie was looking back at me but I wouldn't just jump in the water now would I?

Nessie's P.O.V.

I heard the twolegs talking on the surface but I couldn't hear what they said. I quickly swam up to the surface to see if anyone notices me but all I see is a little 10 year old female twoleg and I smile at her. She seems like she doesn't want me to be found. I dive as soon as I see another head.

Marceline's P.O.V.

I just saw Nessie. She's beautiful. I really want to dive in the water with her but I can't... Alexander will get mad. Why can't Alexander let me off the ship?!? GRRRR!

Nessie's P.O.V.

The little girl seems mad at the tall male twoleg. I can tell her likes her. I think I'll take the little girl.. she seems like she wants to see me. Hehe... time to do my little trick!

Marceline's P.O.V.

Oh my... There is a pretty lady at the water drowning and her singing is beautiful. It seems hypnotic. It's Nessie! I forgot she can transform into a banshee and make people go crazy. I think I might tell Alexander. " Alexander! There is a lady drowning out in the water! Let's go help her!" I say. "Alright laddy! Lets go help out that beautiful woman!" Alexander says. I laugh to myself knowing what's gonna happen.

Nessie's P.O.V.

Here they come.. to save my life! HAHA! " Help! Anyone! I can't .... Breath!" I call. I see the boat but I duck my head under the water and laugh. I jump back into the air destroying the ship and taking the girl with me.

Article posted May 19, 2012 at 03:39 AM GMT • comment • Reads 470

Article posted May 17, 2012 at 08:59 PM GMT • comment • Reads 109

I wrote 25 blogs.

18 blogs were school based, 11 were my own interests.

I had 13 comments total.

MY 7 random facts and because it was my first post.

I enjoyed writing my warriors story/saga because it's of my own interests.

Yes and because some days I'm upset or some days I'm perfectly fine.

I have no widgets.

I have 4 overseas students links.

Article posted May 17, 2012 at 08:59 PM GMT • comment • Reads 109

Article posted May 14, 2012 at 09:06 PM GMT • comment • Reads 109

I learned that friction is when you rub two things together such as wood and rock. You can measure friction in newtons or pounds or any other type of measurement of weight. If your rub your hands together and its hard to move them its friction happening. It you control certain variables it will turn to different measurements. Like if you kept the same object the same but different surfaces (we did this)the measurements will be different each time.

Article posted May 14, 2012 at 09:06 PM GMT • comment • Reads 109

Article posted May 10, 2012 at 06:35 PM GMT • comment • Reads 54

Before Christianity evolved garlic, bells, iron, seeds, spades, rowan trees, hawthorn branches, salt, peppermint, running water etc. were used to keep the vampires away but after the advent of Christianity the vampires' repellent included holy water, crucifixes and Eucharist wafers.

they actualy are not afraid of the cross, they actualy worry about their souls...unless they choose to go down an evil path

Some common ways people follow to keep the vampires away are: they put mustard seeds on the threshold or hang fishing net on their window to keep the vampires busy counting the seeds or the fishing net's holes till the sun rise. In ancient times in the Europe, stone monuments were commonly called dolmens were built on the graves to stop vampires from coming back.

once believed that cats and vampires were enemies .... because they both hunted at nite ...

They apparently need a special black cross than would be able to help them walk in the sunlight.

Vampires are based off from Lord Trepes and the name "Dracula" is an Archaic word that means "Son of the Dragon".

First vampire came from Mesopotamia (also known as the ekimmu/edimmu). As some modern belives, rite of passage into the vampire is tightly conected to funeral rites. The main difference between edimmu and modern vampire( mostly Bram Stockers) is that that edimmu was considered as spirit, he din't have material form or was ability for physicall contact. Term vampire was popularized with 18th century with influence of Eastern Europe legends. Vord vampire have Serbian origin.

Vampire once meant wanderer, in the bible it lists the birth and death dates of all main characters except for Kane who was sentenced to wander the earth forever. Many believe Kane was the first vampire.

Vamoires fear none of you or your ignorant threats !!!! They have roamed this earth forever & most intelliget. Dont threaten, you may have your challangr sooner than you think frm a solitary witch that loves vampires.

The Vampire is not just stuck on "one type". All Vampires yes are in essence lack of energy in the body. As some may need "Blood" sorta speaking to satisfy the need, But its only a minute amount. As for another might need the energy of people around them. Just by being near. Then another receives the energy from nature. The trees, land, etc. They all need Energy, but just different ways to get it.

Lillith was the first "christian" vampire, supposedly, although there is nothing in the Bible that says so, just stories "in the christian tradition". Elizabeth Bathory was a psychopath, there are no contemporary stories of Vlad dining among the dead, just rumors made by his enemies, he was a tyrant, absolute power and all that, read people, you have the world at your fingertips.

They exist amongst mortals in reality they're not just supernatural beings of hollywood fiction and mythology

Article posted May 10, 2012 at 06:35 PM GMT • comment • Reads 54

Article posted May 10, 2012 at 05:07 AM GMT • comment • Reads 65

Darkstar peaks up her head to see Sinfur walking towards her. "Oh no.. I'll be right back."

Lightsout looks after her...Nutpaw padds over and stares at him...."What?" He asks. "Nothing" Nutpaw walks away to stand ver Denkit with a soft smile.

Darkstar looks at Lightsout and at Dragonheart. Darkstar whispers, " Is that really what Starclan showed you?"

Dragonheart nodds..."Yes..."She smiles and then says in a soft chuckle. "So leader! i was wondering what you think of my clanmate?" Pointing her nose over to Lightsout she purred as the tom walked over to Nutpaw and talked to her.

"I think it's perfect Dragonheart!' the she leader exclaims. Darkstar purrs with amusement as her little brothers pretend to be enimies

Dragonheart lays back on her bellie and feels a kit kick her. "Geez! Calm down." She says softly to the unborn warriors..."I have a few queastions for you Darkstar..." Dragonheart looks the leader in the eyes for a moment.

"What may those be?" Darkstar looks at the she queen.

"First...What do you plan to do with this clan? we are powerfull yes...But what about the other clans...How do you think starclan will welcome us."

"They will. They've known i would do this since i was a young apprentice." Darkstar sigh, " But there is worse things yet to come young queen."

Dragonheart frownds..."It wont us will it?" She asks and puts a paw on her bellie.

"No no no. The younglings will be fine." Darkstar looks at Silverpelt," There is worse things yet come as in to Lightsout, Nutpaw, Sinfur, Denkit, and myself. There is things that will happen to us."

Dragonheart looks at the she-leader with soft eyes..."Alright...Just be safe, and iv'e know Lightsout even before her came to the clans...If you ever need help...HE will be there."

"I know."

Dragonheart starts to fall asleep...And soon she was. Lightsout looks over his shoulder to see his leader. "Darkstar! could you come here please?"

"Coming!" Darkstar jumps with excitement over to Lightsout.

(new part of it years later)

" My name is Spiritclaw" Speaks with proudness in her voice. Starts to regret talking to the other cat.

"My...yes you have spirit." Says Hawkclaw.

Sees another cat in the clearing and starts to charge toward the Shadowclan warrior.

"Wait NO! Stop" Hawkclaw cries.

HISSES AT THE OTHER WARRIOR AND ATTACKS..heads into the bushes with shame in her eyes.

Hawkclaw looks into the woods and calls out,"You need not be afraid."

Looks back at the clearing and heads back into it by a path of water.

"I'm not your enemy" says Hawkclaw.

Spiritclaw sits at the very edge and stays there.

I sit and stare back, but with a warm gaze.

Spiritclaw's eyes turn white and speaks very quietly, "Shadow and thunder will become one with those of spirit, Spirit will become ghost."

"My my, you are an ambitious one."says Hawkclaw.

Article posted May 10, 2012 at 05:07 AM GMT • comment • Reads 65

Article posted May 10, 2012 at 03:34 AM GMT • comment • Reads 67

(Sorry i haven't wrote in awhile.. i've been busy..)

Lightsout's eyes grew large as he gasped at how big his new leader had gotten. Vengastar looked up from biteing his son, he then let go of whitesun and jumped back..."Leave me alone Darkstar! he's my fleash and blood and he betryed his own family!"

" He deserves to have free time in his own life!." Darkstar grabs Whitesun by the scruff and drags him over to Lightsout. " Please protect Whitesun while I'll deal with Vengastar."

Lightsout nodds and take's his old leader's son away. Vengastar growls hate at Darkstar.."You want a last fight before you leave the clans forever huh?" He say's with a sneer.

" Bring it Vengastar. you could never beat me at a fight." Darkstar growls back with hate in her eyes.

"Where about the same!" The ginger tom snarls..."You see..Starclan had blessed me to she-cat!" He say's with a sick smile...

Darkstar grins wickedly. " What do you mean "blessed"?"

" Your just a male tom

" You'd never know what it's like to be me!"

"Im not call the demon vixen father for nothing!" He said with a laugh. "Lightsout know's what im talking about you know.." Turning to the Darkclan warrior the white tom backs away then looks at Darkstar with say eyes...

Whitesun wimpers.

" You're a Vixen! HA! I'm not called Darkstar for nothing either." Darkstar laughs evily and her eyes darkens. Darkstar charges at Vengastar.

Vengastar jumps away slightly getting a scratch on his shoulder. "Who ever said i was a Vixen?" He smile's and walks around in a circle..."Lightsout know's what kind of cat i am...Ask him, the tom might just know something you don't?"

Darkstar looks at Lightsout. " What is Vengastar, Lightsout?"

Lightsout say's nothing at first..."Tell her!" Vengastar suddenly roars and the tom stands up to say, "He's the one who killed mine and Nutpaws parents..."Then going back in the shadows he says softer..." And my sister..." Vengastar laughs...

Darkstar looks up at Vengastar with hate in her bright green eyes. " You will pay Vengastar. You killed all our parents and your a crazy tom. PERFECT!"

Vengastar smiles..."Of course i did! they where getting in my way!...And now your in my way........"

" Stay away from me you mouse-brained fool!" Darkstar pounces onto Vengastar's shoulders.

" My name isn't Darkstar. It's Hallowfall. " Darkstar leaps into the air changing into a tiger.

Vengastar's clan and vixens jumps back, some scatter in fright. The ginger leader of shadowclan stays where he is with fire in his eyes...Lightsout gasps at Darkstar and how she changed from a leader warrior to a tiger.

Darkstar lands on her paws and growls at Vengastar. " Good luck trying to fight me Vengastar." Darkstar looks up and charges at Vengastar.

The warrior leader jumps out of the way and spits at the Hallowstar. "Don't make me do this Darkstar!" the tom say's the Darkclan leader's warrior name.

" Your going to have to Vengastar." Darkstar turns around and charges at the shadowclan leader again.

Vengastar nodds...Putting his head and tail down.

The demon Vixen father suddenly flexed his body and his paws and ginger fur turned to flames.

With a loud roaring sound the tom turned into a Vixen lupis (fox/wolf) just under the size of hallowstar. His green eyes turned to a dark green black and all white on his body turned to flames.

Once the tom cooled down he was a sight to see...

"Now where the same!" He howled.

In all that time Vengastar was able to jump to the side and out of the way of Hallowstar.

He looked at he in the eyes and snarled..."Starclan was never stong enough to make me! So i had to myself!"

Darkstar falls to the ground. Her eyes become snow white as she looks at the old Shadowclan Leader. Darkstar's pelt starts to shock the earth around her. " You knew this would happen! DIDN't YOU?" Darkstar yells at Vengastar.

"Yes! i always knew we would fight eachother...I should of killed you when i had the chance!" He howled and ran face first into Hallowstar.

The tom lashed out at the she-tiger.

Darkstar jumps away from the massive paw. Her eyes close and she splits into two persons. The left half of Darkstar grins evily, the right half laughs evily. The left half says " Hello Vengastar. My name is Insanitystar. I've been waiting to meet you." The left half's vioce becomes low and demonic " Time for you to die." The left and right half look up and charge at Vengastar.

Vengastar growls at the both of them...

Thinking fast he only had one plan at this point.

Then suddnly he jumps around and dashed off in the the brush.His paws thump after him.

Both halfs of Darkstar laugh evily then morph into one. " Finally he's gone."

Lightsout stays off in the shadows...Someone was curled up next to him as a pool of blood started to make it's way out into the light...

Darkstar turns around and sees the suprised faces of her clan. " I guess I have a little explaining to do."

"Darkstar!" Lightsout say's as he softly grab's Nutpaws scruff and pull's her out so his new leader could see the huge rip in the side of the small apprentice's neck.

Putting Nutpaw down she squeaked in pain.

Blood started to pool around her.

Darkstar looks down at Nutpaw and gets a huge suprised look on her face. Darkstar leaps into the air going back to normal size and lands near Nutpaw. Darkstar quickly looks for a sharp but small object and some cobwebs. As soon as she finds some she puts come cobwebs on Nutpaw injury and puts some cobwebs into the pine needle, Darkstar sits and puts the needle through the gap in Nutpaw's neck and pulls it through making it look like she sewing her neck shut.

Nutpaw lest out squeaks now and then but stays strong.

Lightsout looks after he in hope, not wanting to lose some one so close to the one that makes him think of his sister.

The tom waits till his leaders finished.

Once Darkstar finishes she ties the cobweb in a knot to make sure it stays shut. " Alright Nutpaw. I'm finished. Just becareful when you get up, it might take the cobweb out."

Nutpaw nodded..."Thank you darkstar." she mews and sits down next to her.

Darkstar smiles and looks at Lightsout. " Lightsout... is it true Vengastar killed your sister?"

Lightsout trys to look away..."I...well, i never wanted to tell you what happend to her..." Some of the old shadowclan cat's looked at him. "Vengastar knew me and Summershudder ever since we came to shadowclan...one day...at the gorge..." The tom suddenly stutters.

Darkstar eyes wander off into the dinstance. " I knew you from before Vengastar met you. I wandered the mountains before I came here. I saw all of you at the gorge." Darkstar eyes become white as she sees the memory.

Lightsout looked at her..."So you saw when vengastar attacked summershudder after she told him she would need to leave shadowclan now that Denkit...." The Darkclan warrior suddnly gasps. "DENKIT IS STILL IN SHADOWCLAN!"

Darkstar gets up and speaks. " I'll get Denkit."

"I want to go with you!" Lightsout said in panic. "If i know Vengastar he's going to hurt him, please let me go with you."

" No! I'm getting him alone! I can't let you go with me or else he'll hurt Denkit even worse." Darkstar looks at Lightsout with hurt in her eyes.

Lightsout looks back at her..."Okay, i'll look after the clan as the new deputy...just...be carefull." He say's licking the back of Darkstars ear.

Darkstar nods and heads into the shadows. Darkstar thinks to herself, " Hopefully I can get Denkit out in time." Insanitystar talks back, " You will alright! I hate being mixed with you."

Darkstar speaks back, " Well I hate being mixed with you too! NOW WE'RE EVEN!"

Vengastar walked into the camp as the rest of the warrior's look around for there clan mates. Sneaking into the nursery the tom-leader found Mellowwillow with Denkit and Mousekit..."I need to see Denkit for a moment..." He say's with a grin.

Darkstar quickly splits in two and both halfs split up. " Lets go!" Darkstar's right half charges into the camp while the left half goes into the shadowclan nursery.

Vengastar quickly snached Denkit and ran out of the camp, soon after the tom turned back into his beast form.

The vixen lupis ran till he got to twoleg city. With Denkit in his mouth the tom looked around for a place to....Get rid of the problem.

Darkstar's old friend from the city, Spicepaw, sees the young kit and Vengastar. Spicepaw thinks fast and attacks Vengastar.

Vengastar see's the cats and jumps out of the way with a scratch on his muzzle, the beast looks at the small cat and snarles "Out of my way kittypet!"

Spicepaw looks up and keeps attacking Vengastar and tries to get Denkit away from him. Darkstar hears her old friend and goes to the sound of the fighting. " Spicepaw!" Darkstar charges at Vengastar.

Vengastar snarles and jumps over then as Spicepaws claws slash his shoulder, the tom lupis vixen run's fast and jumps onto a flower shop. "Change in your beast for and come after me Darstar!" He says with a laugh as Denkit mews, he was getting cold.

" Are you nuts? They'll kill me but I do have a crazy idea." Darkstar relaxed then flexed changing into a mage/vixen lupis. Darkstar jumps through the door and tries to grab Denkit from Vengastar's jaws.

Vengastar jumps back, Denkit feels The leaders teeth sink deeper into his neck and lets out a small yowl as loud as he could.

Darkstar looks at Denkit then at Vengastar. " Your hurting the poor kit! If you hurt a kit you loose a life!" Darkstar stops a slashes at Vengastar's muzzle.

Vengastar feels pain rip into his face and he lets out a howl and almost drops the kit in his mouth. Turning around he runs from house to house, roof to roof as fast as could.

Darkstar follows Vengastar and the kit. " Denkit! I'll be as fast as I can to get you!" Darkstar jumps over a roof almost hitting her head. Darkstar sprints and catches up to Vengastar.

The tom looks to see the she-leader, suddenly he stops as a far off roof was to big of a leap away. he cursed and turned to Darkstar.

Darkstar sees the gap and jumps over it. " Ha Ha Ha!"

Vengastar looks back at he and takes off again, then time he jumps off the roof tops and crash's into a twoleg market.

Darkstar curses and jumps to follow Vengastar. " Wait! Vengastar! I want to make a deal!"

Vengastar flicks his ear at the word deal and stops, his claws sink into the ground as he stops to a hult. Turning around- "Go on.." Denkit starts to grow still..

" I will let you take 2 of my lives in trade for Denkit's survival." Darkstar looks at Vengastar.

Vengatar looks at her..."You would do that for this worthless kit?" He asked.

" Denkit is a priceless kit. I would do more if I had the time." Darkstar looks at denkit.

Vengastar wonders if he should..." I hate both of you!" He snarles.

" I'm not going to hurt you.I swear by the light of Starclan. I'll give you half of my lifes for that kit." Darkstar pleads.

Vengastar feels hate but suddenly he feels somthing more...The mothers love for her kit is over strong and he could feel it in Darkstar. With a sigh the Vixen lupis turns back into a cat and walks over to the she-cat.

Darkstar watches Vengastar " You're going to give the kit to me?"

"If i wanted to fight you i would still be in beast form...so yes im giving you the kit!" Putting Denkit on the floor next to Darkstar he backs away. "Now leave before this get's bloody!"

Darkstar grabs the kit and runs out of the room heading back towards her clan.

Vengastar looks after her...Then walking into the twoleg city he vanished. Lightsout waited for the return of the two cats.

Darkstar rushes through the bushes and stops, putting the kit down. Darkstar licks the young kit's ear trying to warm him up.

Denkit feels the warmth and trys to stand up but falls back down..."Mew..." He say's...

Darkstar goes into her normal form and tries to help the young kit up. " You're home Denkit. You'll be with me and other cats."

Denkit lets out another mew as if to thank Darkstar for helping him get away from Vengastar. Lightsout waits for there return. "I hope Vengastar didnt hurt them." He says to himself.

Darkstar gets up and grabs Denkit and hurries once more for her clan. " Lightsout!" Darkstar yells.

The tom looks up to see his leader and couldnt be more happy then he is now. "Darkstar! Your okay!" He say's with a cheer and Darkclan do the same. Running over to the she-cat he try's to make sure she was okay and not hurt.

Darkstar sets down Denkit and licks his ear. " I'm glad to see you too Lightsout."

Darkstar grabs Denkit and brings it over to a queen named Sinfur and sets him down beside her.

Lightsout couldnt stop smileing. Denkit wiggled near Sinfur as he could feel some warmed from the she-cat.

Darkstar smiled and looked at Lightsout with hatred in her eyes. Darkstar turned around and walked towards young Nutpaw to make sure nothing happened to her while she was gone.

Lightsout blinked and followed his leader over to Nutpuw but the apprentice looked confused as she looked around the area as if looking for someone.

" What's wrong Nutpaw?" Darkstar says worried. The young leader sist down next to the very young apprentice.

Looking up to the leader the she-cat say's-"I thought i saw Shadowtiger." Lightout frowns and his hair flys up. "He was walking around the clan and i was wondering if he was in it to?" Nutpaw went on.

" He's not since the gathering but I will go ask him. If he joins find me if he does anything bad." Darkstar walks over Shadowtiger, limping on one leg.

Shadowtiger looks at the leader with ears back and hair up.

He starts to growl in defence. The young tom's blue eyes showed he didn't know what to do. "Be carefull!" Say's Lightsout.

Darkstar backs away a little. " I've just come to ask if you'd like to join Darkclan."

Shadowtiger looks at her..."Weres MY leader! He didn't come back." The back deputys eyes suddenly shine.

" He left me alone with Denkit and ran! He stayed in the two-leg city!" Darkstar growls.

Darkstar starts to back away. " If you say yes come and find me next to a young kit and a queen." Darkstar turns around and heads towards Sinfur and Denkit.

Shadowtiger looks after her..."He....He just left us?" Thats when the toms thinks..."Im leader now!"

Darkstar hears the young deputy say that and growls. " By Starclan's curse."

Shadowtiger growls back at her, "Hey! your the one who pushed him off so now im leader of shadwclan, and by starclan i will be!"

Darkstar looks at Shadowtiger with sympathy. " Well then! GET OFF MY TERRITORY!" darkstar charges at Shadowtiger.

The tom trys to jump out of the way but gets knocked aside. "Hey!" He snaps. "I have a thing to say before i go...Hallowstar!"

Darkstar jumps and spins in the air and lands with a thud on her paws. " What may that be Shadowstar?"

Shadowtiger frowns..."Okay, the thing is, your clan is half shadowclan right?" He stands up and sighs, "I think it would be best if you stayed in the clans now that Vengastar has chosen to live in twoleg city, that maybe...."The shadowclan deputy trails off.

Darkstar thinks about it. " That's if you don't attack my clan ever."

"...No! what i ment as i will step down from being shadowclan leader and you can keep both shadowclan and windclan for your self....To form Darkclan you know."

" What will you do about yourself Shadowtiger?" Darkstar tilts her head because she's confused.

"I don't belong in anyother clan then shadowclan, i will find Vengastar or live in twoleg city till things change in the clans again." With that the old shadowclanner starts to walk away, Dragonheart stays back and looks as her mate leaves forever.

Darkstar sighs and thinks for a moment. " Shadowtiger wait! I have an offer!"

Shadowtiger looks back to see his mate move into the shadows again.

"Yes Darkstar?" He says with sad eyes and turns fully around.

" Why don't you help me lead Darkclan? It would a great help." Darkstar smiles hopefully.

Lightsout walks forward with a smile, "Yeah! You could stay Shadowtiger and help us." The old shadowclaner shakes his head, "No, i must leave...But promise me you will talk care of Dragonheart for me...For she has my kits and i wish for them not to be smeared by the the name of there father." Lightsout frowns and nodds to him, then looking over to Darkstar he said-"She will have a please in Darkclan."

" Please Shadowtiger.. you can stay with Dragonheart." Darkstar pleads. She knows the young cat's sadness for she has had it once.

The black tom says nothing but looks at Lightsout and with silent words the old deputy turns around and runs off to twoleg city.

Suddnly Nutpaw comes up to Darkstar and says-"Dragonheart wants to talk to you leader."

Darkstar turns and goes up to Dragonheart. " Yes.. Dragonheart?"

The she-cat sighs, "I want to thank you for takening the shadowclanners in but do you really think that Starclan and the other clans will agree that there will be only three clans and not four?"

" Starclan knew I would do this since I was a kit. Hopefully then can understand why I did this. I've seen the destruction of the clans in a profecy as a young apprentice but I kept it to myself because I thought other cats would think I'm insane." Darkstar sighs and sits next to Dragonheart.

The she-cat looks off into the distance..."Alright...I just hope this is for the best..."

" Will you be alright without Shadowtiger?" Darkstar looks up at the she-cat.

Dragonheart puts a paw on her bellie. "im sure i can go on, he know's i can do it, he's a good tom." The looking up infront of her she see's Lightsout with Nutpaw, they where tossing a leaf back and forth. "It looks like Lightsout knows you can run Darkclan too."

Darkstar looks up at the warrior and the apprentice. " If you need anyhting Dragonheart just start looking for me." Darkstar heads over and grabs the leaf and throws it at Nutpaw.

Dragonheart purrs as her new leader walks off.

Lightsout smiles and Darkstar and Nutpaw falls back trying to get the leaf, getting up the small she-cat laughs.

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Article posted May 4, 2012 at 09:16 PM GMT • comment • Reads 116

My mom taught me an important life lesson... "Walk a mile in their shoes before you judge them." This is important to me because everyone judged me before they even know me. *sigh* This should be showed everywhere. Ever since my first day at Chimacum I've been picked on and barely anyone has come to my help. I felt alone and neglected by my friends... but now that I've matured... This lesson helps me through the days I'm usually picked on. Thanks guys for helping me through my hard life. :'D

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Article posted April 26, 2012 at 09:19 PM GMT • comment • Reads 130

This is my new "techno" song Dark Ravens. I was out of my mind... when I created this song so good luck and do not download this or ravens will follow you everywhere. o_O MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! o.O O.o o.o O.O @_@ I love making faces. :D D: :P :( :) :-D D-: o.o

>.> <.< >.< <.> hehehehehehehehehehe

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another lecture on why you should log out of your

blog? wow, youforget a looooot. oh well maybe ill include pitures this time!



1. people like me could write completley random stuff like

"i love broccoli!" and then people will stop reading your blog because you enjoy broccoli and they envy you because you can enjoy broccoli when they cannot unless they have enourmous amounts of cheese sauce on it.

Broccoli with Cheese Sauce Pictures, Images and Photos

Thanks to cherieww812 for this picture!

2. STRAAANGE hoboes could come and bang you with a pitchfork and then eventually lick your arm

hobo Pictures, Images and Photos

thanks to _hiddentears_ for THAT one.


IJshoofdman Pictures, Images and Photos

thanks to Rizneb for that!

AAAAAND thats abowt iiiit....

GOODBYE Pictures, Images and Photos


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Or not. Because period 1 likes to leave posts like this for the Forgetters. :)


Article posted April 25, 2012 at 02:43 PM GMT • comment • Reads 68

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